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Finnish based Remedy Entertainment must have known they were on to a winner when they embarked on Alan Wake. Boasting itself as more of a TV series than a mere game by its makers, we are lead to believe that this six-part episodic thriller has triggered the revival of the tired horror genre of video games. Let’s see, shall we?

Silence, ye of pesky little faith who were too busy whining about Dante’s new haircut to try this game for yourself. You go away. The rest of you please, come hither, grab a comfortable chair and let me tell you the story of when a Western Developer kicked Japan’s arse.

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to the 5th annual Eurogamer Expo down in London to test out an entire buffet of upcoming videogame titles. I only got a demo-sized taste of them, but they left me with a lot to ponder. So if you’re wondering what to look out for this season, here’s my hit list of horror.

It seems like psychological horror has taken a sick day recently, and in walks its gun-toting big brother. Resident Evil was one of the first to swap haunted house for open-warfare, and there are mixed reviews as to just what effect this evolution has not only had, but continues to have across the board. Although Silent Hill still claims to be nestled nicely in its scary…

After the franchise buffet of 2012, I thought it would be nice to kick off the New Year with a wee indie game review for a change. So let’s take a look at one that got everybody talking: Slender: The Eight Pages.

As we squint into the sunshine of oncoming spring, horror fans everywhere are slinking back into our homes and drawing the curtains closed, hissing at the dreaded brightness. But as ever, Gorepress has your back.