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In our not-at-all rigged poll this week, we decided that we’d been having far too much fun recently and that we should be brought thoroughly down a peg or two. To that end, we decided that Ari Aster’s Hereditary would be a fantastic choice. Way to go, us. -S&P&R

It’s Radio Gorepress’ fiftieth episode today, and to celebrate, Sarah, Rosie and Phil all decided to not be ill and to actually present an episode all together, for the first time in what seems like forever. Taking the results of our earlier Instagram post, we honor the year’s spookiest celebration by turning our attention to [...]

Since we’ve clearly been taking it in turns to catch the lurgy in recent episodes, it’s Sarah’s turn this week…so in her absence, Rosie and Phil take a look at Spanish-language mindbending horror noir, The Similars! -P&R

With Rosie struck down by the lurgy, Sarah and Phil go rogue and disregard our Instagram poll completely, instead choosing to take a look at 1973′s Don’t Look Now…and in doing so, stay surprisingly on track…setting aside an anti-Terrifier rant that was perhaps a little too passionate… -S&P

With the sequel fast approaching later this year, we thought we’d use the opportunity to take a look at the slasher that started all slashers (well…arguably, anyway), John Carpenter’s original 1978 classic, Halloween! -S&P&R

You voted; we listened! Clowns won out this week in our Instagram poll, so what better movie to watch than 1988′s Killer Klowns from Outer Space. And just so you know, despite all the tangents this episode we did actually enjoy it… …promise! – S&R&P

Instagram has spoken once more; this week you guys wanted us to watch an 80′s B-movie, so after some (read: very little) deliberation, we settled on 1983′s The Deadly Spawn! -S&P&R

In our first (proper) attempt at turning the power over to you guys, bereft of a Rosie, we give 1989′s Puppet Master a watch! We also spend some time chatting about the TV and films we’ve been watching, as well as discussing how disgusting the concept of sweaty puppets is. Enjoy! -S&P

I think we’ve gotta come clean this episode…we’re pretty sure that this episode is more tangent than Actual Genuine Content. Well as long as it’s entertaining, right? This week, Sarah, Phil and Rosie talk – reluctantly – about 2015′s Starleaf. -S&P&R

Bereft of a Sarah, Rosie and Phil take the reins of the episode this week. Taking a gamble at the wealth of movies on Amazon Prime, they settle on the 1-star-rated Haunted…but will it live up (or down, rather) to its reputation? -R&P

In the latest – and probably most alcohol-fuelled (certainly in a long while, anyway) – podcast, we take inspiration from last week’s trailer chat and turn our attention to Dario Argento’s Suspiria, ready for the imminent release of the remake. -S&P&R

Bloody hell, Instagram. The one time we let you decide what we watch and this is what you pick? You’re on thin ice, guys. This episode, we talk about 2017′s Land of Smiles. And we hate every second of it. THANKS, Instagram. -S&R&P

Better late that never, huh? We’re back with another episode of Radio Gorepress; this time, in what might be out most tangential podcast yet – which is saying something – we’re discussing 1985′s Return of the Living Dead! -S&P&R

In what might possibly be our most tangentful (IT’S A WORD, SHUT UP) podcast yet, Sarah Phil and Rosie take a look at Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark in an effort to do their bit for Women in Horror Month! – S&P&R

In Radio Gorepress’ first podcast of 2018, Sarah, Rosie and Phil turn their gaze to recent Netflix original, The Open House. It’s – spoiler alert – not actually that good at all, so expect tangents galore. Even moreso than usual, I mean… -S&P&R

Another year draws to a close, and to honour the occasion, Sarah, Rosie and Phil take a look back through the year and discuss their standout films and TV shows! -S&R&P

After the debacle of last episode, Phil, Sarah and Rosie played it a little safer this week by choosing a Gorepress favourite; Adam Green’s Hatchet! Enjoy! -S&P&R

Sarah, Rosie and Phil are reunited once again to discuss horror movies; this week, they took a look at The Black Room in all its terrible, terrible glory. Enjoy! -S&P&R

With Rosie back this week, e decided to watch Eli Roth’s Knock Knock. Spoiler alert: it broke us… -S&P&R

Fulfilling their promise from last episode, Sarah and Phil – bereft of a Rosie – leave it to Netflix roulette to decide their film for them this week, and settle on Oren Peli’s sci-fi found footage Area 51! -S&P

Radio Gorepress are sans Rosie again this week, so as is beginning to become customary, Sarah and Phil once again play a game of Netflix Roulette, and settle on 2015′s Visions! Spoiler alert: it’s terrible. -S&P

With the gang back together once more, Sarah, Phil and Rosie turn their sights on horror classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street! It’s a fresh watch for Rosie, so how will her opinion differ from horror veteran Sarah? -S&P&R

With the distinct absence of Rosie this week, Sarah and Phil take a different tack and instead throwback to the Radio Gorepress of yesteryear, and discuss the various horror films they’ve been watching over the time they’ve been gone. No, this is definitely not a filler episode. -S&P

Rosie and Phil are flying solo this week; with their planned movie scuppered they instead turn to Netflix roulette to decide what to watch, and settle on 2015′s The Unfolding! And no, it’s not a film about origami…much to their disappointment. Enjoy! -R&P

With Rosie back and fighting fit this episode, we decide to play another game of VOD-roulette and eventually settle on The Culling, a NowTV-certified one-star film. Yikes. -SP&R