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Vision has been described as a mixture of The Ring and Videodrome via Hostel. Axelle Carolyn from Doomsday and Centurion plays a young woman who receives a mysterious DVD in the post. Too intrigued not to watch it she soon comes to realise even pressing play was a terrible mistake. What’s really on the DVD? [...]

It’s been a year of ups and downs, both for horror in general, and for the little bubble of Gorepress. We took on some new writers, we bid farewell to some other writers, we continued to provide our own brand of acerbic commentary in the form of a revamped Gorecast,  some of us even enjoyed [...]

It’s been a great year for Gorepress! 2018 saw us take the podcast to new heights, and plumb new depths, all while keeping to our most consistent upload schedule to date. It’s also been a fantastic year for horror in general, with original gems and worthy additions to existing franchises a-plenty. Also, The Nun. Ahem… [...]

Rob Zombie seems to be quite a divisive personality. There are those who tend towards die-hard fandom, lapping up anything he touches and never wavering in their dedication. Then there are those who believe he’s a blight on the horror landscape, dumbing down the genre and ruining existing mythos with nihilistic abandon. I’d put myself [...]

A group of young children play a game involving prank phone calls one night whilst their parents are throwing a party in the next room. The game simply involves picking a phone number at random, calling it and keeping the person on the other end of the line for a total of seventy five seconds. [...]

A Cure For Wellness is a peculiar film, that doesn’t quite live up to it’s lofty ambitions, but is a worthwhile watch nonetheless. Lockhart, a dead-eyed, ambitious Wall Street type is tasked by his superiors to travel to a wellness spa in the Swiss Alps to convince his company’s CEO to return to New York [...]

Christmas comes but once a year and is a time for friends, family and obscene over-indulgence. The scene is a familiar one; the whole tribe is stuffed with turkey and roast potatoes, their bodily organs literally floating in a veritable sea of mulled wine when someone inevitably insists that you all watch a festive movie [...]

Beginning with a trippy, visually arresting, mind-fuck of a scene involving an anguished woman running through a train carriage, subsequently faced with a corridor full of naked people, then taking part in a lesbian tryst, A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin is a triumph of startling imagery from start to finish and is arguably master [...]

Good ‘avo dear readers (that‘s ‘Good Afternoon‘ for the benefit of you non-Northern, upper-middle class types). Last weekend I made some new friends in the form of a few evil gnomes, a paedophilic kidnapper, some rubbish zombies and a mental, murderous ice-cream man. They were, of course, all on a TV screen. Thankfully my real [...]

After 4 hugely successful years in the US, AFTER DARK: HORRORFEST comes to EMPIRE CINEMAS with the AFTER DARK ORIGINALS; a horror festival weekend around the UK through UK distributor G2 PICTURES – famous for providing cutting edge genre films. Starting Friday 4th March through to Sunday 6th March horror fans in key cities in [...]

Albino Farm is a half-decent low budget shocker which, while entertaining, is entirely unoriginal. It re-treads very familiar territory, coming across like an amalgamation of 2001 Maniacs and Wrong Turn (which in itself was a re-tread of ‘mutant freak’ classics The Hills Have Eyes and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre). Four college students hit the [...]

American Psycho 2 is a dumb movie for dumb people. It takes everything that was great about the first, rolls it into a neat little ball and then throws it in the trash in order to make way for lazy plotting, poor performances and a thoroughly contrived and predictable storyline. American Psycho was a great [...]

A while back, Phil reviewed a little game called Amnesia : The Dark Descent. Giving it a rave review, it piqued the collective Gorepress interest and about a month ago, the Gorementary crew decided to tackle it head on and film it for posterity, and hopefully, your amusement. If you’ve got a suggestion for a game [...]

Sometimes the job of a reviewer is to watch a film and then warn its intended audience not to. This is one such occasion. Amusement is about three young women and the young man who has become obsessed with them. Through flashbacks we are informed that whilst all four were just children, and attending School [...]

Firstly, welcome to and thanks for choosing us as your one-stop premier horror site of such high pedigree. Well… the ‘thank you’ part is valid at least. It’s been an important first six months in the life of our modest little horror site and I figured that now is as good a time as [...]

Antiviral is a nasty, bleak, visually arresting film where thriller meets body-horror to startlingly original effect. Directed by Brandon Cronenberg, his Father’s influence is immediately obvious and permeates the entire film, while never feeling derivative. In an alternate reality, the heights of celebrity obsession have hit a peak. Clients of the Lucas Clinic, and other [...]

Carol Hammond (Florinda Bolkan, Una breve vacanza, The Damned, Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion) is a sophisticated politician’s daughter who experiences a series of vivid, psychedelic nightmares drenched in depraved sex orgies and LSD. The dream turns into a nightmare featuring the death of her neighbour, Julia Dürer (Anita Strindberg, The Eroticist). The next [...]

“Little Lisa took her axe, gave her captor 40 whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave his partner 41.“ Sometimes also known as Lisa, Lisa or The Virgin Slaughter, the Harry Novak-produced movie Axe is a little known video nasty made during the Mary Whitehouse-incited furore surrounding what she perceived to be [...]

Once upon a time there was a young, virginal Catholic girl named Angie Albright. When she was eighteen years old, the time came for her to leave home and go to College where she was forced to share accomodation with a slutty stoner chick and had to take a job babysitting out in the sticks [...]

Bad Kids Go To Hell is based on the cult graphic novel of the same name, and directed, and co-scripted, by the author of said graphic novel. It’s loud, brash, funny and sometimes charming but it tries to shock too often and, when all is said and done, just isn’t as clever as it would [...]

The latest in a long line of recent exercises in money hungry cynicism involving sharks (sounds rather niche but you’d be surprised how many movies fall into that sub-category of late) is Bait. An Aussie production with a small budget and absolutely zero talent behind the wheel, Bait fails to entertain on even a basic [...]

Banjo is definitely a film that lays its cards on the table from the word ‘go’. The first two minutes alone contain enough blood, swearing and male ejaculate for most films, but this isn’t most films. Peltzer is a put-upon young chap who suffers emotional abuse at the hands of his domineering girlfriend Deetz, and [...]

It baffles me that more people don’t mention Behind The Mask : The Rise Of Leslie Vernon in the same breath as movies like Scream and Cabin In The Woods, or even Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. In terms of breaking down genre conventions, it does so with a twinkle in its eye and a skip [...]

Although she’s a relative newcomer to the fright business, Bianca Barnett is already making waves. Having used the internet to raise awareness of her rising star and create a loyal fan-base in the process, she’s gone from ‘horror hottie’ to serious actress in a fairly short space of time. Given that it’s Women In Horror [...]

This film takes a familiar story, namely Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, gives it a modern makeover and in doing so makes it one of the most predictable yawn-fests I’ve ever been privy to. After the opening failed to pique my interest even a little, I didn’t get my hopes up and I was right not to. [...]

Blood Fare is a Civil War ghost story with a modern twist, by J.A. Steel and Co-Producer Christian K. Koch. It is the tale of Corporal Henry Trout (S. Edward Meek – Wild Stallion), who in 1861 fought valiantly in a forgotten skirmish after the first battle of Bull Run. 150 years later, he will [...]

Blood Gnome is shockingly appalling, but in that fun ‘grab some friends, sink some beers and laugh at all the horrendousness’ kind of a way. It has everything a good horror movie needs; surprisingly decent gore, loads of nakedness and a tonne of puppets. Oh, and bondage. The storyline is actually pretty darn original. Daniel [...]

I suspect that Blood Snow (a.ka. Necrosis) will end up being one of those films that’s reduced to repeated showings at the sort of time slot when everyone sane is tucked up in bed and will award it little audience, on The Horror Channel, for the forseeable future. And deservedly so. It’s terrible. At least [...]

As the clock ticks onto 9pm on Monday 15th April, Bloody Cuts’ short ‘Don’t Move’ will be unleashed online. You have been warned. Set on one fateful night, six friends gather for their monthly ‘games night’… and accidentally unleash a demonic force that might tear them – and their friendships – to pieces. Created on [...]

No, not the similarly titled Peter Jackson masterpiece, 2007’s Brain Dead is an entirely different take on zombies. A group of very different people end up stranded in an otherwise empty fishing lodge with the constant threat of, seemingly alien-made, zombies trying to get at them. Throw in some murderous black goo for good measure [...]

Breathing Room opens with a naked woman being thrown into a large, barren warehouse filled only with thirteen other people, all wearing numbered, prison-type uniforms and collars designed to perform lethal electrocutions if they step out of line. We soon learn that the woman’s name is Tonya May and she is the final contestant in [...]

It’s been a little while since we blogged so I thought I’d bring everyone up to date with what’s been going on in the World of Gorepress. For the last week we’ve been plagued by illness and internet issues. Those of you that know me, might say ‘But Sarah! That’s surely a hyperbolic statement if [...]

Calabrese formed in 2003 and consists of brothers Jimmy, Bobby and Davey. Their distinctive horror-punk sound has earned them comparisons to some of the genres biggest groups and an adoring legion of hardcore fans. Bridging the gap between The Misfits and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, the boys have just released their 3rd album ‘They Call [...]

Chad Ferrin made his first movie ‘Unspeakable’ a decade ago. Since then he’s been working hard to create a name for himself and with his fourth directorial effort ‘Someone’s Knocking At The Door‘ in the bag and due for release in the US on the 25th of May, he’s certainly doing just that. Gorepress was [...]

Hannover House, the entertainment distribution division of Target Development Group, Inc., has partnered with producer Roham Ghodsi’s Illusion Film Studios for the production of ‘Dances With Werewolves,’ a thriller by screenwriter David Chirchirillo based on the legendary, supernatural transformative powers of some Native American Indian warriors. The film will be produced in 3D for theatrical [...]

I had the pleasure of seeing Cheap Thrills at FrightFest 2013 and in the year that’s passed, I haven’t seen a better film. And I watch a lot of films. It’s brave, gut-wrenchingly disgusting, hysterically funny, tightly edited, perfectly acted and the script is one of the best I’ve seen committed to film in a [...]

Chickenhawk was born in 2004. They recorded three songs in 2005 and released a demo before recording two more songs in 2006: ‘Split with I Breathe Spears’ and ‘With Scissors’ released on Millipede Records. They then recorded 12 songs from April to December 2007 and released their album in 2008 on Sound Devastation Records.

The good folks at Cigarette Burns Cinema are hosting yet another amazing-looking screening this Saturday; the 13th November 2010. This time around their cinematic choice is 1973′s Psychomania! The screening is due to take place at London’s Rio Cinema at 11.15pm and tickets cost £7 which includes accessm to a bar and a DJ until [...]

After the success of last month’s screening of Mario Bava’s Danger: Diabolik, Cigarette Burns Cinema are back at the Rio Cinema, one of London’s very few independent cinemas, with none other than Dario Argento‘s mega classic, Suspiria. Rarely ever screened in London, they will be showing it from Nouveaux Pictures/CineExcess visceral BluRay release on the [...]

