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2018 has been a really strong year for both Gorepress and the horror genre in general, with a slew of great original films released both in cinema and on streaming services. On the other hand, however, The Open House was released…but we don’t talk about that. In no particular order, however, here are Phil’s top [...]

It’s been a great year for Gorepress! 2018 saw us take the podcast to new heights, and plumb new depths, all while keeping to our most consistent upload schedule to date. It’s also been a fantastic year for horror in general, with original gems and worthy additions to existing franchises a-plenty. Also, The Nun. Ahem… [...]

So, 2016, right? It’s been a crazy year for everyone, regardless of where your affiliations lie. Political upheavals left, right and centre (pun very much intended), celebrity deaths all over the place, One Direction splitting up… But despite all that, we’ve had our usual steady flow of horror movies to keep us distracted from the [...]

‘Legend’. ‘Icon’. ‘Luminary’. All terms thrown around so casually in today’s world, and seldom do they ever ring true. There are some people however that these special words still so accurately describe. Sir Christopher Lee is one of these people. It is with a heavy heart, that we report that Sir Christopher Lee has passed [...]

As 2014 enters its death throes, we use the opportunity to look back with nostalgia – not to mention a little nausea – at the state of the year. As with every year, it’s had its highs – we landed a space probe on a comet – and lows – ISIS, Ebola, continued evidence of [...]

When a bunch of us came together to start Gorepress back in 2009, I think I can speak for everyone when I say we didn’t necessarily expect to still be pumping out horror reviews and content 5 years down the line, or to have grown so exponentially, and it recently came to our attention to that we [...]

Okay. We hold our hands up. Short horror films are rather underrepresented here at Gorepress. Six years of writing reviews and articles, and there are still only a handful of short films rated here on the site. It’s not a good state of affairs, especially considering how many horror directors, writers and producers start their [...]

Short films are, by their very nature, problematic – communicating a story that’s sufficiently involving and interesting, with believable characters and enough exciting events to hold the attention of an audience is difficult enough when given ninety minutes to do so, let alone fifteen or twenty. When it comes to horror, the idea of doing [...]

It’s been a year of ups and downs, both for horror in general, and for the little bubble of Gorepress. We took on some new writers, we bid farewell to some other writers, we continued to provide our own brand of acerbic commentary in the form of a revamped Gorecast,  some of us even enjoyed [...]

“Four more years, four more years…..” Way more exciting than the presidential election, we think you’ll agree, is the fact that our little website turned the grand old age of four this month. What started as a modest outfit of just three horror loving pals, has turned into much more than we could ever have [...]

Zalgo. The Rake. Slenderman. To the uninitiated, these names may just sound like a crappy version of the Avengers, but to the initiated they, along with countless other characters, movies and images, all have a particular significance. They have one thing in common…they are all examples of creepypasta. “But Phil,” I hear you cry. “what [...]

It is a truly rare thing to have the utterly bitter sweet task of writing a retrospective on someone who was, is, and forever will be an inspiration to me. For me, 7th May 2013 will always be a ‘where were you when you found out?’ moment. Ask the vast majority of people where they [...]

As we squint into the sunshine of oncoming spring, horror fans everywhere are slinking back into our homes and drawing the curtains closed, hissing at the dreaded brightness. But as ever, Gorepress has your back.

2013 will forever go down in History. Ok, so that might amount to little more than hyperbole, but I can guarantee the guys and gals at Gorepress will remember it for quite some time. Last year, inspired by the notion that just one Halloween a year just wasn’t enough, we decided to create our own [...]

“Why do you write strong female characters?” “Because you’re still asking me that question.” Twenty years ago, in 1992, a film was released that had a slightly different slant on the horror idiom. The cute blonde school girl was not the victim. As the website-breaking title suggests, she turned out, once she had accepted her [...]

Here we are at the fag end of Women in Horror Recognition Month, Gorepress’ lovely Sarah (can I say that without coming across as creepy please?) asked me to contribute a guest blog to the site on the topic and I have been completely blocked for several weeks. “We don’t like to tell people what [...]

We’re at the tail end of Women In Horror Recognition Month 2013 and there’s just one little thing that I couldn’t leave well enough alone not to write about before it’s all over for another year. There’s a  little anthology film that seems to have provoked quite a bit of gender based debate over the [...]

In honor of this year’s annual Women in Horror month celebration, there are going to be countless articles published about the errors in the ways the horror genre has represented women over the years. While the injustices of female filmmakers are greatly apparent and consistently topical, the idea of sexism and degrading roles of women [...]

In celebration of Women In Horror Recognition Month 2013, Gorepress have been compiling a number of articles, features and columns to let the world know, in our own words, just why the fairer sex deserves as much attention as their male counterparts. First off the bat is a list of my own personal Top 5 [...]

People of Gorepress, I stand before you as a man of the future. I have seen the ravaged plains of 2013 and it’s not pretty. The Mayans got their calculations wrong by a few weeks, we’re all going tits up in the first week of February. 2012 was the final full year of human civilisation, [...]

WARNING : INCLUDES SPOILERS! “Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman………Candyman.” As far as modern book-to-film adaptations go, Clive Barker has been pretty damn prolific over the years. If it were a race, he’d be holding his own admirably and keeping a steady pace, beaten only by heavyweights Lovecraft and King, with Ketchum and Koontz bringing up the [...]

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to the 5th annual Eurogamer Expo down in London to test out an entire buffet of upcoming videogame titles. I only got a demo-sized taste of them, but they left me with a lot to ponder. So if you’re wondering what to look out for this season, here’s my hit list of horror.

I’ve been aware of FrightFest for about five years now but despite my burning desire to go, something else had always managed to get in the way. I couldn’t afford it, or I had too much work on, or no-one to go with. Well, I decided to put the excuses to one side and book [...]

“I want to go to Frightfest but I’m afraid I’ll be on my own!” Don’t be. Just because you’ll be spending hours and hours sitting in the dark having your nerves jangled and ears raped doesn’t mean there isn’t a social aspect to Frightfest. Frightfest has a vibrant community online and in-person. Firstly check out [...]

Frightfest isn’t just about the big name films, the opening and closing World Premieres and mingling with the creators of some fantastic horror films. It’s about discovery. Or at least, it should be. Those non-pass holders going for the safe options of sequels, zombie-flicks and big name horrors should also consider going a ‘little wild’ [...]