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The Prince Charles Cinema (PCC) is well known for being an aggressively independent cinema, still managing to keep itself alive and kicking in the Westend of London, despite not being an Odeon, Empire, Vue or Cineworld. The building is tucked round the back of Chinatown, just off Leicester Square, and screams independent cinema from the [...]

Pusit is in trouble. On one single day his car gets repossessed, he’s fired from his job and his debts crawl so far into the red his wallet is bleeding. Looking at a fantastically bleak future, a strange phone call offering him money for simple tasks seems too good to be true. The first task [...]

2010 was a mixed bag for the majority of us – it was twelve months of joy, pain, fun, boredom, insanity and horror. The credit crunch bit further into our wallets and purses, special UK snow surprised our transport systems to death and the British government once again dropped its boxers and crapped on the [...]

12 months, 365 days, too many minutes to count… where has 2011 gone? In movie-land it’s been a significantly mixed bag, with many of the superb movies having limited cinema releases or being straight-to-DVD, whilst the multiplexes have been bulging with absolute shitebags. No change there. Film in general saw another insane boost in comic [...]

Phew! 247°F is hot! I mean the temperature, not this movie. The movie is lukewarm at best and – at worst – a tepid snooze-fest. It is possibly the least tense horror film ever made. No matter how much you like people in swimwear, 247°F will leave you cold. The plot is screamingly simple: three [...]

Unless you’ve been stuck in a coffin with Ryan Reynolds for the past three years, you’ll have noticed that 3-D is making a comeback. This time, however, it’s not the red/green cardboard glasses nightmare of old – it’s the future of cinema. Apparently. What is 3-D? What is 3-D? Theatre. That is 3-D. Real life [...]

Beginning with an exclusive news report in front of Area 51, we’re told how the American government has opened their doors to the press, to dispel all rumours of extraterrestrial goings-on at the notorious base. The two golden ticket reporters are “Fact Zone” founder and general snooping bitch Claire (Vanessa Branch) and world famous newsreader [...]

CURE DISCOVERED: A ZOMBIE FREE WORLD IS POSSIBLE! A Cure for Dead – a new zombie web series has been announced. Survival, gore, sex and action packed into a cutting edge web-series available at your fingertips… A scientist has developed a cure for a looming zombie sickness. After a zombie attack on his lab a [...]

It only comes once a year, and it’s more exciting than Christmas. Whether you like carving the pumpkins, dressing up like a devil or lobbing eggs at Mrs Granger’s house, Halloween has a thousand memories for us all. The only problem is there’s so much to do. Yeah, the 31st is reserved for drunken costume [...]

A Horrible Way to Die is surprisingly good. I say “surprisingly” because the premise (without revealing any major twists) sounds very pedestrian and as about as original as cheese. But A Horrible Way to Die is smartly created, strangely compelling and well worth a watch. Sarah (Amy Seimetz) is having a tough time. She is [...]

Adam Wingard’s acclaimed serial killer road movie, A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, is due for release on Monday 19th March. This awesome news comes off the back of a new trailer – check it out here: A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE TRAILER Looks stylish and nasty – just the way you like it. Winner of [...]

Four mountaineering friends discover a young foreign girl buried underground with only a breathing tube and a bottle of water for company. With little option but to take her down the mountain to civilization, the group splits up – one team scaling a severe drop to call the authorities, one team taking the “long” route [...]

This is going to be a short review. Why? Because the film is incredibly simple and not very interesting. It’s not complicated or vastly intelligent. It’s creepy but not scary. It’s well made but not compelling. A Night in the Woods is a horribly average horror film that is almost instantly forgettable. Not terrible, just [...]

The remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street is infuriatingly pointless. It is neither exciting, scary, smart, sharp, funny, creepy or effective – it is simply expected and utterly dull. Do not watch this film – go to sleep instead. For every great Hills Have Eyes remake there’s a diabolical Halloween re-imagining, for every explosive [...]

On initial understanding of the plot, A Perfect Getaway seems startlingly simple and tragically unoriginal, but this thriller / horror truly grips, is exceptionally scripted and very well directed, bringing the best performances out of some actors more recently known for mediocrity at best. Sickeningly loveable newlyweds Cliff and Sydney (Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich) [...]

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is surprisingly boring. A sprawling, ridiculous, disjointed blast of violence, black blood and axe-swinging madness. It certainly has its moments of awesomeness, but it never reaches the heights of entertainment the title and premise suggests and eventually becomes a repetitive Axe vs. Vampire slayathon. Wait for the DVD… to be on [...]

Acolytes is slow, confused and poorly acted. Although it has a very interesting concept, it is so poorly executed it comes across as shoddy and amateurish. Disappointing stuff. Acolytes starts with a half-naked girl, in the woods, disorientated, lost. She finds a butterfly. Then a car hits her in the face. This is Tanya Lee, [...]

Eli Roth divides fans. Some people laud him as a horror icon whose work has made waves through the genre, whilst some view him as an upstart punk who’s dragged horror back to the 80’s. Whatever the case, he isn’t going away, having befriended Tarantino and become a self-styled writer, director, producer and actor with [...]

Steven Seagal versus the undead. That is what Against the Dark promises and delivers, but tragically in a lack-lustre, dull and utterly repetitive way. Against the Dark is set in the near future, where an outbreak of vampirism has decimated most of the world for no particular reason. Seagal is Tao, senior member of some [...]

You know you’re watching a Black and Blue Films production when: 1.) Billy Murray from the Injury Lawyers 4U advert turns up as a feature role or as a very important cameo. 2.) Alan Ford shows up and says ‘cunt’ a lot. 3.) The film features a hugely superfluous cameo from an aging film star [...]

