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The Kill Screen is a new graphic novel from the creator of zombie anthology Dead Roots and introduces us to a new apocalypse; not zombies, not vampires, not global warming and not some monkey-borne rage virus. This apocalypse is a computer virus… In the near future Humanity reaches it’s very own kill screen. If anyone [...]

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra First published: 2002 What would you do if you were the last man on the planet? It’s one of those questions men have talked about at length, sat around a pub table, at home whilst gaming, at the dinner table, well, anywhere really. What would you actually [...]

By : Ben Aaronovitch Publisher: Gollancz Available in: Hardback, softback, e-reader Peter Grant is just coming to the end of his two year probation as a constable with the Metropolitan police. Probies always get the shit jobs. So it’s no real surprise that he finds himself, on a cold rainy night in January, guarding the [...]

I’ve never seen James Cameron’s Titanic and, I’ll be honest, a large part of the reason that I’ve never seen it was due to the distinct lack of zombie action.  If you think about it, there are many great films that miss out on a chance of some really solid undead opportunities.  Gone with the [...]