On the 7th of August 2010, the lovely folks at Cigarette Burns will be hosting an evening of horror shorts. Night Of The Long Shorts features a stellar line-up of films that includes Can Evrenol’s My Grandmother, Life After Beth and Wishing Well. Comprising of 9 films in total, each will be shown twice for [...]

Here at Gorepress, we’ve been fans of Noel Mellor’s Adventures In VHS since its launch and given that two of our founding members are from good old Manchester, we naturally got a bit excited upon hearing about this episode! Here’s the skinny, in Noel’s own words. In his short life, Cliff Twemlow created thousands of [...]

So, due to an unforeseen punk rock and 4 Loko induced coma, Jamie was unable to record the show this week. Luckily for you, we had planned for this eventuality. Back in ROCKtober we recorded some sweet commentary tracks (well, one and a half… it’s a long story) for such an eventuality. Actually Jamie was [...]

Also known as Baby Blues in the States, Cradle Will Fall is a shocking, visceral thriller, if not a wonderfully made one. Out in the middle of nowhere, on a remote farm, live a woman and her 4 children. Her husband is a truck driver and often away for long periods of time, leaving her [...]

Sarah, Phil and Ben leave their fate in the proverbial hands of an online answer generator that chooses a film for them to view and review, in this very first episode of a brand new Gorecast spin-off show. This time the hands of fate land on not-so-spooky Cloris Leachman/Tara Reid vehicle The Fields. Will they [...]

Creep isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s almost certainly unlike any other found footage horror movie you’ll have seen. It’s awkwardly funny, strangely compelling and has moments of genuinely unsettling horror. Aaron, a videographer, (Patrick Brice) answers a peculiar ad on Craigslist requesting the services of someone to document ‘a day in the life’. When he turns [...]

As an avid zombie movie fan, I love the classics and despite a couple of somewhat disappointing recent additions to his ‘Dead’ franchise, Romero is still King in my book. On occasion though, I prefer a zombie movie with less of a political message and a few more laughs; that’s where Dance Of The Dead [...]

Dead Before Dawn 3D is a Canadian horror comedy that has the fun premise and the required enthusiasm of a, potentially, very entertainingly bonkers film, but the ingredients, sadly, just don’t add up to anything approaching the promise. In the very first scene of the movie we learn that Casper; our protagonist, lost his Father [...]

Freddie ‘Dead Cert‘ Frankham is a retired fighter who has turned his back on a life of outlaw gangsters and unlawful boxing matches in favour of running a newly opened club in London. Out of the blue one day, he is introduced to a shady Romanian businessman who provides him with a proposition he just [...]

Starring an incredible cast of veteran British actors including Dexter Fletcher, Jason Flemyng, Craig Fairbrass, Billy Murray and Steven Berkoff, Dead Cert is a brit-crime movie with an interesting supernatural edge. Set and filmed in London, it tells the tale of a tough ex-gangster; Freddy ‘Dead Cert’ Frankham, who is approached by a group of [...]

THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF UNDERWORLD. NOW IT’S TIME FOR A SHOWDOWN The second feature from British director Steve Lawson (Just For The Record), the vampires-meet-gangsters horror romp Dead Cert marks a welcome return to a fun, almost traditional British horror filmmaking style that affectionately evokes the spirit of the contemporary-set movies of Amicus and [...]

Set two years after a zombie outbreak, Dead Road is an online-exclusive series of ‘webisodes’ that follow a group of scavengers as they attempt to co-exist and outrun the deadly virus and the walking undead it creates, as well as staying on the right side of the other survivors and doing the best they can [...]

“Beware the stare of Mary Shaw, she had no children, only dolls. If you see her in your dreams, be sure you never, ever scream.” Dead Silence revolves around the fictional legend of Mary Shaw; a ventriloquist who lived in the town of Ravens Fair. During the 40’s, she kidnapped and killed a young boy [...]

Written by long-time Troma collaborator and actor; Trent Haaga, and directed by Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel, this twisted tale gives us an entirely unique take on the zombie sub-genre. Rickie and J.T. are High School students, kept on the outskirts of all their contemporaries’ cliques by both their poor social standing and J.T’s hatred [...]

Detention opens with an obnoxious teenager aggressively breaking the fourth wall by telling us about her life in garishly modern, technicolour style, as though she’s channelling a demented character from Clueless. So far, so teen slasher with a gimmick. A couple of minutes in and she’s unceremoniously killed and chucked out of her bedroom window [...]

Devil’s Playground (produced by Black & Blue Films) is a forthcoming British zombie horror movie with a twist. Set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, Devil’s Playground features a host of free running zombies, and stars Danny Dyer, MyAnna Buring, Craig Fairbrass and Sean Pertwee, amongst lots of other famous British faces. The release [...]

Ok, so I freely admit that my sole reason for wanting to watch DeVour was Jensen Ackles. He did exactly what I expected him to do; look pretty whilst mercilessly over-acting. Unfortunately there were a number of other factors that ruined the experience for me. The film is about a trio of childhood friends, who [...]

Diary Of The Dead is a bad zombie movie, and a pretty bad movie in general. It’s sad that, knowing George Romero’s pedigree and knowing that this is a continuation of his famous, and infamous, ‘Dead’ franchise, it’s both disappointing and saddening to see what sort of disoriented crap he’s churning out these days. The [...]

It’s been quite some time since a film came on the scene, whose title could be used in the same breath as such classic horror-sci-fi epics as Blade Runner and Alien, but District 9 is a serious contender. Directed by Peter Jackson’s protégé Neill Blomkamp, District 9 tells us a story of an alternate reality [...]

Disturbing Behaviour is like a filmic time capsule of the late 90’s. It’s got that Kevin Williamson-inspired, oh-so-clever teen dialogue, a band of relatively likeable misfit characters and straightforward plot down to an art. The students of Cradle Bay have been acting a little strangely recently. Instead of late night parties, drinking and the expected [...]

Returning to complete the first ever seperately made for film release trilogy of British films, comes Jack Falls, the film noir follow up to Jack Said and Jack Says and final installment in Jack’s downward journey. Surviving a murder attempt in Amsterdam, former undercover police officer Jack Adleth returns to London to seek revenge and [...]

Adapted from Clive Barkers short story and directed by Anthony DiBlasi, who also produced this title, Book Of Blood and Midnight Meat Train as well as recently being linked to the proposed Hellraiser remake, Dread is a taut, incredibly well acted, well-directed piece of psychological horror. After an evening lecture, the sensitive Stephen meets the [...]

First showcased as part of HorrorFest’s 3rd lot of 8 Films To Die For, and combining two famous Australian legends, Dying Breed tells the tale of four friends who decide to venture into the Western Tasmanian bush in an attempt to find and photograph the supposedly extinct Tasmanian tiger. We soon find out that zoologist [...]

Eden Lake is about a young couple; Jenny and Steve, who decide on a weekend away at the idyllic, titular lake, where Steve plans to propose. Their enjoyment of the country break is ruined when they, almost literally, bump heads with the local gang of troublesome, and potentially murderous, teens. I’m always a little more [...]

Elina Madison has amassed 85 credits since 1996. She’s appeared in titles as diverse as Mulholland Drive, Creepshow 3 and Someone’s Knocking At The Door, not to mention having delved into producing recently. Along with actresses like Tiffany Shepis and Danielle Harris, she’s part of a new wave of Scream Queens so, quite frankly, Sarah [...]

After a while out of the podcasting loop, we are back with a vengeance with our Gorepress Gorecast redux! Jamie and Sarah make cemeteries their cathedrals and cities their tombs in the first of the new format Gorecasts. This months theme is Horror Movies About Horror Movies. We will dissect three films over the coming [...]

Welcome back to Clowntown. Population: Clowns. In this week’s episode Jamie and Sarah take a good hard look at the 80s camp classic, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, as well as a cursory glance over the career of the men behind the movie, the Chiodo Brothers. Killer Klowns is a much beloved film, but how [...]

This we take a look at the limpest turd in all of Clowntown, it’s Carnival of Souls. A film so bad, Wes Craven’s name couldn’t even lend it some class. Have you ever wanted to hear just how angry we can get at a film? How would that anger manifest? Would one of us descend [...]

You are now leaving Clowntown. In this show we discuss our top 5 carnival horror films, alongside top 5 scariest movie clowns. Also much discussion about what we have been watching, Boy Meets World, our tribute to fallen Monkee Davy Jones, upcoming releases, and so much more. We even get some voicemail feedback. Which is [...]

Welcome back, dear listeners, to the Gorepress Gorecast! On this week’s episode we dive head first into Homegrown Horror throughout the ages starting with our 70s pick, Frightmare. We also take a quick glance at British horror from the 70s, along with briefly discussing AIDs, Olivia Newton John, Supernatural, cannibalism, and sweet classic suits. As [...]

After yet another brief hiatus, we’re back with the final film in this month’s Homegrown Horror selection with Philip Ridley‘s atmospheric The Reflecting Skin. Starting with a quick retrospective of lead Viggo Mortensen, listen closely as we clumsily dissect the themes and subtext of this slice of Americana-through-a-British-lens, with all the usual off-topic diversions soundtracked [...]

Here is this month’s wrap up show, and it’s slightly lengthier than usual! We take some time to look at British horror through the ages, and present you with our Top 5 British Horror Film list, along with all the usual wrap up show trimmings including news, feedback, upcoming releases, and what we have been [...]

Welcome to Horror Behind Bars month, kid. It’s time to ration your smokes and sharpen your shiv as we spend the next few weeks looking at what sort of things can go wrong in the big house. First on the docket is 1988′s Prison. Produced by Charles Band and directed by Renny Harlin, you would [...]

After yet another slight delay, we’re back with another exciting installment of Gorecast: Cell Block H. This week, we take a look at lacklustre trilogy filler, Beyond Re-Animator. Along with a loving glance at the career of jobbing horrormeister, Jeffrey Combs. As always, cakes with nail files baked into them to, and don’t forget [...]

Welcome to the latest episode of the all new Gorepress Gorecast! As part of the Movies About Movies Month, this week we look at the cult favourite, Popcorn. Starring Jill Schoelen, Dee Wallace, Tom Villard, and a bunch of other people, Popcorn is the story of a girl who has recurring nightmares and then some [...]

This week we finally break out of our tiny cell! But before we peel back that Raquel Welch poster we take some time to bring you all the latest releases, some news, and what we have been watching this month. As usual, we break down the months theme and discuss it’s pros and cons and [...]

Welcome, goo-fans! It’s that most wonderful time of the year: Melt Month! A time when a fresh covering of slime covers the grass, when someone not-so-jolly slides his way down your chimney, and the gift of green ooze is shared by all. I know that it is summer, but screw it. We want slime Christmas [...]

Remember when we were all excited about the wonderful prospect of Melt Month? I think this movie might have killed any traces of that dead with it’s utter boringosity. Listen with horror as we represent lethargy incarnate with our review of 1977 snooze factory, The Incredible Melting Man. We manage to liven things up with [...]

After a short delay (sorry!), we’re back with our muchly anticipated review of 1985′s classic yoghurt-horror The Stuff, for the final flick in our Melt Month Extravaganza! We pad out the episode in the usual fashion, this week’s focus is writer/director/producer, Larry Cohen. He of such stellar output as Phone Booth, It’s Alive, and It’s [...]