Trashy, idiotic, badly written, terribly directed and utterly devoid of quality, it’s probably not a surprise that Anacondas 4 is a despicable mess, but it’s barely even entertaining. Picking up exactly where Anacondas 3 left off, we’re given an embarrassingly plot-heavy voiceover prologue where a scientist explains all you need to know about the super-snake [...]

Anthony Straeger is the Director of Call of The Hunter. Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill met up with him in the classy establishment that is The William Morris Wetherspoons pub In Hammersmith. Ignoring the drunks, the smell of spilt alcohol and the carpet that feels like angry Velcro, we sat down to discuss his first feature film. [...]

Antichrist is brilliant. It is visually stunning, intense, smart, bizarre, scary, horrific, bonkers and beautiful. It is also terrible. This oxymoronic horror / drama / piss-take is hard to describe without juxtaposing every sentence you can write about it. It is a work of modern art – provoking and frustrating. Antichrist is about a couple [...]

Based on the distinctly mediocre original 2007 film by Ataru Oikawa, with Apartment 1303 America finally had a chance to convert a J-horror into something better than the original. Unfortunately they squandered this chance and writer/director Michael Taverna delivered a messy, confused and ultimately very boring remake that does nothing to alleviate the problems of [...]

Apartment 143 is creepy, disturbing, well-made, brilliantly acted and bloody terrifying. Unfortunately it’s also overblown, occasionally boring and utterly ridiculous in places. Alan White (Kai Lennox) is having a bad year. His wife died in a car crash and then his house suddenly became haunted, possibly by his wife. Disturbed by the weird happenings, he [...]

Naughty naughty American government. Another one of their secret biochemical research programmes has gone wrong. “Project K” has accidentally unleashed a zombie(ish) apocalypse on a small eastern European town – whoops! – and the evil General Carter (Carl Wharton) has decided on one course of action; detonate a nuke in the local power-plant. Problem solved. [...]

Army of the Dead is far too serious. If played for laughs it could’ve been genuinely enjoyable and utterly daft, but instead it’s simply appallingly made and incredibly dull. Hampered by a diabolical script, sub-standard acting and hilariously bad CGI, Army of the Dead is not a good film. Three couples and an ugly bearded [...]

There’s always an element of risk when naming a film – look at Paycheck for an example of a reviewer-baiting title choice. Atrocious is another example of that, but I’m pleased to say Atrocious is not atrocious. It should’ve really been called Mediocre instead. Urban legend hunting siblings Christian (Cristian Valencia) and July (Clara Moraleda) [...]

Attack of the Herbals is a bizarre, lightly amusing, horror comedy. Don’t expect scares or eye-watering gore though; it is an enjoyably bloody romp that takes a little too long to reach the madness-fuelled finale. Jackson McGregor’s (Calum Booth) homecoming isn’t exactly awesome. Returning to the town of Lobster Cove like a boomerang made of [...]

A brief and demented history lesson at the beginning of Attack of the Werewolves tells of a gypsy curse heaped on the Spanish town of Arga, where the Marchioness’s son is turned into werewolf when he turns ten. Why? Because the Marchioness raped a gypsy knifethrower in order to get pregnant… then killed him and [...]

Attack the Block is a superb British horror film and a stunning debut from writer / director Joe Cornish. Fun, stylish, brutal, funny and very very exciting. Watch Attack the Block – you won’t be disappointed. November 5th – Guy Fawkes Night – and five South London hoodie-wearing teenagers rob a woman in the middle [...]

Awake is dull. Great concept, appalling script, terribly acted and manically boring. If you want to continue reading this review, then it’s guaranteed to be more entertaining than the ninety minutes of sleep-inducing crud that someone felt necessary to commit to film. Avoid this unless you’ve run out of anaesthetic. Clay Beresford (Hayden Christensen) has [...]

Axelle Carolyn’s THE LAST POST to premiere at FrightFest Axelle Carolyn’s directorial debut is hitting Film4 Frightfest on August 28th (one month today!). It is part of the short film showcase and has been produced by British horror auteur Neil Marshall. It will be having its European premiere at 1pm on Sunday. The Last Post [...]

It has been sixteen years since cult horror film director Frank Henenlotter last made a feature film. Greatly anticipated by many, finally he has brought us Bad Biology, co-written with legendary rapper R.A. Thorburn. So, was it worth the wait? Well, only if you were waiting for a colourful exploitative bag of charmless nonsense… One [...]

Bag of Bones (or Stephen King’s Bag of Bones, because he OWNS IT) is a 2011 TV miniseries which has only just reached the UK on DVD & Blu Ray. Based on Stephen King’s 1998 book “Stephen King’s Bag of Bones”, this 157 minute bloated film is a decent, haunting, well-made two-part series that is [...]

Four women wake up in a “cell”, with no memory of who they are or how they got there. A creepy doctor informs them they’re part of an experiment – what, we do not know. The walls are electrified, the guards wear masks and something horrible is lurking somewhere in the darkness… something with a [...]

With a storyline thinner than a vegetarian zombie, Dolph Lundgren leads an elite team of Gears of War-style military hardmen into a South-East Asian city quarantined and sealed off by lying government officials. Their mission? Find some rich guy’s daughter and bring her back. Apparently ‘no longer dangerous’, the city is actually plagued by sprinting [...]

Berberian Sound Studio is the Turner Prize of the horror film industry. Some people will lavish praise on its endless daring and invisible meanings, while others will stare at it in disbelief, wondering why anyone should care. It begins promisingly with British sound technician Gilderoy (the ever excellent Toby Jones) arriving at his new employment [...]

