Half Halloween 2013

2013 will forever go down in History. Ok, so that might amount to little more than hyperbole, but I can guarantee the guys and gals at Gorepress will remember it for quite some time. Last year, inspired by the notion that just one Halloween a year just wasn’t enough, we decided to create our own holiday; Half Halloween.

We held a small, private party and had a blast, but we had an urge to take it to the public and share the fun. That’s exactly what we did this year. With a helping hand provided by The Lady Luck bar in Canterbury, we were given the opportunity to host an entire day. From 3pm to 8pm we screened Gorepress favourites Troll 2, Stake Land and The Thing, all of which went down brilliantly.

With seven of the local Gorepress crew present, we then held our own slant on the Horror Movie Quiz, compered a little drunkenly by Rosetta and I. Despite jovial accusations that we’d made it a little too difficult, the general consensus was that we’d created an enjoyable quiz, with all of the available tables booked and an admirable turnout.

Winning our quiz with a grand total of 26/40 were a local team of filmmakers. The quiz was rounded out by a picture round on Horror TV Shows as well as spot prizes and Best Team Name and Best Costume announcements.

The whole experience was tiring, stressful and so, so much fun. If we play our cards right, hopefully we’ll be able to host another next year, as well as other events in the future. Viva la Gorepress!

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  1. Gutted I couldn’t attend but working on a ‘northern edition’. Fingers crossed.

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