It’s that time of the month again; the magical time where we examine the themes of the month’s movies and tie everything together with a Top 5 list. This month listen and enjoy as Jamie continues rearranging his list until the very last second, and Sarah continues apologising for hers. As usual, you’ve got all [...]

There are few things that Jamie loves more in the world than coming home after a hard day slashing, and whacking in a sleazy, cheesy, low-budget, 90s flick. This is what he had in mind when he chose this months Trash Kings theme. First up on the docket is 80s Alien rip-off/time-capsule, Creepozoids. Directed by [...]

It’s week 2 of our Trash Kings month, and that can only mean one thing; It’s time for Jamie and Sarah to tackle the colossus that is Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. The cult favourite is given the full Gorecast treatment with the obligatory meandering review, divisive opinion, and a detailed look at director Fred Olen Ray. [...]

The last director in our Trash Kings month is Jim Wynorski, and a review of his bots-gone-wild flick, Chopping Mall. Expect the usual banter about his predilection for working with ladies of dubious morality, his pun titles that put Jamie to shame, and exactly what we thought of his Killbots. The swag competition is still [...]

So Trash Kings is over, and we bid farewell to the halcyon days of boobs, gore, and no budget with our discussion of the 80s B movie boom. Arriving just in time to coincide with this was the documentary, Screaming in High Heels: The Rise and Fall of the Scream Queen Era. We review that, [...]

Sharpen those cock-ripping knives, ladies, because it’s Revenge Month here at the Gorecast. Kicking off with an in depth review of video nasty classic, I Spit On Your Grave. Join Jamie and Sarah as they examine the rape revenge progeny up close and personal. We also take a look at some movie news, as well [...]

Welcome to the slightly later than advertised (only seven months late) Gorepress Gorecast. We’re back again to bore you with our tangential chatter and wrong opinions. Yay! We got together using the internet once again to waffle at you about the post-modern proto-Scream flick, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. Starring your basic NoES cast, including Heather [...]

It’s week two of Revenge Month and things are getting messy. Like here, with our discussion of NY exploitationer; Abel Ferrera’s Ms .45. Listen with terror as we examine subtext and symbolism of this rape revenge classic. Also included is some chatter about FrightFest movies including Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut (again!), [REC3], and V/H/S! Get [...]

While Sarah tries to take her revenge on the flu virus working its way through her system, we take a look at Ruggero Deodato‘s House on the Edge of the Park as part of ongoing quest to get even with Revenge Month. We also talk nostalgia, V/H/S, [REC]3, GrimmFest and more. Contact us here: [...]

It’s the final week of Revenge Month and we are going out in a trashy blaze of exploitation glory with the 1984 Linda Blair romp Savage Streets! As usual, we kick off with recent watches, discuss the flick in some depth and then move on to new releases. Get involved using the following internets: [...]

Welcome to Tromaville, population: Us. Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking you on a guided tour of one of the last remaining independent movie companies. This week sees us take on the 1987 black lady pensioner vs neo nazi douchebags flick, Surf Nazis Must Die, as well as a bit of background about [...]

It’s a family affair at the Gorecastle as we discuss and dissect Troma classic Mother’s Day for week two of our trip to Tromaville. We also take a cursory glance at recent watches, the trailer for the latest Saw-alike The Collection, along with a mini-discussion of Darren Lynn Bousman‘s remake of the Tro-movie of the [...]

For week three of Troma Month, we check in with Uncle Lloyd’s friends from north of the border with Canada’s own retrotastic Father’s Day. We do the usual movie conversation stuff, with added Troma-worship for good measure. Not to break with tradition, we go through a list of the stuff we’ve been watching lately, along [...]

It’s the last week of Troma month, and we’re seeing out the theme in style. It’s time to load up on your PTSD meds because we’re going grim with Tro-masterpiece, Combat Shock. With some bonus chat about what Troma means to us, this episode is ear porn for Troma fans. Apologies Gorecast fans for the [...]

Back again with more reporting from the edge, Jamie and Sarah bring you a second batch of reviews and interviews from Manchester’s number one horror festival. In this installment, we are joined by Pollyanna McIntosh, Ross Noble, Juan Martinez Moreno, Paddy from Emmerdale, and many more. Also reviews of Below Zero, Rites Of Spring, Before [...]

So after a busy period of special shows, we’re back to the original format with the help of some of our Gaulish friends. This week as part of our New French Extremity Month, we’re covering Xavier Gens‘ Frontier(s). Banned in at least one country, Frontier(s) is a torture flick with some bite. But did we [...]

Episode 4 : ‘Horror Movies About Horror Movies’ Monthly Wrap Up. This week Jamie and Sarah waffle (and we really mean it this time) all the way through some news, reviews, and what they’ve been watching lately. It’s probably the most boring show they’ve done. No mention is made of the month (or more) past, [...]

We’re back for another week of New French Extremity Month! And this week, we’re gonna french your ears good with our review of Ils (or Them, if you’re in anywhere but France). Will we love it? Will we hate it? Will we spend a long time comparing it to the US film, The Strangers? You [...]

Another month, another theme. This month, us good folks at the Gorecast are taking on the might of High School Horror. Expect much hacking, slashing, bullying, aging people passing themselves off as much younger and vaguely inappropriate shower scenes. And that’s before we watch the movies! First up on the docket is 1986 slash-comedy, Slaughter [...]

Back once again, I bet you didn’t believe we would actually record this soon! Actually that would imply anyone was listening, and we all know that ain’t true, huh? This week, as part of our Stand-alone Slasher Month, we cover 1981′s seminal The Burning. Of course, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t talk about [...]

Join Sarah and Rosie as they discuss what they’ve watched in the last fortnight including Netflix’s art World critique Velvet Buzzsaw, the latest in the long running Puppet Master Franchise and how baffling it is that no-one has thought to make a Hoarders horror movie yet. Then settle in for their rundown on their recent [...]

Phil is back this week, so the full RG line-up is here to discuss Women In Horror Month! Recognising women in a male dominated genre is something that’s close to our hearts so we were excited to record this bumper show for you. Join us as we discuss regular stereotypes and tropes, and the female [...]

In light of the saddening news of Luke Perry’s passing this week, we decided to go full 1990′s with a retrospective of the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Did we love it? “Does the word DUH mean anything to you?!” We also take some interesting detours while discussing what we’ve recently watched, including Bohemian Rhapsody, [...]

Hey Gore-fam! This week we thought we’d take a dive headlong into the dizzying hand-held world of found footage horror to align with Found Footage Horror Week over on Instagram. Given that we’re also fanatics of mysteries and unsolved crimes, we took to Amazon Prime and chose Renny Harlin‘s The Dyatlov Pass Incident (a.k.a Devil’s [...]

Things have changed here at Gorecast Headquarters. Dangerous Jamie has retired his microphone leaving hosting duties to the mostly willing Sarah B DeMented. Putting her nerves aside and roping in Phil from the Gorepress Gorementaries to be her co-pilot on this maiden voyage, the two point their collective attention towards post apocalyptic indie gem The [...]

Hello once again, dear listeners! This week, as part of our “Standalone Slasher month”, we take a look at Happy Birthday To Me; the 1981 kill-fest with a small, but strong, fan base. Stopping off along the way to discuss the new Shameless Four Flies on Grey Velvet DVD, Alvin and the Chipmunks, the naivete [...]

In the 60th episode of the Gorecast, Phil and Sarah treat you to a detailed discussion of Pascal Laugier‘s The Tall Man. Did they love it or loathe it? Did Jessica Biel’s perma-sullen face become too annoying? Do they get increasingly frustrated at the total absence of Angus Scrimm? Is it even a horror film? [...]

In the 62nd episode of The Gorepress Gorecast, Sarah and Phil – along with guest presenter Ben – discuss 2011’s indie flick, Absentia. Taking its cue from The Three Billy Goats Gruff, of all things, it deals with a rather different interpretation of the troll under the bridge…but what did they think of it? Tune [...]

Spanish slasher flick Pieces gets the Gorecast treatment in the final installment of our Stand-alone Slasher Month. As per usual, we jump from topic to topic like ADD addled youths. This week’s off-topic nonsense includes Lovecraft movies, Jamie singing parts of the over-bearing score, the Lucky McKee movie May, and a new and exciting Asylum [...]

So, with great podcasts come great responsibility. This is why we are so reckless when it comes to wrap up shows, I reckon. On this weeks episode we attempt to examine the theory behind slasher flicks (we pretty much fail though), we take a look at some of the choice new releases hitting DVD stands [...]

In the latest auditory assault, Sarah and Jamie take some time to dissect and dismember 1981′s The Funhouse as the first flick in this months Clowntown theme. Expect plenty of talk of ghost trains, dickhead characters, creepy clockwork toys, and squirmy moments alongside the usual trips down digression alley. Hear the new Focus On feature [...]

Ex Machina is terrifying, but not necessarily in the way that you’d expect from a film being reviewed on a horror site. Its terror is bedded very deeply in our own reality. With the regular technological leaps and bounds and robotics coming along alarmingly quickly, it’s not difficult to believe what Ex Machina is selling. [...]

Based on a short film, Excision is the darkly comic, disturbing and thoroughly compelling tale of Pauline; a social outcast with a pushy Mother, a sister with Cystic Fibrosis, an obsession with both blood and surgery and the Worlds worst eyebrows. It’s visually arresting, exceptionally well acted and mind blowingly different to anything else I’ve [...]

An independant horror web series produced and developed by a group of filmmakers from Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley (Jesse Kalavoda, Marvin Day and Andrew Stirling MacDonald), reached the end of its first arc last week on 9/6/10. The project began in the Summer of last year, with filming and editing taking place during Autumn and Winter, [...]

15 years ago, along with co-director Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez reinvented the ‘found footage’ movement with his seminal, freshman effort The Blair Witch Project. More than a decade later and he’s returned to his roots with Exists. Exists is about a couple of brothers who take a trip to their Uncle’s remote woodland cabin with [...]

From the press release : “Daniel Reininghaus (director, writer, producer and lead actor) took his personal inspiring story and experiences with bi-polar and created a non-fictional short independent social drama/horror/thriller film called Eyes Beyond. The film was produced by power house magazine publisher and media personality, Elizabeth Rizzuto. The 28-minute film is getting raving international [...]

Don’t be put off by the fact that this movie is the product of US show Project Greenlight’s third series or that, genre-wise, it would fall under the much-tried-for-but-seldom-achieved horror/comedy category; it works. The basic premise of the film is that a plethora of colourful characters have each chosen to spend their evening in a [...]

Feast 2 picks up almost exactly where Feast left off. It’s the following morning and the monsters have torn though the town and left havoc in their wake. The bar manager (Clu Gulager), who appeared to have bought the farm in the first film, is found half-dead by the twin sister of the first movies’ [...]

Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne) have a happy family with their three young children. When tragedy strikes their young son, Josh and Renai begin to experience things that science cannot explain. James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the co-creators of Saw, join forces with the producers of Paranormal Activity to take you on a [...]