Bereavement is a competently made horror film but it’s also fantastically pedestrian and massively uninspired. Writer / Producer / Director Stevan Mena does a very serviceable job of creating a emotive, dark little serial-killer flick but it’s simply devoid of anything unique or compelling. Sorry Stevan, but we’ve seen it all before. So what is [...]

As 2009 comes to a close, the Gorepress team members come up with their personal choices for the top 10 horror movies of the 21st Century so far…

Having received this screener directly from the filmmakers themselves, Beyond the Grave came with no synopsis and no description of quality, budget etc… so I went into it completely blind… and after ninety minutes I’m still not quite sure what it was actually about… We’re told it’s “Another time, another place” and it’s not wrong. [...]

1348, and the bubonic plague is beginning to ravage Europe, and will eventually kill nearly two hundred million people. Is this God’s punishment, or the work of devilry? Novice monk Osmund (Eddie Redmayne), with his wavering faith, is chosen to guide a group of bishop’s men to a small village hidden deep in the marshes, [...]

Reunions are always difficult. When Sarah (Kate Bosworth) invites two of her bickering friends for a long-needed intervention on Black Rock island, she hopes their differences will be resolved and the trio will return to their old – happier – friendships. Unfortunately they’re not alone on Black Rock and the women run into a trio [...]

The Black Water Woods are the place of some horrible murders. Naked women have been found there, dead, with bizarre fang marks on their necks. The police pinned this spate of murders on local lunatic Raymond Banks (Bill Oberst Jr.), but a documentary filmmaker thinks something else might have killed those girls. Something with fangs. [...]

Blood: The Last Vampire is a diseased prostitute of a film – the idea is solid if risky, the initial few minutes are great fun, but then you gradually realize exactly how much pain you’re going to be in later on and it’s a horrible, heart-aching trudge that you will pay for in a lot [...]

Blood Cabin is a wonderfully retro but horrifically flawed homage of a slasher flick. A great concept, some excellent moments, but overall a ramshackle, unlikable mess that is ailed with the worst possible film infection of all time: boredom. The story is ageless: five teenagers are heading to a rented woodside cabin for a weekend [...]

Stop me if these elements seem similar: 1 x isolated, ice-bound research station, 1 x drunken, non-nonsense blue-collar worker (with a beard) and lots of weird, mutant creatures made from bits of other creatures that shape-shift and gleefully murder scientists in the dead of night… Welcome to Blood Glacier A.K.A. The Station A.K.A. Germany’s answer [...]

The original BloodRayne (2005) was one of Uwe Boll’s most successful and well received films which, although that means virtually nothing considering his canon of work, has meant two sequels have been made. The third in any horror film franchise is a difficult child. Often filmmakers attempt to inject the remotest sense of freshness into [...]

An isolated place, snowstorms, a scary old house in the woods, four friends and one crazed psychopath – a recipe for disaster? A recipe for cliché soup, more like. This horror story is a simple and common one: homely artist Winona (Hanna Oldenburg) has returned to her home town to do some work away from [...]

Seriously sick, seriously twisted and seriously fun – if the title appeals, the film certainly will. Bong of the Dead is a ridiculous, bloody, puerile, childish, drug-addled death fest of cannabis, violence and zombies. Perhaps best watched under – erm – intoxicated conditions, this is a crazy romp unlike anything you’ve ever seen before… Bong [...]

Holidays in foreign countries never work out for horny Americans. They begin well, with a plethora of drugs, prostitutes and drinks, but always seem to end with a helping of horrible violence. Borderland is exactly like this – tragically clichéd, but also burdened with a lackluster storyline, some dull direction and poor character work. It’s [...]

When you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big “absolutely no surprise whatsoever”. Dear horror filmmakers: please stop making prologues featuring skimpy-clothed women running through the woods. It’s really really boring and – because of its familiarity – lazy, predictable and amateurish. Welcome to Break. Unfortunately this dull start is immediately [...]

Brian Metcalf is the director, writer, producer, editor and visual effects supervisor on fantasy-horror film Fading of the Cries. Not released anywhere yet and having only just finished the post production on it, Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill had the pleasure of talking to Brian before Fading of the Cries hits the big screen… or any screen, [...]

Brotherhood is a tense thriller about a group of American Fraternity boys; a notoriously difficult concept to sell in Britain, mainly because Frat Houses simply don’t exist here. Not yet anyway, although as our society gradually becomes more americanised I imagine they’ll begin popping up like Super Size meals and the dirty culture of suing [...]

Warner Bros. have finally announced plans to remake Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s not the TV series they’re remaking, but the 1992 film starring Kirsty Swanson. Remember that? While there are hardly any details, filmmakers claim the new movie won’t touch the high school days we’re used to in Buffy’s world, but something very different. [...]

Burke and Hare is Sunday-afternoon entertainment. It is simple, light, silly, funny and enjoyable. Anyone hoping for something amazing or ground-breaking or horrific or scary or massively satirical will be disappointed. Tragically this is a nothing film – it is entertaining while it is happening, but utterly forgettable. Not Landis’s worst work, but miles away [...]

Never take the shortcut. It’s a simple rule if you don’t want to be horribly killed. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam (Wrong Turn) or want to get home quicker for Christmas (Wind Chill) or you’re late to a concert (Hell’s Ground), do NOT take the short cut. In Caged, three French medical missionaries [...]

Call of the Hunter is bloody good fun. Despite it’s low budget feel, it is well acted, expertly paced and slyly scripted. It is a compelling and amusing British comedy-horror. A film crew set out to make a documentary about the legend of Herne the Hunter, a mythical huntsman who haunts Herongate Woods. Sceptical and [...]

