Horror’s 10 Most Iconic Cars

Sadly, as much as I love horror and wish I could fill each and every day with it, my work for Gorepress is merely moonlighting – my actual, real-life, normal-person job is to produce video content for miDrive, a UK-based company who have created a mobile app that helps learner drivers out by providing them with targeted articles and videos, as well as connecting them to local instructors.

In the Venn Diagram of ‘horror’ and ‘learning to drive’, there’s not usually much overlap (depending on your choice of driving instructor, of course…), but every so often I get the chance to sneak my love for horror in to the work I do at miDrive. This is one such moment.

In preparation for Halloween’s imminent arrival, the best holiday of the year, I put together a list of horror’s ten most iconic cars and aim to completely and unabashedly whore it out here at Gorepress! Behold…

Thanks for watching!

- Phil

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