TROLLHUNTER is the story of a group of Norwegian film students that set out to capture real-life trolls on camera after learning their existence has been covered up for years by a government conspiracy. A thrilling and wildly entertaining film, TROLLHUNTER delivers truly fantastic images of giant trolls wreaking havoc on the countryside, with darkly [...]

WARNING : INCLUDES SPOILERS! “Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman………Candyman.” As far as modern book-to-film adaptations go, Clive Barker has been pretty damn prolific over the years. If it were a race, he’d be holding his own admirably and keeping a steady pace, beaten only by heavyweights Lovecraft and King, with Ketchum and Koontz bringing up the [...]

When I was thirteen years old, I saw a movie that changed my life. Up until that moment, my parents hadn’t really allowed me to see many horror movies, my Mother being a proud member of the ‘Ban this depravity’ brigade that emerged following the tragic murder of James Bulger in 1993. As soon as [...]

Produced by The Asylum Studios, Freakshow is a loose retelling of Tod Browning’s classic 1932 movie Freaks. Being that Freaks is one of my all-time favourite movies, and armed with the knowledge that Freakshow was produced by the same company responsible for Gorepress favourite Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, Transmorphers and Snakes On A Train, [...]

2009’s Friday The 13th is not a remake. It’s a rejuvenation of the franchise in the same way that Halloween H20 was for the Halloween series of films. It either ignores or reinvents a lot of the Jason Voorhees history to suit it’s own needs and sometimes pretends that everything that came after the first [...]

I’ve been aware of FrightFest for about five years now but despite my burning desire to go, something else had always managed to get in the way. I couldn’t afford it, or I had too much work on, or no-one to go with. Well, I decided to put the excuses to one side and book [...]

In vehemently religious, small town America, a teenager sticks a gun in his mouth and promptly commits suicide in front of his bewildered girlfriend. This tragic event seems to have a domino effect as one by one, the residents of the town in Maryland follow suit and kill themselves in a variety of different and [...]

Girls Against Boys is a film that think it’s much smarter than it really is, and while the premise is intriguing it actually treads pretty familiar ground and becomes a derivative mess in its second half. It’s stylish, reasonably well acted and utilises its soundtrack to wonderful effect but it still falls pretty wide of [...]

Gone is a psychological thriller in which a British couple; Alex and Sophie, who are back-packing in Australia, meet and befriend a charismatic American named Taylor. At first he seems like the ideal travelling companion; enigmatic, witty, generous and thoroughly charming. It’s only when they make the joint decision to deviate from their chosen path [...]

Spencer and Louise live in an apartment block in French-speaking Canada, during a referendum in the mid 90′s. Spencer is handsome and glib but confined to a wheelchair and Louise is obsessed with her pet cats and the recent news stories that detail a local serial killer and his victims. When Victor moves into the [...]

Joining Sarah, Rosie and Phil for this week’s Gorementary extravaganza is games reviewer Nicola! We decided to take that idea and run with it, reviewing game adaptation Alone In The Dark. As usual, we tackle the important issues such as the realities of Tara Reid being a realistic archaeologist, making uninvited sexual advances to a [...]

We’re rounding off Troma Month here at Gorecast Towers, with a commentary track for 1989′s Tromasterpiece Beware! Children At Play. It clearly has just about the best title ever to grace a VHS cover but what did we think of the actual movie? You’ll have to listen to find out! As always, please send any [...]

For the latest Gorementary, Sarah, Rosie and Phil take on 2004′s Creep with a small dose of trepidation and a heavy serving of booze. In this episode we chat about Christopher Smith‘s back catalogue, the logistics of falling asleep at a Tube station, and just how much we’d all like a dog called Oracle McWoofington. [...]

Sarah, Rosie and Phil are joined by their good friend and Gorepress cohort Lee Enfield this week, for Amicus’ portmanteau classic Dr. Terror’s House Of Horrors. Starring a veritable smorgasbord of famous faces, listen as we affectionately tear this 1965 anthology of awesomeness a new one! As always, send feedback to and come and [...]

Welcome to the Gorepress Gorementary for 1986′s genre mash House. Also known as ‘The Podcast That Makes Us Sound Like Amateurs’. Listen this week as Sarah, Rosie and Phil forget that House is a comedy, drink disgusting alcohol from tiny teacups and fail to reach a compromise regarding the overall score! There’s still a bunch [...]

So, last week your usual host Dangerous Jamie moved house and thus had no internet. After literally minutes of heated debate and thoughtful consideration, a new format podcast was formed! So, instead of the Gorepress Gorecast, Sarah branched out on her own and roped in two equally knowledgeable (make of that what you will) film [...]

As part of Revenge Month here at the Gorecast, the guys made it their mission to provide a comentary track for 1972′s infamous video nasty Last House On The Left. There’s talk of Benny Hill, Terry Wogan and cheesy metal band names. Oh, and we talk about the film sometimes too! So, sit back, watch [...]

For our second episode of the New Gorepress Gorementary, we decided to lend our considerable vocal talents to the mauling of 1983′s Sleepaway Camp. So, pack an overnight bag, get on your short shorts and listen as we take a trip back to the 80′s, rip off MST3K some more and give our opinions on [...]

As part of the Gorecasts Trash Kings Month, Sarah, Rosie and Phil decided to point their cynical, drunken aim squarely at David DeCoteau‘s Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (aka The Imp). Bet you can’t say that when you’re drunk! But, can we? That’s the pressing question. Not only is Rosie back to full health/volume, [...]

After a 3 week hiatus the Gorementary is back with a spiky, splintery vengeance to give 2008′s body horror Splinter their own particular brand of drunken, wordy critique! We also go off on the usual tangents covering a whole gamut of other subjects whilst dissecting and affectionately mocking this modern cult classic. As usual, you [...]

Welcome to the 3rd of our new format commentaries! Since it’s Melt Month here at Gorecast Towers we decided to follow melty suit and join in the fun with a Gorementary track for 1987′s hobo-tastic Street Trash. Not only that but we foolishly decided to turn the whole exercise into a drinking game. Not our [...]

After another lengthy hiatus due to pesky real life stuff getting in the way of their fun, and as part of Women In Horror Month, the Gorementators got their pearly whites stuck into a riff of 2007′s femme-nasty flick Teeth. Along the way we talk female empowerment, incest and come up with an imaginative array [...]

Hungry for another Gorementary? We thought so. This time around, still focusing on female driven horror for Women In Horror Recognition Month, the Gorementary crew have opted for a nostalgic trip back to their teens for a riff of 1997′s The Craft. Will it hold up to rose tinted memories, or will it turn out [...]

Hey folks! In place of this weeks regularly scheduled Gorecast we’ve got a treat for your ears in store; our commentary for 1987′s The Gate. Listen as we discuss such important topics as where Rosie knows Stephen Dorff from, why horror movies with child protagonists were such a thing of the 80′s, the discovery of [...]

“Four more years, four more years…..” Way more exciting than the presidential election, we think you’ll agree, is the fact that our little website turned the grand old age of four this month. What started as a modest outfit of just three horror loving pals, has turned into much more than we could ever have [...]

Grand Piano is a loving throwback to the hey-days of the giallo movie, mixed with a heavy dose of Phone Booth. It doesn’t quite capture the masterful essence of an Argento or Bava creation, but it’s a fun ride with some memorable visuals, a thoroughly contrived plot and provides further proof that Elijah Wood is absolutely [...]

So, it seems that every other horror release these days falls under the umbrella of found footage, shaky cam, faux documentary nonsense. Grave Encounters is no exception, using the guise of a fictional Most Haunted-esque TV show under which to operate. What separates it from the slew of films treading familiar ghostly ground is that [...]

The Manchester horror movie festival have only gone and announced the first three flicks for this year’s celebration of new and classic horror, and let me tell you this; We at Gorepress are chomping at the bit in anticipation of October’s festival. And after hearing these announcements, we’re sure you will be too! Here at [...]

2013 will forever go down in History. Ok, so that might amount to little more than hyperbole, but I can guarantee the guys and gals at Gorepress will remember it for quite some time. Last year, inspired by the notion that just one Halloween a year just wasn’t enough, we decided to create our own [...]

It’s here. Goth Christmas is upon us, and this year at the Gorepress Gorecast we celebrate in the most stylish way we could think of: getting drunk in our own homes while talking to people via the internet. Bringing together all the contributors to both the Gorecast and the Gorementaries to deliver a mammoth show [...]

So, there’s this guy, right? He rips out peoples hearts, killing them, only one day this Sheriff catches him and he gets sentenced to the electric chair. Meanwhile, some chick called Sarah decides her life royally sucks and that the best way to commit suicide is to sit in the middle of the road with [...]

While travelling by ferry to the island of El Hierro, Maria loses her young son Diego. Has he fallen overboard? Has he been abducted? Nobody knows. Diego simply vanishes. Six months later…Maria is fighting to overcome the pain of her loss, to pick up the pieces and continue with her life, when she receives an [...]

Seemingly based on the same true story as Stuart Gordon’s Stuck, Hit and Run is the story of a young girl; Mary, driving home drunk one night, who has a minor collision which she writes off as nothing more than ‘hitting a car tire’. When she gets home, she goes about her evening routine in [...]

Hobo With A Shotgun is bonkers. It’s funny, nasty, compelling and very, very bloody. A true homage to the grindhouse era that turns everything up to 11, Jason Eisener’s cult classic-in-the-making is lots and lots of fun. If anyone goes into Hobo With A Shotgun expecting a cerebral arthouse flick or a fun-filled romp then, [...]

Horns is based on a novel written by Joe Hill (better known as Stephen King‘s son. How’s about that for big shoes to fill?). Having heard great things about the source material I was optimistic about this adaptation and as I’m unable to count myself as a Harry Potter fan, I had no real preconceptions [...]

House Of Lost Souls (a.k.a. La Casa Delle Anime Erranti) sees a group of young geologists, one of whom suffers from ghastly visions, on their way back from a successful trip, when extreme weather conditions mean their route home is blocked. Not wanting to make their way back into town, as any sensible person would [...]

Hush takes a set of very familiar, All-American horror movie values and transplants them smack bang into the middle-of-nowhere, England. It starts out with an argumentative couple; Beth and the ridiculously monikered Zakes; on the verge of relationship breakdown and driving along a section of British motorway, periodically stopping at service stations so Zakes can [...]

It’s a tale as old as time; girl meets rednecks, rednecks gang-rape and humiliate girl, girl exacts revenge and lives happily ever after. Well, perhaps not that last part. Jennifer Hills is a young writer who, lacking inspiration for her latest novel, decides to retreat to a house in the middle of nowhere in order [...]

“From Christopher Smith, director of cult hits Creep, Severance and Triangle, comes a brutal and terrifying epic that guarantees to chill the blood and stir the soul. In a plague-ridden medieval England, Osmund (Eddie Redmayne), a young monk, is charged in leading the fearsome knight Ulrich (Sean Bean), and his group of mercenaries to a [...]

In Fear is startlingly simple in its premise and highly effective in its bare-bones execution. A British made masterclass in tension, In Fear consists of three actors, one car and a buttload of claustrophobic tautness. As far as storylines go, it really doesn’t get any more simple than this; introduced via an answer phone message [...]

The Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO) has banned the DVD re-release of the highly controversial 1978 horror film – I Spit On Your Grave starring Buster Keaton’s granddaughter, Camille Keaton in Ireland. UK fans of the infamous cult film, originally released under the name Day of the Woman in 1978 and later re-titled to I [...]

“Travelling back to the dark, brutal past of 13-century England, IRONCLAD: BATTLE FOR BLOOD plunges us headlong into one of the most violent periods in English medieval history – a few good men fought against insurmountable odds to defend their country from bloodthirsty Celtic Tribes. IRONCLAD: BATTLE FOR BLOOD is the continuing story of honour [...]

Chances are, at this juncture, you’ve already heard of the festival darling, word-of-mouth juggernaut that is It Follows. All I’m really here to tell you is that, to my mind, it lives up the hype and marks its director as one to watch. Jay is a young girl on the verge of leaving her teenage [...]

‘There’s only thing wrong with the Davies baby; it’s alive’, went the tagline for the 1974 killer-tot flick, It’s Alive. The tagline for the 2008 remake however reads thus; ‘Please Be Quiet. Do not wake him up.’ This significant drop in quality in something as inconsequential as the tagline is indicative of the remakes’ diminished [...]

Using such strong source material as Robert Louis Stephenson’s famed novel Jekyll And Hyde and building upon it should make it nearly impossible to produce a bad film, but that’s exactly what Nick Stillwell has done. It would be very easy to write 2006’s Jekyll + Hyde off as nothing more than style over substance [...]

With several movies coming out this year alone, the future’s looking very promising for fledgling British production company Black & Blue Films. Recently, I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask one of the men behind the company; Jonathan Sothcott, a few important questions about some of his upcoming productions and his love [...]

Jonathan Sothcott is one of the producers behind the ever-expanding British production company Black & Blue Films. After interviewing him last, Gorepress got the chance to catch up with him once again to talk about his new project Strippers Vs. Werewolves and how far the company has come in such a short space of time. [...]

Kaboom is Gregg Araki’s latest feature length exploration of tawdry, irreverent, dystopian madness and it’s hugely disappointing. As a huge fan of Araki’s Teen Apocalypse Trilogy I allowed myself raised hopes only for them to be dashed by this tired, repetitive, technicolour mess. With 2005′s Mysterious Skin it felt very much like Araki had progressed [...]

Starring Bobbi Sue Luther and written and directed by her husband Robert Hall, Laid To rest begins in a funeral home, specifically within a coffin, where a young woman (Luther) has just woken up with no memory of herself or her former life. Within seconds of emerging from the coffin, she is faced with a [...]

Lake Mungo is the sort of film that’s better when you go in blind and for that reason, I’ll try to keep the details to a minimum. It’s ridiculously creepy with an atmosphere of brooding tension and is a perfect example of low budget filmmaking at its best. Australia has had something of a horror [...]

Left Bank (or Linkeroever in its native Belgium) is a beautifully shot, ambitious, ultimately a little confused but still striking piece of filmmaking. It’s a slow-burn supernatural horror, which has been compared to classics like Rosemary’s Baby and The Wicker Man and while it never quite manages to reach the promise of those lofty claims, [...]

With lead roles in British fare already in the bag, things look bright for Lisa McAllister who, this year alone, has major parts in two exciting upcoming horror movies; Dead Cert and Devil’s Playground, both under the umbrella of Black & Blue Films. Gorepress managed to grab a few minutes of her precious time in [...]

Little Deaths is billed as an anthology film, comprising of three stories, all exploring the intrinsically linked themes of sex and death. The title itself, from the French slang term for orgasm ‘la petite mort’, is perhaps the cleverest and most interesting thing about this depressing and amateurish affair, however. Unlike traditional anthology films, Little [...]

Platform : Xbox 360 Developed by : Grasshopper Manufacture/SUDA 51 Lollipop Chainsaw is a hugely enjoyable game. It’s frenetic, massive amounts of fun and, although a little short, a must for any horror gamers. From the twisted minds of Goichi Suda (SUDA 51) and James Gunn (Troma alum who directed Slither and Super), Lollipop Chainsaw [...]

So, the story goes a little something like this; a socially inept young man; Kenneth Winslow, who works in a office, decides to purchase a life-like sex doll, which he fashions to look like his new colleague and crush. When she takes an interest in him and the reality doesn’t quite meet the fantasy, things [...]

Top model Lucy Pinder makes her feature film debut in Brit comedy film STRIPPERS VS WEREWOLVES, playing a sexy vampire bride who terrorises a vampire hunter. Lucy said today: “I’m delighted to be making my feature film debut for Black & Blue Films in Strippers Vs Werewolves – it’s a really funny part and a [...]

Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures announced on 14th September that it has acquired North American rights to Chawz, a wild and funny Korean monster movie about a giant, vicious pig terrorizing an idyllic countryside. Directed by Jeong-won Shin, Chawz is an affectionate tribute to classic monster movies that boasts fantastically gory special effects [...]

Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures announced today that it has acquired North American rights to Kim Jeewoon’s (The Good, The Bad and The Weird and A Tale of Two Sisters) I Saw The Devil at the Toronto International Film Festival. Shockingly violent and stunningly accomplished, I Saw The Devil transcends the police procedural, [...]

Centring around a small group of people who are attending a screening of an old, fictional 70’s horror movie called The Dark Beneath, Midnight Movie sees The Dark Beneath’s mentally unstable director taking on the guise of his cult movie’s antagonist to pick off the audience members one by one. They soon realise that they [...]

Set in an old mining town, My Bloody Valentine is a remake of the 1981 low budget horror of the same name. Jensen Ackles stars as Tom, the son of a mining tycoon, who returns to the town exactly ten years after the infamous Valentines Day massacre that saw one of the mines employees ultimately [...]

I, initially, had very high hopes for My Name Is Bruce. I mean, a film in which Bruce Campbell plays Bruce Campbell and is forced into a real life ‘Evil Dead’ type situation? What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, the more I heard about the film, and the increased number of delays to it’s theatrical [...]

A dark and ghostly wartime secret is about to be uncovered when a battle between good and evil breaks out aboard a WWII-era battleship in Nazi Dawn, set for release through Revolver Entertainment on August 30th 2010. When the SS Lane Victory, reactivated and deployed in the Persian Gulf for black-op interrogations, falls radio silent, [...]

We’ve had reason to be quite excited this week at Gorepress headquarters. The first reason being that a new trailer for upcoming movie Stake Land has been released and the second being that our very own Boston’s been quoted in it at the 1:02 mark. Quite the achievement for a little ol’ horror movie site [...]

Night Watch (a.k.a. Nochnoi Dozor in its native Russia) is the first film in a fantasy/horror trilogy and adapted from the book of the same name. It follows the exploits of people called ‘Others’ and starts by informing the audience that in Medieval times there was a Light side and a Dark side who were [...]

Rolfe Kanfesky‘s Nightmare Man is a disorganised jumble of a film. At first glance it appears to be a supernatural thriller, at second a straight slasher flick and finally ends up being an Evil Dead style horror comedy. It never seems to know what it wants to be and because of the constant shift in [...]

Otis is a satirical take on the recent horror-porn phenomenon. It’s not a perfect film but it does work pretty well as a parody of this latest slew of Hostel and Saw-esque exploitative movies. Otis is an overweight pizza delivery man who lives in his brothers shadow and uses his spare time to kidnap young [...]

Occasionally a meeting of such incomprehensibly brilliant minds occurs that lesser mortals quake at very the thought of it. Worlds collide, lives are changed and the universe is a better place afterwards. This, is not one of those occasions. This was less a meeting of minds and more of a clumsy bumping of half-baked ideas. Nevertheless, something exciting came of [...]

Skimming a little off the top of Dog Soldiers, Outpost is a solid little supernatural horror with plenty of piss-your-pants scares, a genuinely creepy threat in the form of some re-animated Nazi super soldiers and lots of great acting. To boil it all down, Outpost is about a group of top mercenaries from all over [...]

Made two years ago by first time writer/director Oren Peli and only now granted a release, Paranormal Activity is a movie that’s come straight from the Blair Witch School Of Shoestring Filmmaking. Comparisons to The Blair Witch Project are inevitable but not completely unfounded as both movies used hand-held cameras, both had completely unknown, freshman [...]

I have a lot of respect for anyone who has enough impetus, drive and ambition to get a movie made. In fact, just yesterday, I had a discussion on the subject with a fellow film fan. What I cannot find it in me to respect, however, is a dull addition to a rapidly declining franchise [...]

Beginning with a scene in which a group of medical residents forcibly move the mouths of cadavers to make it appear as though they’re talking, this is obviously a movie that’s out to shock. Unfortunately, it’s so heavy-handed in its attempts that it quickly becomes a tiresome mess filled with loathsome characters and little in [...]

It would be easy to dismiss Penny Dreadful with a cheap pun on its title but in actual fact, it’s not dreadful, it’s just not that great. As a child, Penny was involved in a terrible car crash that saw her Mother bleed to death right in front of her. Cut to the present day [...]

Pin is a taut, psychologically challenging movie that centers around a family, the heads of which are a strict disciplinarian and an obsessive compulsive, respectively. The Father is a Doctor who uses his ventriloquism skills to personify an anatomically-correct, life-sized medical dummy; Pin (short for Pinocchio), in an effort to teach his children important life [...]

Primal is better than expected. Well, better than I expected it to be anyway. It’s vicious, witty, fast paced and enjoyable throughout and deserves to be seen by a wider audience. The acting isn’t always great and there’s a section towards the end that feels as though it’s come directly from SyFy original movie, CGI [...]

Hot on the heels of their Freak show, Sarah & Phil veer into Brit-horror-comedy territory with the wonderfully macabre Sightseers. Taking time to really delve into Ben Wheatley’s superb caravan-of-death opus, they stop along the way to provide a mini review for new release Willow Creek, which explores similar ‘couple on camping holiday’ themes. Tenuous, [...]

Fresh from our enthusiastic review of 90′s body-horror-comedy Freaked, we decided to raid the archives for the something a little more scary and came up with everyone’s favourite haunted hoax The Amityville Horror. Listen as we blather on about a honey covered Rod Steiger, verbally shit all over the remake and launch into the theme [...]

After a few weeks out of commission, we’re back with the long promised Behind The Mask : The Rise Of Leslie Vernon show. Not only do we chat at length about this cult gem, we also wax lyrical on some of our favourite meta/self aware horror movies, including Scream and Cabin In The Woods (again). [...]

After another brief illness-induced hiatus, Phil & Sarah are back with another episode of Radio Gorepress. This episode focuses some chatter on what we’ve watched lately, as well as things that have interested us in the World of horror in the past few weeks. We spend some time waffling about Pacific Rim, Tucker & Dale [...]

After Drag Me To Hell we decided to hop into the Gorepress time machine and whizz back to the 80′s for a slice of comedic vampiric action with bite. No, not The Lost Boys, but it’s funnier, hammier cousin Fright Night. We also spend some time talking about 5 of our favourite vampire movies, as [...]