There are not enough synonyms to describe how boring Camp Hell is, but here’s a few anyway: dull, uninteresting, cloying, lifeless, monotonous, long-winded, yawn worthy, soporific, and a total mega-blah fest. Apparently sloths are so slow they have moss growing on them. This shit’s got trees. Tommy Leary (Will Denton) is having nightmares about a [...]

When loner Max (Nicolas Gob) finds a bloodied young woman (Helena Coppejans) in the woods, he brings her to his isolated cabin to check if she’s okay. What starts is a very bizarre relationship between the amnesiac victim and her shy savoir, but slowly it becomes that age old tale of “agoraphobic boy finds amnesiac [...]

Cannibals – the more personable zombie. From Cannibal Ferox to We Are What We Are, cannibals have graced the screens of horror fans for years, and 2011 sees a French-language Belgium made horror… Max, an agoraphobic golfing enthusiast with a murky past, leads a secluded life in the remote Belgian countryside. While out in the [...]

Carriers is incredibly depressing. It is a solid, uninspired film that moves along at an expected pace and does nothing surprising. All it does competently is paint an incredibly grim picture of post-apocalyptic America, without humour and without love. This film will make you unhappy. Beginning with a shameless attempt at poignancy, featuring old camera [...]

What is Cassadaga? I don’t mean the word – that relates to a town and university our protagonist goes to – but what is Cassadaga the film? Why am I asking you? Because I don’t know. And I watched it… Cassadaga is a random string of events, jumbled together and called a horror movie. It’s [...]

Chain Letter is savage, brutal, well acted and thoroughly enjoyable. It is heavy-handed in its thematic delivery and clearly begging for a franchise, but it is definitely worth a watch. Brutally good fun. Technology is bad. Really bad. And Chain Letter would like to prove to you how. When giant computer nerd Neil Conners (Cody [...]

The Chernobyl nuclear plant accident was a disaster of Biblical proportions. An accident that killed thirty-four people at the time, has killed hundreds of people since and left a humungous chunk of land utterly uninhabitable. Chernobyl Diaries is a horror film about tourists “checking out” the devastation and desolation of Prypiat (which – fact fans [...]

A gun is pointed to your head and you’re asked a simple question; what would you prefer – to have your ear drums destroyed or have your fingers cut off? This is your decision. This is Choose. Choose has an interesting concept and could have been the start of an exciting franchise, but poor writing [...]

Twas the night before Christmas 1947 and Santa Claus is laying presents under little Harry Stadling’s Christmas tree. Unfortunately for Harry presents aren’t the only thing Santa wants to lay tonight and – having gone to bed – Harry sneaks down to find his mother getting fondled by jolly St Nick… which is bad news [...]

Cirque du Freak is completely idiotic. This will come as no surprise to anyone who’s seen the trailer, but it is completely idiotic in a relatively harmless, enjoyable way. It is damaged by poor editing, careless acting and the occasional scripting howler, but it’s silly, watchable fun that children and adults can both watch and [...]

When Tommy Cowley (Aneurin Barnard) witnesses his wife being attacked by three hooded youths, he’s horrified to discover a syringe jabbed into her pregnant belly. This seemingly-random attack leaves him as a single dad with crippling agoraphobia, left looking after his daughter in a dilapidated housing estate long-set for ‘regeneration’. Due to move out of [...]

Strike a light, it’s a fucking zombie! Cockneys vs Zombies has probably got a short shrift from a lot of potential movie-goers, who might consider this to be another trite cash-in horror fare in the vein of Strippers vs Werewolves or Alien vs Ninja or Zombies vs Strippers or Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. But [...]

Coffin Rock is a movie of two halves. One half is a slow-burning drama with a lurking danger, while the other half is a tense, slightly disturbing thriller / horror. It is well made, yet so startlingly unoriginal that it will never be thought of as great or innovative. Solid work, but easily forgotten. Jessie [...]

Cold in July is the fourth feature from writer / director Jim Mickle and writer Nick Damici, having previously brought us Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street, Stake Land and We Are What We Are. Much like their previous work, this is very different from what came before it – this time a dark, dramatic thriller. [...]

We all have icons, whether it be sports stars, royalty, filmmakers, singers or talentless heiresses, and we all either want to be them, befriend them, make love to them or a weird narcissistic combination of all three. But it’s rare you ever get to be near enough to them to even yell sweet nothings at [...]

Courtney Hope is an up-and-coming American actress and star of the  brutal horror flick Prowl. Having learnt the ropes on American TV shows such as CSI Miami, Grey’s Anatomy and Walker, Texas Ranger, she’s proven her worth by knocking out as superb turn as Amber in Patrik Syversen’s Prowl. Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill had a chance [...]

Craig Fairbrass is a veteran British actor with a huge range of experience; three years on Eastenders, a memorable role in Cliffhanger, a Uwe Boll film, roles in Stargate SG-1 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and even voicing major characters in the Call of Duty franchise. Being involved in over 12 films in 2010 [...]

Danielle Harris is quickly becoming a modern horror icon. Having starred in Halloween 4 & 5 at a young age, her career has always touched upon the more violent and dark films. Although she starred in family-friendly flicks such as Don’t Tell Mum the Babysitter’s Dead and Free Willy, she also appeared a Bruce Willis’ [...]

Certain films are “Ironing Films”. Ignoring any extreme ironers out there, most normal folk find themselves slogging through a mound of dull ironing on a Sunday, standing in front of whatever absolute crap programmers have decided to slap on Television; Songs of Praise, Homeward Bound 3, re-runs of Columbo and at least one film starring [...]

Originally released in the United States in 2007 it has somehow taken 5 years for Dark Mirror to swim across to Britain. And was it worth it? Surprisingly… yes. Dark Mirror is an interesting, intriguing and bizarre little horror film that will keep you guessing until the end (and maybe even afterwards). It suffers from [...]

