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WARNING : INCLUDES SPOILERS! “Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman………Candyman.” As far as modern book-to-film adaptations go, Clive Barker has been pretty damn prolific over the years. If it were a race, he’d be holding his own admirably and keeping a steady pace, beaten only by heavyweights Lovecraft and King, with Ketchum and Koontz bringing up the [...]

On August 26th, we see the fifth film released in the Final Destination horror franchise. To celebrate / commiserate this fact, I decided to watch all four Final Destination films (roping in my unlucky lady Jess for the ride) and looked at how the films have developed, changed, and garnered enough attention to create a [...]

Before I get into the main chunk of the review, let me preface it somewhat beforehand. Dominic Burns’ Cut has the distinction of being the world’s first single continuous-shot horror movie; a very impressive accomplishment by all means. Having had some experience in film-making, I can only imagine the logistical nightmare it must have been [...]

When I was thirteen years old, I saw a movie that changed my life. Up until that moment, my parents hadn’t really allowed me to see many horror movies, my Mother being a proud member of the ‘Ban this depravity’ brigade that emerged following the tragic murder of James Bulger in 1993. As soon as [...]

This was first published in HORROR 101: The A-List of Horror Films & Monster Movies, and is reproduced here (with a few updates to include comments on the remake) by kind permission of the good people at Midnight Marquee (thanks Gary & Sue!) and the book’s creator, editor and my good friend Aaron Christensen, for [...]

Three young women – Kim (Jaime Winston), Lisa (Sian Breckin) and Tammi (Nichola Burley) – are on holiday in Spain when they meet up with four young men – Josh (Julian Morris), Bluey (Tom Burke), Marcus (Jay Taylor) and Sean (Robert Boulter) – who invite them to party on the yacht which they’re “babysitting” and [...]

Snuff. Apart from an older generation (and fans of period dramas) to whom the word may conjure images of powdered tobacco being snorted from ornate tin boxes, for the rest of us, especially the cine-literate, the word is associated with death, in particular the (alleged) real on-screen murder of another human being for the purpose [...]