In the 7th episode of Radio Gorepress, Sarah & Phil take a look at the film that sparked the cinematic love affair between Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs and remains the most accessible H.P. Lovecraft adaptation to date; Re-animator. Before that though, they discuss some of the more pertinent developments in the World of horror [...]

After another brief hiatus, Phil and Sarah are back with a stonker of a show focused on found footage horror. They spend the first half getting some mileage out of the uber popular, and some would say done-to-death sub-genre, focusing on five honourable mentions, and their personal favourites! The second half of the show is [...]

FOR ONE DAY ONLY SEE THE REAL SANTA CLAUS! FOR YOUR SAFETY HE WILL BE CAGED & GUARDED BY OFFICIAL LAPLAND SANTA HUNTERS This event will take place on: THURSDAY 25th NOVEMBER 12.00noon CARNABY STREET / OUTSIDE LIBERTY’S From 11am until 8pm on Thursday 25th November shoppers in London’s West End will have a rare [...]

The title of this simmering revenge tale refers to the beloved dog of Avery Ludlow (Brian Cox), a present from his, now deceased, wife and his best and most loyal friend in the World. Through a brief introduction we are given a glimpse at their relationship and a set-up to the devastating events that follow. [...]

Red Mist (a.k.a Freakdog) sees a group of arrogant medical students inadvertently land the lonely, socially awkward Hospital caretaker in a coma after forcing him to imbibe a cocktail of drink and drugs at a party. Fraught with worry over the damage it could do to their fledgling careers, they dump him at the Hospital [...]

Red, White & Blue is a striking, visceral experience that grabs the audience by the lapels, shakes vigorously and doesn’t let go. It’s a shocking film that’ll stay with you long after the credits roll. Erica (Amanda Fuller) is an emotionaly numb loner, content to patrol the bars at night looking for anonymous sex. She [...]

Reeker sees a group of young adults travelling out into the desert in order to attend an illegal rave. Unfortunately, their plans of taking drugs and indulging in some wild abandon in the middle of nowhere are disrupted when their car breaks down and, whilst also having a disgruntled drug dealer on their tail, they [...]

On an island, somewhere off the Cornish coast, there was a farm. On that farm, there was a family; Giles and Gretta MacDonald and their three children; Ronald, Ronald and Ronnie MacDonald. When the family’s goat stops producing milk one day, Gretta orders Giles to take it to the mainland and find it a stud [...]

The Good Those familiar with one of [adult swim]‘s more popular shows will already know exactly what to expect from this special Star Wars-centric episode; lots of nerdy, puerile humour, genuinely well-observed sight gags, celebrity voice acting and some geek-a-rific in-jokes. While the regular show is geared towards nerds who will appreciate jokes based on [...]

I can count the number of good killer croc flicks on one hand but thankfully I think Rogue can officially join their ranks. It has much more in common with Lake Placid than Lake Placid 2, at least. Starring Silent Hill’s Radha Mitchell, who is joined by Michael Vartan and Sam Worthington, Rogue is set [...]

Rubber is weird. Really fucking weird. On a sliding scale of 1-10, 1 being the banality of a Richard Curtis bile-fest, 5 being a drug-addled dinner conversation with Spike Jonze and 10 being Hunter S. Thompson having a three-way with David Lynch and Tracy Emin while several howler monkeys encircle them, dancing the Macarena, only [...]

Catchy isn’t it? The name, I mean. Almost impossible for it not to pique your interest just a little. That’s how I got sucked in anyway; morbid curiosity. Run! Bitch Run! Is actually a very heartfelt love letter, addressed to the grindhouse era of film-making. It’s a modern rape and revenge exploitation flick that harks [...]

Taking almost no time at all to get to the action, Santa’s Slay begins with a sequence that firmly cements its credentials in the horror-comedy camp, with the emphasis heavily on low-brow, deliciously dark comedy. We are treated to a glimpse at a family Christmas during which time Santa Claus, in the form of giant [...]

As I’m sure you’ll probably have realised, we went live with the very first Gorepress podcast this morning and so far we’ve had a surprisingly positive response. Surprising to me anyway, I think Jamie was a lot more confident than me from the get-go! I’m still amazed that anyone is willing to listen to me [...]

I can’t recall a time when I didn’t adore zombie movies. In my mind, there is no better way to spend an evening than to kick back with a few beers, some mates in tow, and watch a flick in which a few people do battle with marauding hordes of the undead. They contain two [...]

Incorrectly and unfairly written off as ‘torture porn’ by most, Saw marked the start of an unexpected and hugely successful franchise and is actually a very interesting and original thrill-ride. Two strangers, Adam and Dr. Lawrence Gordon, wake up in a filthy and derelict room at opposite ends, chained to a pipe and with no [...]

The screener for Screaming In High Heels : The Rise And Fall Of The Scream Queen Era arrived from Breaking Glass Pictures at a rather serendipitous time. Jamie and I were right at the start of our Trash Kings Month for the Gorecast, covering the films of Fred Olen Ray, David DeCoteau and Jim Wynorski [...]

The words “A WWE Production” do nothing to inspire confidence in See No Evils potential audience unless of course, the audience is comprised entirely of die hard ‘wrestling’ fans. Being about as far from a die hard ‘wrestling’ fan as it’s possible to get, I wasn’t entirely sure what See No Evil would involve. Starring [...]

Back in 2009, I took the time to watch and review See No Evil, for better or for worse, so when I heard there’d be a sequel, I was far from excited. When I discovered that it would be directed by the Soska sisters, who appear to be almost universally loved within the genre fandom, [...]

In terms of British horror comedies, Shaun Of The Dead is still top of the tree but by most peoples standards Severance comes a very, very close second. Directed by Christopher Smith (Creep, Triangle) it blends the two genres so seamlessly that it makes it look effortless. Severance follows a group of weapons company (the [...]

If you go down to the woods today …… you may stumble upon a group of tree-fellers turned zombies who will probably want to eat your brains. And thus goes the plot of this straight to DVD opus. And when I say opus, I mean steaming crap-pile. I’m considering writing a book solely on this [...]

Mel and Jules have just returned from a girly holiday in Mexico. They are tired and irritable and just want to collect their luggage, leave the airport and go home. It’s this desire to get home as soon as possible that lands them on a shuttle bus which just so happens to be driven by [...]

Simon Killer is a disarming, involving exploration of a young man’s increasingly off-kilter psyche. It’s a quiet, thoughtful film and while it’s interesting enough, ultimately it doesn’t go anywhere and winds up raising more questions than it answers. On the back of a failed relationship, Simon retreats to Paris, France in order to collect his [...]

Skinwalkers is as glossy and good-looking as it is devoid of any sort of emotional or intellectual depth. It’s a classic case of style being favoured over substance. A Mother (Rhona Mitra) and her young son live a quiet life in a rural town surrounded by family and friends, who, unbeknownst to her are skinwalkers; [...]

Hot on the heels of their Amnesia : The Dark Descent reaction videos, and by that we mean almost an entire year later, those lazy swines are back with their take on the now infamous Slender Reaction Video. Everyone and their Nan has done it so we’d be remiss not to give it a bash. [...]

Fresh from their joint success co-directing The Blair Witch Project, Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick each chose to pursue solo directorial projects. Going some way to suggesting that he was the more talented of the pair, Sanchez gave us the hugely underrated alien abduction thriller Altered while Myrick offered up this pile of turgid rubbish. [...]

I managed to catch Some Kind Of Hate at this year’s FrightFest, and it was prefaced by director Adam Egypt Mortimer bounding onto the stage and excitably announcing that he’d made a film that was bound to appeal to people who’d ever experienced bullying. I have no doubt that he was sincere in his claims [...]

Someone’s Knocking At The Door is a truly unique cinematic experience. And I mean that in the best possible way. It’s daring, shocking, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping and, surprisingly, very watchable. A group of young medical students decide to experiment with a drug called Taldon, which causes their perceived reality to blur around the edges. When their [...]

Before we go any further, let’s make no bones about it; Spring is barely a horror film. At its heart it’s a romance, and quite a sweet one at that. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, fresh from the critical acclaim of their lower-than-low budget flick Resolution, have crafted quite an earnest love story that’s accessible [...]

At an upscale New Years Eve party on one of the floors of an otherwise abandoned office block, several self-involved, unlike-able characters each receive a mysterious text message from an unknown source. The message invites them all to a private, far more elite party on another floor of the building but when they arrive, they [...]

Storage is a fantastically taut, nerve-shredding Australian horror with more twists and turns than a particularly elaborate rollercoaster ride. The set-up is brief and to the point, but paves the way for a slow-burning psychological thriller that may just have you on the edge of your seat. Jimmy has just lost his Dad in a [...]

Sublime follows George Grieves as he checks into the Mt. Abaddon Hospital for a routine colonoscopy but wakes up with stitches having been the victim of an administrative error and instead received a superfluous sympathectomy; an invasive procedure that involves snipping a nerve in order to cure sweaty palms. He is surrounded by an array [...]

Starring Ashley Greene, best known for her popular role in the tween-oriented vamp-centric Twilight movies, Summer’s Moon has used every cheap trick in the book to garner some much needed publicity off the back of that franchises success, from making the front cover look like that of a vampire movie to declaring its vague affiliation [...]

Going off the footage in the trailer, Super could very easily have been written off as a Kick Ass facsimile, but the film itself is a very different beast indeed. From Troma graduate James Gunn comes a wry, morally bankrupt, smart, fun and dark as hell superhero movie. It’s no real surprise that this comes [...]

Before he directed a very competent remake of The Hills Have Eyes and scripted the claustrophobic chiller P2, Alexandre Aja served up this little slice of 70’s slasher throwback heaven. The story follows two female college students; Alex and Marie, who are spending some quality study-time at Alex’s parents remote farmhouse in France. No sooner [...]

Tamara is a lonely, introverted, dowdy high schooler who is regularly picked on and has an unrequited crush on Mr. Natolly, her English teacher. Her drunken Father abuses her and her Mother is dead but before she died, she managed to instil a love of witchcraft in Tamara which she uses to attempt a love [...]

The Borderlands is yet another found footage movie. Yes, I know, I could almost hear you groan from here, but before you write it off, the most important thing you need to know about The Borderlands is that it’s a GOOD found footage movie. Showing to rapturous applause at last years FrightFest but having missed [...]

The Canal is a creepy little Irish shocker, that boasts bucketfuls of suspense and atmosphere but is ultimately a little disappointing. David works in a film archive centre with his softly spoken colleague Claire. One day she asks him to check out some new reels that the centre have acquired and David is startled to [...]

It’s Halloween night and a bunch of hormone-driven teenage boys set out to deviate away from the usual High School dance and instead take their dates to an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere in an effort to secure themselves some nookie. Quite how they proposed to do that is never made clear, I [...]

The Day is a simple but relatively effective story of human nature in an extreme situation. It’s well acted, well executed and directed competently but is let down by some poor dialogue and inconsistent pacing. Let me start by saying one thing; The Day is the Ashley Bell show. There are other actors in the [...]