Recipe No. 1 – take one potentially brilliant idea and pour it into a pot, then mix shamelessly with a director / writer duo who love blood, violence and CGI exploding vampires. Now you have the recipe for Daybreakers. This film smacks of un-met potential throughout, and although it’s great fun in places, dull in [...]

Welcome… Welcome to Banoi, an island full of sun, sea, sand and sex. And slaughter. Dead Island is a good game; it is massively flawed but also immensely fun, surprisingly difficult and utterly addictive. Impossible to put down, this is enjoyable zombie mayhem. I look forward to the sequel, when they’ve destroyed the plethora of [...]

Who doesn’t love zombies? Especially in computer games. In the past we’ve had Resident Evil, Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead. We’ve even had Plants vs. Zombies. Now we have a new player in town, and it’s set in paradise. A paradise for THE UNDEAD. Dead Island is uniquely set in an open world tropical [...]

Deadheads is neither dead funny or dead in the water. It’s whatever the lukewarm equivalent of dead is. Dead okay? It hits some marks and severely miss-hits others, and overall comes across as a decent-enough comedy horror. Mike and Brent are dead. The zombie apocalypse has arrived and they’re victims of this shambling plague, turned [...]

Rachel and Kyle Massey (Laurel Vail & Danny Barclay) are having a baby, and a reality television crew has decided to make a new documentary about their experience, intending to follow them throughout the pregnancy all the way to delivery. Early on in the documentary Rachel’s baby ‘dies’ – no heartbeat – but the next [...]

Calling Demon Warriors wildly, brutally insane is perhaps an understatement. It is confused, excessively violent, baffling and thoroughly enjoyable. A great watch, but any attempt to understand the story will have even the smartest person scratching the scalp off their skull. Mad, confusing, bloody fun. Demon Warriors begins with a screen declaring “This movie is [...]

Tulisa from N-Dubz. Ashley Walters from So Solid Crew. Reggie Yates who presents Top of the Pops sometimes. If these are a few of your favourite things, then Demons Never Die will certainly appeal. Featuring a kickin’ urban soundtrack, guns, knives, teen suicide, constant fucking swearing, half the cast of Adulthood / Kidulthood / Anuvahood [...]

Richard Vineyard (Stephen Moyer) is taking his family on a camping vacation, deep into the heart of the Jersey woods. He wants to scatter the ashes of his father in a spot where they used to camp. Clearly unamused by this whole ‘camping’ experience, his family trudge along with him… and quickly realize something is [...]

Fast, brutal, bloody, gritty and enjoyable – Devil’s Playground packs a solid punch. Occasionally it slips in pace and some characters are annoyingly superfluous, but overall it’s a thoroughly watchable zombie horror with a solid heart and one very bloody hammer. Newgen Industries have trialed a new performance-enhancing drug on 29,000 people across the UK… [...]

Dick Maas is a controversial Dutch filmmaker who has spent over 30 years in the feature-film business, creating films such as bonkers Dutch-language flick Amsterdammed and William Hurt starrer Do Not Disturb (also set in Amsterdam). Recently he’s grabbed the headlines all over his native Netherlands, with his twisted Christmas horror film Saint, a demented [...]

Doghouse is fun, a lot of fun, but do not expect a cerebral challenge or anything close to sensible… expect instead carnage, stupidity and a great 85 minutes of mad entertainment. Vince (Stephen Graham) is getting a divorce and his friends want to help him forget all about it. With partying in mind, Mikey (Noel [...]

I don’t own Sky. I’m one of those Sky thieves, who get all excited when they discover someone who’s shelled out cash for Sky’s eight-hundred and fifty-five billion channels. I’ll surf the channels with momentary glee before realizing how ironically bereft of actual choice Sky’s standard package is. On visiting my fair family in South [...]

Guillermo Del Toro is a living genius. He is the man behind The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth and responsible for ensuring we received The Orphanage and Julia’s Eyes from Spain, as well as bringing my favourite superhero Hellboy to the screen. He has now laid his influential hands on Don’t Be Afraid of the [...]

Have you ever heard of Dracula? No? Well, he’s this mythical vampire… Okay, I am presuming you’re not one of the three people on the planet who hasn’t read Bram Stoker’s classic or watched one of the many many adaptations. Whether the famous Bela Lugosi or Gary Oldman incarnations, the recent Jonathan Rhys Meyers TV [...]

The Evil Dead Trilogy. If you say those words to any self-respecting horror fan, they’re guaranteed to mention two names – Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. Army of Darkness came out in 1992, and since then director Raimi has been increasing his presence in Hollywood cinema, from the good (A Simple Plan / The Quick [...]

Dragon Wasps is utterly idiotic and strangely enjoyable. It isn’t smart, clever, surprising, scary, thrilling or even very funny, but it is a ridiculous, cliché-riddled giant-beast film that is self-knowingly daft and an oddly likeable romp. Utter crap, but still somehow a good laugh. The father of entomologist Gina Humphries (Dominika Juillet) has gone missing [...]

Drive Angry is terrible. I doubt many of you are slapping hands-to-cheeks and screaming “No way!” at this news, but it’s actually more terrible than you expect. The trailers make it look like ridiculous exploitative nonsense, the plot sounds like Ghost Rider in a car and Nic Cage’s new hair guarantees at least five seconds [...]

Bored little rich girl Elfie Hopkins (Jaime Winstone) wiles away her time in the countryside, getting stoned, fighting with her step-mother and vomiting exposition into a tape recorder. Her investigative mind is sparked when some new neighbours arrive next door. The Gammons seem peculiar, with an Edward Cullen-a-like son and a batshit crazy daughter… and [...]

