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Written by Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) and Katsuya Terada and directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo (Akira), Blood: The Last Vampire follows the story of Saya, the last remaining ‘Original’ Vampire, on her mission to rid the world of Chiropterans; vampires of a sort who have become malformed hybrids, completely different to [...]

It’s important to state before I really get to the meat and bones of Botched, that I’m a massive fan of Stephen Dorff, and so I had a little bias going into this film. I loved him Blade, Cecil B Demented, and his frankly brilliant portrayal of Cliff in SFW, so it saddens me to [...]

‘Legend’. ‘Icon’. ‘Luminary’. All terms thrown around so casually in today’s world, and seldom do they ever ring true. There are some people however that these special words still so accurately describe. Sir Christopher Lee is one of these people. It is with a heavy heart, that we report that Sir Christopher Lee has passed [...]

When a passing comet knocks out the power in all houses except one, a party of eight friends set off to investigate. Unbeknownst to them however, the comet has torn open the fabric of reality, creating an alternate timeline at the end of the street. The result is Coherence, a stripped down, experimental science fiction [...]

Twenty-something Jannicke is on a boarding vacation in Jotunheimen, along with her friends Eirik, Mikael, Ingunn, and Morten Tobias. Everything is going swimmingly, until Morten Tobias suffers a broken leg on the mountain, forcing them to take shelter in a nearby abandoned hotel. Things are not as they seem though, and they soon start to [...]

Wandering helplessly in freezing peaks of Norway, Jannicke, the sole survivor of a killing spree by a pickaxe wielding man-mountain, is discovered by a passing motorist, and taken to hospital. Following a swift police investigation, the bodies of her fallen friends are recovered. Sadly for her, and the rest of the hospital’s inhabitants, another body [...]

 “I bet the view atop Suzuran is breathtaking. Let’s go get it” Released in 2007, Crows Zero is the movie adaptation of the cult Manga of the same name; a highly popular series which gained notoriety for its graphic violence and highly appealing characters. The film itself follows the same frenetic pace, and does not [...]

“It’s a full moon. I don’t know, maybe it’s like when you need to take a piss or something, I don’t know. When you gotta go, you gotta fucking go.” “Yeah, well maybe it’s more like needing a shite. Just cos you need one doesn’t mean you drop your kegs and pinch one off.” In [...]

From the outset, I kind of knew it wasn’t going to be winning any awards any time soon, but the idea of a remake of the Brothers’ Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel starring some personal favourites Jeremy Renner (Avengers, The Bourne Legacy) and Gemma Arterton (Clash of the Titans, Prince of Persia) had me chomping at [...]

It is a truly rare thing to have the utterly bitter sweet task of writing a retrospective on someone who was, is, and forever will be an inspiration to me. For me, 7th May 2013 will always be a ‘where were you when you found out?’ moment. Ask the vast majority of people where they [...]

In 2010 I Spit on Your Grave, the remake of the 1978 classic movie of the same name was released to high praise. It took rape and revenge to the next level, with a highly graphic and visceral rape scene, matched only in grim, stomach churning detail by the brutal revenge murders that followed. Now, [...]

This past weekend, i was lucky enough to nab myself a ticket to London Super Comic Con, at the ExCeL centre. Being a huge fan of all things comic related since the age of about 10, and even having one of my pieces about a girl falling in love with a tree published (don’t hate, it was [...]

Norwegian horror has, over the past few years, firmly cemented itself as a serious player for delivering heavy hitters. Examples of this include Cold Prey and Dead Snow. Delving into native folklore and beliefs has paid off with horror/fantasy films such as Thale and the critically acclaimed Troll Hunter. The regions growing reputation for heavy, [...]

Orc Wars is one man’s (Kohl Glass to be exact) desire to make a Lord of the Rings style film, on a shoestring budget, with a simple twist: guns. In this endeavour, he is an unmitigated failure. What is presented to us is 100 minutes of terrible storytelling, matched only by the casting. Not 5 [...]