Much anticipated zombie survival flick THE DEAD is set to invade cinemas across the UK from Sept 2, ahead of its US theatrical debut in October. Directed by The Ford Brothers and shot on previously unseen locations across Burkina Faso and Ghana, West Africa, THE DEAD is unlike anything horror audiences have ever experienced – [...]

The Devil’s Candy is Aussie director Sean Byrne’s follow up to the hugely enjoyable low budget cult hit The Loved Ones. Much like The Loved Ones, music takes a central role as likeable parents Jesse and Astrid Hellman, and their sassy metal-loving daughter Zooey, take up residence in a new country home. Buying the house [...]

We’re at the tail end of Women In Horror Recognition Month 2013 and there’s just one little thing that I couldn’t leave well enough alone not to write about before it’s all over for another year. There’s a  little anthology film that seems to have provoked quite a bit of gender based debate over the [...]

The Gingerdead Man boasts not only the acting powerhouse that is Gary Busey amongst its cast members, in a fantastic turn as maniacal and absurdly named Millard Findlemeyer, it also has to be one of the shortest movies I’ve seen in recent memory. At around only 70 minutes long, one has to wonder whether that [...]

When an old friend dies in a car accident, Harris (Dominic Purcell) returns to his hometown to attend the funeral. Getting together with two of his old buddies, Sid and Kira, they end up at the cemetery that night, to say their own private goodbyes. When Sid finds a mysterious letter on a tombstone, he [...]

Directed by master comic book maestro Brian Pulido in his first foray into feature films, The Graves is, unfortunately for someone with such a prolific background in horror comics, a disgraceful mess. The story follows the two Graves sisters as they embark on a road trip which is supposed to broaden little sister Abby’s horizons [...]

The Guest marks another impressive collaboration between Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, previously responsible for 2010′s somber mumblecore effort A Horrible Way To Die, and 2011′s long delayed entry into the home invasion canon, You’re Next. The Guest shows a pleasing progression for both, firmly pegging them as two of the most knowledgeable and intelligent [...]

The Hazing (a.k.a. Dead Scared) is silly, gory, knowingly crap and lots and lots of fun. Five College students in the process of pledging a fraternity/sorority are given the task of a treasure hunt followed by a night in the supposedly haunted ‘Hack House‘. Should they survive the night, they will be accepted members of [...]

Fictional director Wilson Wyler Concannon (William Sadler) made a horror movie in the 80’s that was so barbaric and so gruesome that it was never granted a release. Dubbed the scariest film ever made by the handful of people that had seen it, the film and its infamous director, not to mention the actors and [...]

1937, Spain is in the midst of the brutal Spanish Civil War. A “Happy” circus clown is interrupted mid-performance and forcibly recruited by a militia. Still in his costume, he is handed a machete and led into battle against National soldiers, where he single handedly massacres an entire platoon. This absurd and disturbing scenario raises [...]

The Last House On The Left has had an unfortunate life. Refused release and banned in a multitude of countries, only very recently becoming available in it’s most uncut form. I say it’s unfortunate because due to the notoriety it’s gained through rumours and reputation, many people will be expecting a much better, probably much [...]

Remaking such an infamous cult classic is either a really brave or a really stupid thing to do. Having watched 2009’s The Last House On The Left, I’m inclined to think it’s possibly a combination of the two. My expectations for this film were pretty low to begin with and shockingly, it still didn’t quite [...]

The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue is a great example of a sadly over-looked zombie movie. What should rightfully be a classic is often dismissed as a derivative undead fable with poor dubbing and while there is some truth to the latter, the former accusation is mostly unfounded. Filmed in Rome, Madrid, Manchester and [...]

Based on a novel by Jack Ketchum, which was inspired by the true story of American serial killer Charles Schmid, The Lost is a startlingly bleak tale of hopelessness and escalating madness. The central character; Ray Pye, who embodies Schmid in all but name, even down to his exaggerated appearance, is a charismatic but sociopathic [...]

The Mist centres on the inhabitants of a small town somewhere in America, as they are subjected to a mysterious storm followed by a rolling fog that brings with it unknown creatures that pose a serious threat to their respective mortalities. Stephen King adaptations generally fall into one of three categories for me; those that [...]

Icon Home Entertainment and Think Jam are pleased to present the trailer for upcoming French language horror film, The Pack. Starring Émilie Dequenne (Brotherhood of the Wolf) and Yolande Moreau (Amélie, Gainsbourg), the film is set for release on 4th July 2011 on DVD and Blu-ray. Charlotte (Dequenne) stops at the side of an isolated [...]

Chad Crawford Kinkle‘s The Pit (a.k.a. Jug Face) is a truly bleak slice of backwoods American gothic and although it paints a terrifically unfavourable picture of a small cross-section of our Southern American cousins, it’s an interesting and atmospheric take on an old fashioned story. Ada is a pretty teenager who lives within a small [...]

The Quiet Ones is the latest offering from the re-booted Hammer Films. It takes place in Oxford, in the mid 70′s, and follows Professor Joseph Coupland (Jared Harris), two of his students (Erin Richards and Rory Fleck-Byrne), an amateur filmmaker that he ropes in (Sam Claflin) and his ‘patient’; Jane Harper (Olivia Cooke). Professor Joseph [...]

As someone who openly confesses to having a love/hate relationship with the films of Ti West, I’m perhaps not the best person to review his latest offering The Sacrament. West is a master at creating eminently watchable, interesting characters and popping them into unusual situations but his very deliberate pacing and inability to really nail [...]

It’s been years since any found footage movies have taken the world of celluloid by storm so colour me excited when I heard about Aussie mockumentary The Tunnel. Oh wait, no, the opposite of that. Despite my trepidation at the prospect of another familiar re-tread of the same old shaky cam/night vision ground, The Tunnel [...]

Lucas and Clementine live in a huge isolated house deep in the French countryside. One night they’re unfortunate enough to be visited by mysterious hooded assailants in the middle of the night. Naturally, they’re pretty damn scared and a fight to survive ensues. The home invasion theme is pretty familiar territory these days but Ils [...]

Hailing from Leeds and signed to Brew Records, These Monsters are about to unleash their particular brand of darkly atmospheric punk-rock on the unsuspecting UK public. The four piece have already garnered much praise and have acquired quite the positive reputation for their memorable, orchestral live shows. Their first single, titled ‘Call Me Dragon’, is [...]

Adopting the standard revenge movie format, Ticked Off Trannies With Knives features a group of transgender ladies getting violently attacked after leaving a club with some questionable looking chaps. Waking up in hospital after barely surviving, ‘Bubbles’ and her friends decide to enact some much needed vengeance on their attackers. There are some bizarre subplots [...]

I’m confident that, as a 29 year old female, I’m not what the makers had in mind as a target demographic for this Canadian horror-comedy but despite that, Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil managed to win me over anyway. It’s irreverent, fun, puerile and a throwback to the kind of shows that shaped my formative years.

Puppets, marionettes, killer kids, mythical midgets, re-animated killers in cookie form, they all have the potential to be horrifying. And hilarious. A recent conversation about German Troma flick Killer Condom inspired me to take some time out recently to compile a list of my favourite Miniature Killers from some classic and questionable horror movies and [...]

In celebration of Women In Horror Recognition Month 2013, Gorepress have been compiling a number of articles, features and columns to let the world know, in our own words, just why the fairer sex deserves as much attention as their male counterparts. First off the bat is a list of my own personal Top 5 [...]

Trick ‘R Treat has been a long time coming. Originally pencilled in for an October 2007 release, it was pulled by the production company before ever being shown theatrically. There were rumours abound that it would have a Halloween 2008 release but again, nothing emerged. Two years later and it’s finally being granted a Halloween [...]

Troll is about a family who move into a new apartment block only to find themselves potential victims of, you guessed it, a troll who takes the place of their young daughter and begins turning the building into a forest-like base of operations. It also features the most superior incidence of a pint-sized wannabe wizard [...]

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is genuinely funny, full of great performances and gleefully gory. Taking the traditional, well-used tactic of dumping a group of young adults in the arse end of an American camping forest and sitting back as the requisite motley crew of backwards hicks and redneck freaks mutilate and murder them, and [...]

Back in 1996, Wes Craven single-handedly resurrected the teen slasher craze with his seminal movie Scream. After that, the movie going public were subjected to a massive influx of flicks claiming to be just as hip and pop culture savvy. Urban Legend doesn’t quite reach the same pinnacle of horror movie success as Scream but [...]

V/H/S is one of the most hotly anticipated films of 2012. It’s a found footage portmanteau featuring the directorial efforts of a number of up and comers including Joe Swanberg, Glenn McQuaid, Adam Wingard and Ti West, and has been garnering rave reviews. I was fortunate enough to see this on its UK premiere at [...]

V/H/S/2 picks up pretty much where its predecessor left off. The wraparound section this time follows two private detectives who break into a seemingly abandoned house whilst looking for a missing College student. What they find is an empty room filled with VHS tapes and monitors. So far, so predictable. After watching a video on [...]

The title; Vacancy 2 is actually something of a misnomer as this is a prequel and not a sequel as the name might suggest. For anyone who’s seen Vacancy, this prologue sheds a little light on how the owners of its infamous motel come to be the murderous psychopaths that they are. After the entrepreneurial [...]

Vampire Diary is a British movie that takes the form of a documentary. It centres around an aspiring filmmaker named Holly who has befriended a group of ’weekend vampires’; a gaggle of heavily made up Goths who like to play make believe and pretend that they’re un-dead bloodsuckers whilst exploring the underground club scene. It’s [...]

Walled In is a rather lacklustre affair that recalls some of the giallo greats in tone and visuals, if not in content. Sam Walczak (Mischa Barton) is a recent University graduate who holds a new engineering degree that she decides to put to use by joining the family demolition business. Her first assignment, given to [...]

Ted Geoghegan‘s We Are Still Here is a gorgeous, gloriously straightforward haunted house movie. It’s from the same new wave school of horror as the output of filmmakers like Ti West and Adam Wingard, and it’s a really fun, surprisingly bloody ride through the frozen landscape of New England. Anne and Paul have lost their [...]

White Lightnin’ is the rather sensationalised account of real life ‘dancing outlaw’ Jesco White. It chronicles his life in the Appalachian Mountains, from childhood to adulthood with all the abuse, grief, drug use, institutionalisation, reform school stints, true love, death and murder in between. When his Father, famous mountain dancer D-Ray White is killed, Jesco [...]

The original video nasty I Spit On Your Grave is released on Dual Format Edition (Blu-Ray & DVD) and DVD on 20th September 2010, in an Ultimate Collector’s Edition featuring new uncut material previously unseen in the UK! To celebrate the release we have 3 copies of the special edition DVD to give away! I [...]

“Temple, the main protagonist in The Reapers Are The Angels: A Novel, is born after the world had already been taken over by the living dead. As a result, the novel allows the reader to experience a character whose only reality is fighting for survival, dependent upon a natural resiliency and spirit her elders do [...]