Inkubus or “Robert Englund in non-cameo shock!” stars the legend from Nightmare on Elm Street as the demon Inkubus, a creature hell-bent on destroying the one man who almost captured him thirteen years ago – Detective Gil Diamante (William Forsythe). Shot in just 15 days, director / writer Glenn Ciano has gone on record as [...]

After a lacklustre CCTV-cam opener featuring a prisoner going a bit nuts and floating, we’re taken to present day Sadovich in Russia, where a bunch of British filmmakers are wandering through the blue-tinted Russian woods. They’re there to film the latest episode of the “Darkest Secrets” reality television programme, a series which delves into bizarre [...]

Episode 50 is a great idea and is cleverly setup but very poorly executed. The idea is a solid one, and one filled with message and meaning, but ultimately a lackadaisical approach to the “found footage” filming and a hilariously bad ending means Episode 50 is a 1000 almosts and 1 absolutely massive fail. Paranormal [...]

Date: Thursday 25th November 2010 – One Month until Christmas Day Place: Carnaby Street in Central London What: There is a cage. Inside is an emaciated Santa Claus, staring darkly at passersby. Two men are selling him… for the bargain sum of $85,000 dollars. The men warn there can be no drinking, no smoking, no [...]

Exam is smart, cunning, compelling and thoroughly enjoyable. It is well acted, the script is excellent and the direction is sharp and stylish. The only significant failing is the actual plot, the concept, which is difficult to believe and more than a little extreme. Exam is a quality film, but its core is deeply flawed. [...]

We begin with some title slates, explaining a bit of modern day history: “Several outbreaks of the dead returning to life have been reported within the united states. A catastrophe so unspeakable that the future of humanity is at stake. In the midst of the turmoil, an old journal has surfaced, detailing a personal account [...]

F is a quality British horror film. It is well directed, well acted and has a haunting, exciting soundtrack that is incredibly atmospheric. Tragically the plotting seems inconsistent and there’s a distinct lack of payoff, but this doesn’t harm the film too much. It is thoroughly enjoyable, genuinely tense, truly horrible in places and well [...]

Anna Marchant (Milla Jovovich) is a bit of a film cliché – she’s a teacher, her horoscope foretells an encounter with a mysterious stranger that could lead to new possibilities, she’s on Facebook, she has a businessman husband called Bryce, she has two superficial sluttish friends blah blah blah… until one day, it all goes [...]

Fatal Pictures is proud to announce FAMILIAR, a new horror short starring Robert Nolan, Astida Auza & Cathryn Hostick as the seemingly idyllic yet ultimately doomed Dodd Family. Voices in your head. We all have them, but hopefully it’s just your own voice, wondering if you’d left the oven on or if Mark from finance [...]

From the director of House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark 1 & 2, BloodRayne 1 & 2 and Postal comes a half-decent film… somehow. Far Cry is stupid, clichéd and utterly predictable, but it is also funny, enjoyably violent and enjoyably silly. Do not bring your brain anywhere near this film otherwise it [...]

Fear Island is incredibly dumb. Not in a Wayans Brothers “Not Another Movie” dumb and not in a Return of the Killer Tomatoes knowingly dumb, but in an accidental way that is both embarrassing and frustrating. It is poorly thought out, shoddily acted and incredibly unsubtle. Fear Island is very bad. It begins with an [...]

After a horrific miscarriage, Emily (Leisha Hailey) and Nate Weaver (Gale Harold) move to an inherited house in the countryside, hoping to have a fresh new start. All is well until Emily begins to see other people in and around the house – people long dead. When she talks to local historian Mister Avery (Chelcie [...]

Who remembers the fifth film in any franchise? Really? What about Dream Child? Revenge of Michael Myers? Saw V? Fields of Terror? Forsaken? Seed of Chucky? Perhaps only Leprechaun in the Hood can actually be classed as a “memorable” fifth in a horror franchise, but that’s because it was so bloody ridiculous; pitch one psychotic [...]

On August 26th, we see the fifth film released in the Final Destination horror franchise. To celebrate / commiserate this fact, I decided to watch all four Final Destination films (roping in my unlucky lady Jess for the ride) and looked at how the films have developed, changed, and garnered enough attention to create a [...]

Russia. World War II. A group of Russian soldiers respond to a distress call near a small, abandoned church. Taking their (surprisingly high-tech) video-camera along, the small squad head into the church expecting enemy resistance, but find a bizarre experimental laboratory with a strange woman strapped to wires and pistons. The group quickly realize something [...]

Remakes: impossible to avoid, unwanted by those who adore the original and often seen as a pointless cash-in on someone else’s legacy. Fright Night is a remake, and although it cannot possibly match the kitsch, gleeful stupidity of the original, it is it’s own film: modern, fun, sharp, sleek and thoroughly enjoyable. My hope is [...]

Gorepress isn’t in the habit of whacking out marketing for horror films, because most of the posters we get sent are absolute shite. Slapped together photoshop nonsense that fails miserably to represent the film it’s apparently advertising. However, occasionally we get some pre-awareness stuff that is genuinely tasty. This is one of those times. Check [...]

Frightfest isn’t just about the big name films, the opening and closing World Premieres and mingling with the creators of some fantastic horror films. It’s about discovery. Or at least, it should be. Those non-pass holders going for the safe options of sequels, zombie-flicks and big name horrors should also consider going a ‘little wild’ [...]

“I want to go to Frightfest but I’m afraid I’ll be on my own!” Don’t be. Just because you’ll be spending hours and hours sitting in the dark having your nerves jangled and ears raped doesn’t mean there isn’t a social aspect to Frightfest. Frightfest has a vibrant community online and in-person. Firstly check out [...]

