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I’m confident that, as a 29 year old female, I’m not what the makers had in mind as a target demographic for this Canadian horror-comedy but despite that, Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil managed to win me over anyway. It’s irreverent, fun, puerile and a throwback to the kind of shows that shaped my formative years.

Doctor Who has a humungous fanbase spanning multiple-media platforms, from computer games to audio books to fan fiction to movies and TV series. It has spawned iconic characters, images and a wealth of ridiculous fashions (a fez? really?). The latest in the long line of cashing-in spin offs is K9. For those who don’t know, [...]

Metalocalypse is an [adult swim] animated series, created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, which is centered around heavy metal band Dethklok, a group so popular that they constitute the 7th largest economy on Earth. Their line-up consists of Nathan Explosion, William Murderface, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Pickles and Toki Wartooth. Metalocalypse follows the everyday trials and [...]

Season 6 is a come-back of sorts, as The X Files enlivens itself by coming to conclusions on the conspiracy, making some truly excellent “monster of the week” episodes and generally being continually compelling and exciting. A return to an early form, and a very welcome one.

The Good Those familiar with one of [adult swim]‘s more popular shows will already know exactly what to expect from this special Star Wars-centric episode; lots of nerdy, puerile humour, genuinely well-observed sight gags, celebrity voice acting and some geek-a-rific in-jokes. While the regular show is geared towards nerds who will appreciate jokes based on [...]

In Season 5, The X Files begins to become tragically self-indulgent. It features 3 alien conspiracy two-parters, one episode entirely dedicated to the creation of The Lone Gunmen and many more that reference the previous 4 series. The individual episodes on offer are enjoyable, but sadly few and far between.

The X Files Season 4 begins to wane towards the trite, as Scully’s development of cancer makes the season depressing and nihilistic, but it has some quality individual episodes and some interesting conspiracy arcs, although it never manages to excel.

The X Files Season 3 is still The X Files at its best. The conspiracy episodes are compelling and the individual episodes are smart, unique and immersive. Great stuff.

The X Files – Season 2 is brilliant throughout, featuring some now iconic episodes and some really innovative ideas. The X Files is shut down, Scully is abducted and alien clones are discovered.

The X Files Season 1 is still as fresh as it was 17 years ago. Yes – 17 years ago! It was innovative, intelligent, scary, funny and endlessly watchable. Every episode was a triumph filled with intrigue, great dialogue and a real sense of purpose. Truly brilliant