After its success at the AFTER DARK ORIGINAL: HORRORFEST at the beginning of March, Prowl now comes to DVD & Blu-ray 4 April and to celebrate we have 3 copies on DVD to give away! Starring Ruta Gedmintas (BBC 3’s Lip Service), Bruce Payne (Passenger 57) and Courtney Hope (CSI:Miami), Prowl is a vampire film [...]

Win a Horror DVD Collection with The Chernobyl Diaries, in cinemas 22 June “Chernobyl Diaries” is a chilling, original story from Oren Peli, who first terrified audiences with his groundbreaking thriller, “Paranormal Activity”. The film follows a group of six young vacationers who, looking to go off the beaten path, hire an “extreme” tour guide. [...]

To mark the release of Attack of the Werewolves on Blu-ray and DVD from 8 October, we’ve got three copies of the film on DVD to give away! 1910. In a remote village, a terrible curse has fallen on the evil Marchioness of Marino and her son – transforming him into a blood-thirsty werewolf who [...]

Tormenting new horror movie Blood Snow is released on DVD on September 27th 2010. To celebrate the release we’re giving away 3 copies. Starring James Kyson Lee (Heroes), Tiffany and with a special appearance from horror legend Michael Berryman (Hills Have Eyes), Blood Snow is guaranteed to the chill you to the bone! A weekend [...]

Shocking new horror thriller Choose comes to DVD on 17th January 2011 and to celebrate we have 5 copies on DVD to give away! Starring Katheryn Winnick (Amusement, Satan’s Little Helper) and Kevin Pollak (Tropic Thunder, Usual Suspects) Choose is a suspense laden psychological horror also starring Richard Short (Public Enemies). The film marks the [...]

From The Filmmakers Behind The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra comes an homage to the old Dark House genre like no other! A strange and mysterious group of strange and mysterious people gathers at the creepy Cavinder Estate for the reading of the will of the late Sinas Cavinder. Strangest and most mysterious of this group [...]

Witness the dawn of the dark and disturbing journey that led Adolf Hitler to become the architect of the Nazi regime. Revolver Entertainment are proud to present the DVD release of DAWN OF EVIL – RISE OF THE REICH, available on DVD on February 28th 2011. Tom Schilling (The Baader Meinhoff Complex) plays a young [...]

Will you survive the zombie outbreak in Fortune City? Find out by entering our Dead Rising 2 giveaway! Be sure to check out to create your own weapons and submit them for a chance to get your creation featured in the next Dead Rising game! Check out some of the brand new DR2 features: [...]

Chilling new Japanese horror Death Tube comes to DVD on 20th September 2010. From Yohei Fukada, the director of Chanbara Beauty and Tokyo Gore School, and reminiscent of the Saw series, this extreme splatter game takes place on-line at the site known as “DeathTube”. Tragedy begins with curiosity. The on-line killer website broadcasts scenes of [...]

Fertile Ground is a chilling-feature from the After Dark Originals brand, coming to DVD & Blu-ray 23 May, and to mark it’s release we have 3 copies to give away! Directed by Adam Gierasch, (Autopsy), Fertile Ground was described as one of this year’s festival’s “darkest bright spots” by Dread Central and perfectly shows off [...]

Husk is a chilling-feature from the After Dark Originals brand, coming to DVD & Blu-ray 21 March after screening at the After Dark Original: Horrorfest Weekend March 4th-6th. To celebrate it’s release we have 3 DVDs to give away! Starring Wes Chatham and C.J Thomason (Harper’s Island), and directed by Brett Simmons who has adapted [...]

When Marie, an introverted young athlete, collapses and is forced to take a rest from competitive sport, she decides to move in with her new boyfriend in his flat in Left Bank. Their passionate relationship at first seems to help her recovery, until she discovers that the previous tenant of the flat mysteriously disappeared. Marie [...]

Revolver Entertainment are proud to present the Region 2 DVD release of the brutally metal Adult Swim show, Metalocalypse Season 2. Over 5 hours of metal mayhem will be available on DVD October 11th, at £19.99 RRP. Metalocalypse is an animated comedy series that follows the on and off-stage adventures of Dethklok, the world’s most [...]

Acclaimed British horror Mindflesh comes to DVD on 24th January 2011 and to celebrate we has 3 copes to give away! Mindflesh is about obsession. Specifically, the obsession of taxi driver Chris Jackson who believes a goddess from a parallel dimension is walking the streets of London. This obsession is destroying the natural order of [...]

A dark and ghostly wartime secret is about to be uncovered when a battle between good and evil breaks out aboard a WWII-era battleship in Nazi Dawn, set for release through Revolver Entertainment on August 30th 2010. When the SS Lane Victory, reactivated and deployed in the Persian Gulf for black-op interrogations, falls radio silent, [...]

Night of the Demons, directed by Adam Geirasch (Autopsy) and starring Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie, Scary Movie), Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, American History X) and Monica Keena (Freddy Vs Jason) is a remake of the 1988 cult classic about a bunch of kids who go to a Halloween party and end up in a face [...]

The wartime action-adventure is given a thrilling sci-fi twist in the time-bending PARADOX SOLDIERS, which fuses spectacular World War II action with the classic time travel enigma: what if you went back in time and accidentally did something that would critically affect your future existence? Four strangers are enjoying a World War II re-enactment weekend [...]

From Michael Powell, the acclaimed director of A Matter of Life and Death and The Red Shoes, PEEPING TOM was, upon its release, one of the most controversial films ever made in Britain – a masterpiece of psychological terror. By day, Mark Lewis (Karlheinz Böhm) works as a modest focus-puller in a film studio. But [...]

To celebrate the February 28th DVD and Blu-ray release of brutal Aussie horror Primal, we are giving away a copy of the DVD to 3 lucky winners. From the producer of Australia and Happy Feet and the SFX maestro behind MI3, Blade 2 and Underworld comes a brutal and slick horror film from director Josh [...]

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – the mad mix of classic horror, super-charged sensuality and outrageous fantasy – celebrates its 35th Anniversary with a high definition Blu-ray Disc (BD) release on 18th October from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Rocky Horror comes to BD for the first time with a newly re-mastered version of the [...]

Christmas Eve, and the residents of a quiet British cul-de-sac are suddenly plunged into a world of violence, terror and paranoia when a group of heavily armed military personnel storm their road ordering them at gunpoint to retreat inside their homes. Unsure if this is the sign of a terrorist attack, or something much worse, [...]

Seconds Apart is a new chilling-feature from the After Dark Originals brand, coming to DVD & Blu-ray 30 May after screening at the After Dark Original: Horrorfest Weekend earlier in the year. Starring Orlando Jones (Magnolia, Evolution) and directed by Antonio Negret (Towards Darkness), Seconds Apart also features stellar performances from the two leads, twins [...]

In this genre-defying grind-house throwback, a group of drug-fueled, sexually deviant medical students are systematically terrorized by Wilma and John Hopper. The Hoppers, serial murderers and rapists, mysteriously return from the 1970s and bring horrifying psychedelia with them. With comedy, subversion, satire and true gore, the students must face escalating attacks, shocking circumstances and visceral [...]

Based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, The Frankenstein Experiment sees a beautiful young stem-cell researcher (Tiffany Shepis) joins a secret research group attempting to develop a stem-cell based universal healing serum. Despite opposition from the project leaders, she quickly develops a serum that can bring the dead back to life – but with horrific results. Distraught, [...]

“A couple (Ray Lovelock and Cristina Galbo) travelling along the English countryside stop to get directions from a pair of Ministry of Agriculture workers who are testing an experimental device designed to drive crop-damaging insects into killing each other. While they plan their next stop, a man who has been dead for several days attacks–to [...]

Remember the good old days when anyone with a camera, a few thousand bucks, and more ambition than talent could schlep up to Bronson Canyon and quickly make a cheap sci-fi/horror movie? Well, they’re back! THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA is an affectionate, meticulous re-creation of those notoriously cheesy clunkers, as a gaggle of beloved [...]

Hilarious 1950s Sci-Fi B-movie pastiche THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN, from cult auteur Larry Blamire, comes to DVD for the first time anywhere in the world on 4 April, and to mark this momentous occasion we have 3 copies to give away! Jerranium 90: a little rock that made all the papers. What didn’t make [...]

The Mercenary, starring action legend Danny Trejo, comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on 4 July and to mark its release we have 3 Blu-Rays to give away! In the deep jungles of South East Asia a blood thirsty mercenary Sebastian (Gary Daniels – The Expendables, Hunt to Kill) hunts for the thrill of the chase [...]

Those of you who have read our review of Brit possession horror movie The Torment (a.k.a. The Possession Of David O’Reilly) will already know how much we loved it. Now, thanks to the folks behind the flick, we’ve got a couple of copies on DVD, signed by the main stars Zoe Richards and Giles Alderson, [...]

Twisted new horror thriller THE UNFORGIVING comes to DVD on 28th March and to celebrate we have 3 copies to give away! On the outskirts of a city, a spate of killings has plagued a desolate highway. With no leads and nowhere to turn, authorities focus all their attention when two survivors turn up alive. [...]

To mark the 100th anniversary of the original voyage, a state of the art luxury liner, christened Titanic II sets out to cross the Atlantic, from the US to the UK. A host of special guests are invited along to enjoy the glitz and glamour on board the beautiful ship, but whilst the champagne flows [...]

Cult auteur Larry Blamire returns with the DVD release of TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD on 20 June and to mark the release we have 3 copies to give away! Terror strikes the sleepy burg of Longhead Bay when creeping alien foreheads begin attaching themselves to local townspeople and seizing their very souls — launching [...]

To celebrate the February 28 DVD release of Travellers, we’re giving away a copy of the film to 3 lucky winners. Travellers is a fearsome survival thriller that marks the directorial debut for the UK’s newest rising talent Kris McManus and features some of the most brutal bare-knuckle fighting ever seen on film. Four young [...]

An idyllic island town is under attack by that most invasive of pests: zombies! Port Gamble is being overrun with braineaters, and the people seem powerless to stave them off. But wait, a rag tag band of rebels is trying to turn the tide and push the invading hoards of undead back. It sounds familiar, [...]

Following on from the home entertainment smash-hit THE ZOMBIE DIARIES, one of the biggest selling zombie titles in the UK of the past decade, the highly-anticipated sequel WORLD OF THE DEAD: THE ZOMBIE DIARIES will be released in cinemas on the 24th June and on DVD from the 27th June. Three months have passed since [...]

You’re Next, while not necessarily startlingly original, does what most horror films these days fail to do; it entertains, it provides characters to invest in, adds in some genuinely funny dialogue and actually spins a few conventions on their heads in the process. No mean feat. The basic premise is much like any other home [...]

Zombie Virus On Mulberry Street is a hugely enjoyable movie. It’s knowingly silly whilst simultaneously managing to be gripping and affecting. The plot, as with most zombie movies, is ridiculously simple, it chronicles the outbreak of a deadly infection that causes humans to turn into hideous mutant rat creatures with a taste for flesh, and [...]

Recently widowed Karen Tunney, having little other option due to financial ruin, decides to uproot her two daughters and move them to an inherited house on the outskirts of a forest in the middle of nowhere, USA. After strange things start to happen; soot on the mattresses, bizarre nightmares and blood on the front door, [...]