WHAT THE HELL IS FRIGHTFEST? Seriously, you don’t know? Fair enough. Well, Frightfest is an annual horror film festival held in central London over the August bank holiday weekend and brings together some of the newest, freshest horror films to hordes of ravenous horror fans. Originally conceived in 2000 by Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattray and [...]

The Aggression Scale Airborne Autopsy The Birds Black Sheep The Burrowers The Children Chillerama Chopping Mall Creepozoids Dark Mirror Descent: Part 2 The Devil’s Business Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Don’t Look Up Elfie Hopkins The Hamiltons Hatchet Hatchet 2 Halloween Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers House of the Devil In the Mouth of Madness Kill [...]

It only feels like yesterday when we were sitting down to watch The Seasoning House after hearing Ross Noble talking about skull-f*cking an orphaned child… but Film4 Frightfest the 13th ended over a month ago and we’ve been fighting the withdrawal symptoms since… Luckily the fine people of Frightfest started the Halloween All-nighter, crashing into [...]

Cannibals, remakes, aliens, a sexy apocalyptic wilderness, torture, chainsaws, gangsters, vampires, vampire gangsters, serial killers, ninjas, Tobe Hooper and a Hong Kong real estate nightmare (which tragically will probably not be about Foxtons…). Taking residence in the Empire Cinema on Leicester Square for the second year in a row, FILM4 Frightfest 2010 looks like it [...]

When I think of Scotland and Horror, I think of two things – 1.) An American Werewolf in London (beware the moon!) 2.) Glasgow FRIGHTFEST The United Kingdom’s favourite (and best) horror fantasy festival returns to its second home at the Glasgow Film Festival for the SEVENTH year, with its biggest line-up ever. The following [...]

Frightfest is awesome. For those who don’t know, Frightfest is an annual horror film festival held in central London over the August bank holiday weekend and brings together some of the newest, freshest horror films to hordes of ravenous horror fans. Originally conceived in 2000 by Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattray and Alan Jones, it was [...]

Welcome to the Arctic Circle. It’s cold and confusing and something is incredibly wrong. Welcome to the Arctic Circle. It’s dark and confusing and full of incredibly stupid people. Welcome to boredom. Welcome to Frost. Frost is found footage… Still with us? Cool. For those still willing to invest time in found footage film, you [...]

“Tonight’s game is The Night We Dare the Ghosts. Group one, proceed to the torture chamber”. These are words you never want to hear and this is Ghost Game, a game show that challenges contestants to stay in haunted houses / villages / concentration camps until they run screaming in terror. The last remaining contestant [...]

Ghost Ship is a shockingly bad movie. A bumbling insane plot coupled with a sweaty mass of bad acting turn this semblance of an idea into a laughably bad horror film that is bafflingly watchable despite being so utterly and completely rubbish. Captain Sean Murphy (Gabriel Byrne) runs a sea salvage operation with a solid [...]

“According to official UK statistics over 210,000 “missing person” reports are filed every year. In most cases the missing persons are found alive… but some cases can never be resolved.” The above statement might seem pretty obvious and in no way shocking, but these words feature in the opening slates of Gnaw’s title sequence, intercut [...]

George A. Romero has a lot to answer for. Ever since titling his second zombie feature Dawn of the Dead, there has been countless “of the Dead” movies – mostly spawned after the remake exploded onto cinemas in 2004. Unfortunately for every Shaun of the Dead there are dozens of appalling-bad, cheaply made rip off [...]

Guess who’s coming to the UK? The star of The Lost Boys , The Lost Boys 2, The Lost Boys 3, Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand By Me, The Burbs (“Pizza Dude!”), and my favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – Donatello! Yeah, I’m a fan of Corey Feldman. Get over it. THE FELDMAN Corey Feldman is [...]

Grave Encounters 2 is a mixed-bag of decent scares, disturbing imagery, infuriating character-work and an incredibly dull first act. Building on the mythos of the original, the occasionally self-referential, self-knowing, tongue-in-cheek attitude will amuse some but might aggravate others. For fans of the original, this is certainly worth a watch, but newcomers are better off [...]

The film begins with the shock statement – “1 in 4 Americans have a parasite. Many are deadly” – and this is where the shocks, surprise and anything resembling originality ends. Growth is a simple film that, despite a few good performances and a couple of nice scenes, is so dipped in its own self-importance [...]

Rob Zombie remaking Halloween in 2007 seemed sacrilegious, especially since many felt Zombie’s modernisation of John Carpenter’s classic was poor and needless. A sequel to a poor remake seems like an even more ridiculous idea, but here it is, Halloween 2, the apparent conclusion of Zombie’s opus. Why see it? You shouldn’t. It is bloody [...]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is as long as its epic title. It is enjoyable, funny, dull and confusing in equal measure. Those new to the franchise will be bewildered and frustrated, but hardcore Potterites will be pleased. This is nothing special, but it’s not the terrible mess some feared it would [...]

Having endured the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I felt compelled to watch the last instalment of an eight film franchise, spawned from seven progressively meandering books by J.K. Rowling. The trailer and all the hype told us this film would be carnage and violence and war and death and that [...]

Hatchet 2 – limited UK Cinema release! Who loves Adam Green? Gorepress does! Hatchet 1 was hilariously old-school and Frozen was utterly superb (review here), so Hatchet 2 is something we’ve been keen to see for ages. Now you have the chance to see it in an actual cinema, of all crazy places. Hatchet 2 [...]

It begins with two naked lesbians fucking on a bed. Then, after some truly bizarre pillow talk about shame and lights, a machete-wielding maniac bursts in, chops off their fingers and flees… up a hill, where he gets naked, empties a sack of severed human fingers onto the grass and then buries his face in [...]

