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Sadly, as much as I love horror and wish I could fill each and every day with it, my work for Gorepress is merely moonlighting – my actual, real-life, normal-person job is to produce video content for miDrive, a UK-based company who have created a mobile app that helps learner drivers out by providing them [...]

Hot on the heels of their Amnesia : The Dark Descent reaction videos, and by that we mean almost an entire year later, those lazy swines are back with their take on the now infamous Slender Reaction Video. Everyone and their Nan has done it so we’d be remiss not to give it a bash. [...]

A while back, Phil reviewed a little game called Amnesia : The Dark Descent. Giving it a rave review, it piqued the collective Gorepress interest and about a┬ámonth ago, the Gorementary crew decided to tackle it head on and film it for posterity, and hopefully, your amusement. If you’ve got a suggestion for a game [...]