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In Radio Gorepress’ first podcast of 2018, Sarah, Rosie and Phil turn their gaze to recent Netflix original, The Open House. It’s – spoiler alert – not actually that good at all, so expect tangents galore. Even moreso than usual, I mean… -S&P&R

Another year draws to a close, and to honour the occasion, Sarah, Rosie and Phil take a look back through the year and discuss their standout films and TV shows! -S&R&P

After the debacle of last episode, Phil, Sarah and Rosie played it a little safer this week by choosing a Gorepress favourite; Adam Green’s Hatchet! Enjoy! -S&P&R

Sarah, Rosie and Phil are reunited once again to discuss horror movies; this week, they took a look at The Black Room in all its terrible, terrible glory. Enjoy! -S&P&R

With Rosie back this week, e decided to watch Eli Roth’s Knock Knock. Spoiler alert: it broke us… -S&P&R

Fulfilling their promise from last episode, Sarah and Phil – bereft of a Rosie – leave it to Netflix roulette to decide their film for them this week, and settle on Oren Peli’s sci-fi found footage Area 51! -S&P

Radio Gorepress are sans Rosie again this week, so as is beginning to become customary, Sarah and Phil once again play a game of Netflix Roulette, and settle on 2015′s Visions! Spoiler alert: it’s terrible. -S&P

With the gang back together once more, Sarah, Phil and Rosie turn their sights on horror classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street! It’s a fresh watch for Rosie, so how will her opinion differ from horror veteran Sarah? -S&P&R

With the distinct absence of Rosie this week, Sarah and Phil take a different tack and instead throwback to the Radio Gorepress of yesteryear, and discuss the various horror films they’ve been watching over the time they’ve been gone. No, this is definitely not a filler episode. -S&P

Rosie and Phil are flying solo this week; with their planned movie scuppered they instead turn to Netflix roulette to decide what to watch, and settle on 2015′s The Unfolding! And no, it’s not a film about origami…much to their disappointment. Enjoy! -R&P

With Rosie back and fighting fit this episode, we decide to play another game of VOD-roulette and eventually settle on The Culling, a NowTV-certified one-star film. Yikes. -SP&R

We’re down a presenter this week; due to an unexpected illness, Sarah and Phil are without the faithful assistance of Rosie…which in all honesty threw our plans into complete disarray. Abandoning our previously planned choice of film, we’ve instead played a game of Netflix roulette and settled on The Rezort for this podcast! Enjoy… -S&P

We’ve had a history here at Radio Gorepress of focussing on films that perhaps aren’t as recent as they could be, so for this episode we thought we’d turn to 2016′s Beyond the Gates after having been super stoked by the trailer. But did it live up to the hype, or was it a bit [...]

In a first (and depending on what we think of the film in question, possibly the last…) for Radio Gorepress, we take a suggestion from a listener; 2003′s Blood Reaper! – S&P&R

With love hanging sickeningly in the air, we here at Radio Gorepress thought we’d treat you to something a little special this week; a Valentine’s Day-themed podcast! And what better film to look at than the granddaddy of all Valentine’s-themed horror movies; My Bloody Valentine… So what do you think of our pick? Are we [...]

After last podcast’s silliness, we thought we’d put on our Serious Hats this time and instead turn our eyes to a slightly more sombre film; Rodrigo GudiƱo‘s The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh. We’d heard good things, but will it live up to expectations? You’ll just have to find out for yourself! – [...]

You know what we realised recently here at Radio Gorepress? We’ve been too easy on ourselves. After a string of podcasts on some pretty decent films, we’ve finally decided to buck the trend and dig out the worst-looking film we possible could find. There were a few films in the running, but it wasn’t long [...]

This week, your intrepid hosts are joined by the one and only Rosie; in today’s episode of Radio Gorepress, Sarah, Phil and Rosie delve into Jeremy Saulnier’s naziriffic Green Room, mourn the sad passing of Anton Yelchin, and tear into some rather interesting reviews of the film. Enjoy! – Sarah, Phil & Rosie

This week, returning as if from the dead from their (significant) hiatus, Sarah and Phil take a look at Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch, as well as discussing a screening of The Blair Witch Project they both went to out in the woods. Spooky… -Sarah & Phil

In keeping with the terrible locomotive references, we feel it only fitting to tell you that the Gorepress train was ever so slightly derailed last week, but we’re back on the tracks this time with a rather sad, but incredibly fond journey through the films of recently and dearly departed Wes Craven. We take some [...]

In this week’s episode, Sarah and Phil lead you to the end of the world in 2013′s apocalyptic These Final Hours. Taking a little time beforehand to discuss their recent watches – including the similarly themed The World’s End, the antastic Ant-Man and the less-than-whelming When the Lights Go Out – join them as they [...]

Demonstrating that they might actually be – worryingly – demonstrating some form of actual consistency, Sarah and Phil return for a third fortnight running with the latest episode of Radio Gorepress. This week, they tackle Irish sci-fi comedy, Grabbers…but not before their usual chat about what they’ve been watching recently, the endless potential of Gorepress [...]

Hot on the heels (…ish) of their previous podcast, Phil and Sarah return once more, this time a little more focussed than the last! In this week’s episode, they discuss their recent watches – including the urban legend-centric documentary Killer Legends – and the films and TV shows they’re looking forward to, before tackling 2014′s [...]

With the Radio Gorepress train firmly back on tracks for the millionth time, Sarah and Phil use the opportunity to catch up with anything and everything they’ve been watching and doing since their last podcast at the end of 2014, as well as everything they’re looking forward to, including chatting about The Conjuring 2 and [...]

With the Radio Gorepress train firmly back on track, episode 13 of our little podcast has finally arrived…and what better film to choose to mark this infamous number than 2012′s witchy The Lords of Salem? Join us as we talk about our favourite occult films of recent years, lament the downfall of Dario Argento, and [...]