The Gorepress Team

Sarah Law

Originally from Manchester but now living in Kent, Sarah enjoys collecting tattoos, being really bad at gaming, mediocre at photography and awesome at baking. She makes and sells jewellery to pay the bills and writes about horror movies for fun. Host of the official Gorepress podcast; Radio Gorepress, she gets her kicks from watching films that feature death and dismemberment, roaming hordes of the undead, disgusting body horror and sadistic serial murderers but not necessarily all at the same time. Although that would be amazing.

Matt Arnold

Leaving his hometown of Bognor Regis for the more idyllic climes of Kent, via Manchester, Matt has spent the majority of his adult life indulging in various entrepreneurial schemes so as not to succumb to a life of 9-5 banality. A jack of all trades but master of none, he holds degrees in Biochemistry and Forensic Science but has yet to explore a career in either. A firm advocate of the horror genre, Matt designed, built and helps to maintain Gorepress, watching as many horror movies as his spare time will allow.

Phil Taberner

Born in Derby but raised in the swampy marshlands of the East Anglian fens, Phil was terrified of almost everything as a kid. 'But Phil!' I hear you cry, 'what sort of an outlook is that for a horror fan?' And you'd be correct. Fortunately however, Phil moved over to the dark side some time in his mid-teens and has never looked back. Enjoying a range of hugely dorky pastimes including cinephilia, gaming and drawing, Phil has now graduated from the University of Lincoln with a BA in Media Production and thus has a lifetime of 'Do you want fries with that?' to look forward to.

Guest Reviewers

Rosetta Baker

In West Philidelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where she spent most of her days. And by West Philly we mean Kent. And by playground we mean the relative safety and comfort of her room. Destroying things, mostly. She likes that. When she's not answering phones for a taxi company, whilst simultaneously lamenting the steady and inevitable loss of the few brain cells she has remaining, she plays Left 4 Dead and drinks coffee. A lot of coffee. Also, she hasn't seen any films ever.

Nicola Jones

A media graduate who has held down every job from charity funder to David Gray's roadie. Between two older brothers, Nicola was bounced from Hellraiser to Gremlins before she had finished primary school, and at the age of seven she was plonked in front of a games console and hasn't seemed to move since. With a self-proclaimed devotion to horror videogames, you could probably toss her a copy of Left 4 Dead for Valentine's day and she'd be happy. Oh yes - that actually happened.

Ben Gonsalves

Born and bred in the garden of England, Ben’s first jaunt into the world of horror began with being shown Stephen King’s ‘IT’ at the tender age of seven. This monumental life event unearthed two discoveries: A love of all things horror, and a crippling fear of clowns; one that stays with him to this day. A lifelong interest in all things monster related, this bore fruit when he graduated from the University of Kent with a BA and MA in History and Archaeology; his thesis entitled ‘From Beowulf, to Buffy, and Beyond: The Evolution of the Medieval Monster’. Has a mild addiction to zombies. Has a major addiction to candy corn.

Joey Keogh

After being raised on the mean streets of Dublin, Joey moved to the sleepy, seaside town of Bray, Co. Wicklow, where she divides her time between watching horror, writing, and freaking out the locals. After earning an honours degree in journalism, Joey sold her soul to the gods of marketing, in order to earn a living and fund her addiction to band merch. Writing is her true passion, and she must do it constantly, or else her head will explode. An unashamed slasher fanatic, when not watching the cheesiest horror movies she can find, Joey blogs under the pseudonym Living Dead Girl, attends far too many gigs, gets inked and never shuts up. She is currently waiting patiently for her hero, Mark Kermode, to adopt her.

Chris Eibes

Chris started reading the TV Guide at the age of 5 or 6, and very quickly realised that the most interesting bits were the films scheduled late at night. Two of the horror film stills he saw were pictures from “IT” and “Nightmare on Elm Street”. He was as frightened by the faces of Pennywise and Freddy Krueger as he was intrigued about the films, and it wasn’t long after that Chris saw his first horror film; “Halloween”. He was hooked and this was the beginning of his love affair with horror films, as well as a lifelong fear of Michael Myers! More than 10 years later, Chris is still fascinated by horror, especially low budget films. He is currently studying film at the moment and hopes that one day soon he will not only be reviewing horror films but also shooting his own. Watch this space!

Richard Waters

20-something-or-other and Irish (Wicklow, to be precise), Richard is a feature filmmaker and lifelong horror fanatic, ever since thinking Poltergeist 3 was scary (thankfully he has grown up since then, but not much). In between spouting three times the amount of babble a normal person should use, Richard spends his time assuring family and friends that his passion for intense gore and terror is ok. Instead of backing away slowly, they should remember, it’s only a movie… only a movie… Check out more incoherent ramblings at This Horror Is Your Face (