In 2012 a trailer was released that promised so much. For me personally, it was like they’d reached into the deepest, geekiest part of my brain, and decided to put everything I wanted to see into a single film. We were teased with a narrative by the oh so familiar Charlie ‘Jax Teller’ Hunnam of [...]

Genre: Open World/Stealth/Zombie horror Developer: Undead Labs Platform: Xbox 360, PC Release Date: June 15 2013 Version Reviewed: Xbox 360 Zombies and gaming have been successful bedfellows for the better part of twenty years now. A genre born from Resident Evil, way back in 1996, with the emphasis on fear, survival, and getting out the [...]

I think it’s important to first of all state that, as my bio describes, I have a massive thing for all thing monster related. So when I heard about Thale, a Norwegian monster movie centred around the mythical Scandinavian creature the ‘Huldra’, I was filled with mixed emotions. I was excited that something I had [...]

In the mid 1970′s, a small psychology lab in Pennsylvania began testing subjects that showed the early signs of psychic abilities. Although initially the results were small, one patient, Judith, began showing unparalleled psychic and telekinetic abilities. As further tests were carried out, it became apparent that this was not a case of a gifted [...]

“Only one will win. The School…The House…The Prison…Are Safe. Follow the arrows, or you will die. Stay on the path, or you will die. If you are lapped twice, you will die. Do not touch the grass, or you will die.” That is essentially the plot of 2014’s The Human Race. 80 complete strangers come [...]

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a balls-to-the-wall Japanese gorefest, so you can imagine my delight when I came across Tokyo Gore Police. In short, the clue was very much in the name. Cue a 110 minute bloodbath that at times had a hardcore bloodfest fan like myself flinching. Tokyo Gore Police is [...]

It’s somewhat counter-intuitive to the movie-going experience to tell people to specifically wait for for a film to be released onto DVD because the experience on a small screen will be greater, but in the case of Unfriended, that is entirely your best bet. Moreover, I would implore you to watch it on a laptop [...]

There are 666 portals on Earth that connect this world with the ‘other side’.  At  the 444th portal, located in the mysterious Forest of Resurrection, Japan, a nameless convict, a girl, a ragtag bunch of gangsters, and a protagonist known only as ‘the man’ are unwittingly drawn together in this mysterious forest. Throw a seemingly [...]

It’s not everyday you get to combine the terms ‘horror’ and ‘romantic comedy’, so at first glance, I was a little hesitant when I sat down to Warm Bodies. I am a huge fan of director Jonathan Levine’s beautiful 50/50, and I hoped we’d see more of his unique quirkiness. It should be stated early [...]

Meet Viago. He’s just an ordinary guy, who likes to do ordinary things. He likes to read, take in a movie, and loves a night out on the town with his housemates Vladislav, Deacon and Petyr. All the normal things you’d expect from a group of house-sharing guys, right? Oh, and they also like to [...]

On the back of the huge success of Max Brooks’ cult classic novel of the same name, World War Z chronicles the initial events of the Zombie War, but takes the different stance of making it a personal tale intercut with mass global disaster scenes. This was seen by many as a risky move. Marc [...]

What do you do when you make five Wrong Turn films that rapidly decrease in quality in each outing? If your name’s Valeri Milev, you make a sixth. Not so luckily for us, this is the worst instalment yet. There is only so far you can go with this franchise, or so writer Frank H. [...]

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra First published: 2002 What would you do if you were the last man on the planet? It’s one of those questions men have talked about at length, sat around a pub table, at home whilst gaming, at the dinner table, well, anywhere really. What would you actually [...]

Zombeavers is a horror comedy in which a trio of female college students head to a remote riverside cabin for the weekend to get away from their significant others/have a girl’s weekend. Predictably, the boys show up, and the weekend turns into one of drinking, debauchery and a whole lot of talking about feelings. Things [...]