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The tone of 6 Plots is really set in stone from the very beginning, with it’s opening line consisting of a question that will come back to haunt the viewer time and time again. Just what is the collective noun for a group of bitches? All kidding aside, this movie was my third journey into [...]

Crawlspace is the feature length directorial debut of Australian special effects/makeup maestro Justin Dix, whose resume in that field includes the likes of the Star Wars prequel Trilogy and personal favourite of mine, Lake Mungo. The basic premise will be familiar to most horror fans, as originality isn’t exactly Crawlspace’s strong suit. Stop me if [...]

To be perfectly honest, I came to review this movie knowing next to nothing about it or anyone involved with it. I am unfamiliar with writer/director Thomas L. Phillips’ previous work, and so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. This being the case, I kept my research to an absolute minimum so as [...]