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Before I start this review, I have two things to confess. Firstly: I loved the original Lost Boys film. I listened to the soundtrack over and over again. I am one of those people that will infuriate the hell out of you by reciting the entire script while the film plays. When I grew up, [...]

The trouble with Stranded is that it is not a good film. Nor is it a truly terrible one. Instead, it possesses elements of both but the allure of neither, leaving it (appropriately, but disappointingly) stranded somewhere in the middle. The crew consists of exasperated voice of reason Col. Gerald Brauchman (Slater), brooding Dr Lance [...]

The circus brings out a kind of primordial fear in me. When I see scrawny people swallowing swords, or full grown men with painted faces performing slapstick, or gymnasts dressed in spandex balancing on top of each other, my gut response is not to clap and eat popcorn but to think : Kill them. Kill them with fire.