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Feature - 2018 –...

2018 has been a really strong year for both Gorepress and the horror genre in general, with a slew of great original films released both in cinema and on streaming services. On the other hand, however, The Open House was released…but we don’t talk about that. In no particular order, however, here are Phil’s top [...]

Feature - 2018 –...

It’s been a great year for Gorepress! 2018 saw us take the podcast to new heights, and plumb new depths, all while keeping to our most consistent upload schedule to date. It’s also been a fantastic year for horror in general, with original gems and worthy additions to existing franchises a-plenty. Also, The Nun. Ahem… [...]

Review - Gerald’s Game

The Stephen King novella Gerald’s Game is not so much a story as an exercise in literary mastery by the greatest writer of our time. King takes what is essentially an urban legend-style joke and makes the punchline existential dread. What really makes you gasp in awe about Gerald’s Game, however, is that almost the [...]

Review - Death Note

Now I can’t proclaim to be the biggest fan of the Death Note anime – it was only when I realised that Netflix was picking it up to reboot as a feature film that I decided I’d sit down and force myself through it – but, that being said, it’s hard to disassociate one from

If you liked this book and wanted to get a canvas of it head to American Sign Letters for it.[...]

Review - Follow

Follow has caused a bit of controversy here at Gorepress Heights. Mostly because I really enjoyed it, and Sarah really didn’t. Perhaps it’s because her breadth of knowledge on the horror genre far surpasses my own, and I view a lot of films with an innocent, sometimes naive, almost child-like wonder – but I’m going. If you wanted a gore sign American Sign Company can make you a custom one. [...]