Hereafter is incredibly dull. It has some solid ideas but it constructed so poorly it becomes a frustrating, meandering plod towards a disappointingly soft ending. There are decent moments and some reasonable acting, but it’s simply too long and plotless to bother bumbling through to the conclusion. Avoid. Client Eastwood is old; this we know [...]

Hierro is a film of two halves. The first half is smart, creepy, tense, disturbing and utterly compelling. The second half is meandering, confused, clichéd and horribly disappointing. Although worth seeing for Gabe Ibanez’s quality direction and Elena Anaya’s excellent performance, Hierro is an incredibly frustrating watch. Marine biologist Maria is taking her son to [...]

Hollow follows four unfortunate souls who take a holiday in the quaint town of Dunwich, deep in the heart of the Sussex countryside. Between fits of melodrama, the foursome decide to explore the local legend of the ominous hollow tree, that has caused the apparent ‘suicide’ of dozens of victims. Delving into this ancient myth [...]

Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a fruit bowl of a movie. You will enjoy some of it, you will hate some of it, you will be massively indifferent to some of it, but essentially you’ll forget it almost instantly as you’ve seen it a thousand times before. Detective Aidan Breslin (Dennis Quaid), expert in dental [...]

Horror Lesson #456: never go in cornfields. You can add Husk to Children of the Corn, Jeepers Creepers 2, Roadkill, Signs and a hundred other films where folk wander into corn-growing fields only to never return. Playing out like a less playful episode of TV’s Supernatural, Husk takes some tried and tested ingredients – group [...]

Aliens. Normally they’re either invading Earth, trying to escape it or probing cattle bums for a laugh. I Am Number 4 features a unique Alien storyline – an Alien who is trying to hide. Perhaps more akin to Superman 2 than the Twilight films, I Am Number 4 is about Number 4 (Alex Pettyfer), one [...]

Debuts are difficult. Especially ones written, directed, edited and cinematographized by one person. One presumably impassioned, proactive and film-loving person. Debuts are difficult… especially when they turn out to be a little bit rubbish. I Didn’t Come Here to Die is the feature debut of Bradley Scott Sullivan and although it has merit it is [...]

I Saw The Devil is brilliantly twisted. It is sick, torturous, wince-inducing and morally questionable, but an utterly compelling and superbly crafted piece of work. Detective Kim Soo-hyeon (Byung-hun Lee) is on a case when his fiancée is kidnapped, raped and butchered by deranged serial killer Kyung-Chul (Min-sik Choi). Sent on two weeks forced leave, [...]

In Their Sleep is a quality debut by French writers / directors Caroline and Eric du Potet. It never intrudes and certainly doesn’t bore, being constantly intriguing even when the pace sags – it forces you to watch, questioning the motivations of the characters throughout. It is a taut little horror-thriller with some superb central [...]

The title alone should elicit some sort of response from a viewer. The word “inbred” conjures up various images and ideas for most movie-goers, who might instantly think of The Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and that awesome X-Files episode “Home”. Some may find the word “inbred” deeply offensive and might balk [...]

Infestation is silly, funny, self-knowing, cheaply made and an immensely enjoyable giant bug attack film that is thoroughly entertaining throughout. Great fun. The plot is blindingly simple – a job-shy slacker wakes up in his workplace entombed in webbing. Freeing himself, he finds the world is overrun by giant meat-eating bugs. Teaming up with an [...]

Ink is absolutely, unequivocally superb and is guaranteed to immediately land on some people’s “favourite films of all time” list. Watch this film. I cannot recommend this enough…. unless you only like Michael Bay films… then you should probably avoid this or your head will explode. The plot of Ink is incredibly difficult to describe [...]

Robert Englund is superb in Inkubus. This is not a cameo. This is not a ham-stuffed, “line – your – pockets – with – dollars” horrible disappointment like Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer was or the upcoming Strippers vs. Werewolves will undoubtedly be. This is Robert Englund at his finest and well worth watching because of [...]

Have you ever visited a scare attraction? Something like The London Bridge Experience or a carnival Ghost Train? The kind of place you walk slowly around, without any particular reason to be there, and scream when a face-painted actor jumps out of the darkness and shouts “boo” at you. Repeat for twenty minutes and leave, [...]

Sophia Monet (Mischa Barton) is having a crisis. Her father has died and she’s had a huge loss of faith. Lost and lonely, she won’t even consider dating anyone… until she literally runs into Adam (Ryan Eggold), a strikingly handsome lover of the paranormal. Things go well – via lots and lots of montages – [...]

Jennifer’s Body is well written and funny, but the lack of blood, tension, scares and menace will leave most horror audiences cold. It is an enjoyable romp without any real nastiness, a good time which says nothing interesting and does nothing amazing but certainly leaves a broad smile. It is a bouncy castle of a [...]

Jim Mickle is the writer / director of STAKE LAND, the fantastic vampire film that was so awesome they quote Gorepress on the DVD cover! Mickle is also responsible for Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street – a lovingly created rat-zombie horror flick that was surprisingly original. Having kicked out an original take on zombies, STAKE [...]

The Thing, Halloween, The Fog, In the Mouth of Madness – John Carpenter is a horror legend – a genius – and a man we love and respect for creating memorable, terrifying and intricately designed masterpieces…he also made Ghosts of Mars. Many have prayed for Carpenter’s return to feature film since 2001, having only knocked [...]

Juan of the Dead is not a Cuban version of Shaun of the Dead. Yeah, it’s a zombie comedy and the title is clearly a rip-off of Shaun / Dawn, but it’s nothing like the Brit-centric rom-com-zom. Is it as good as Shaun of the Dead? Hell no… but it’s still strangely loveable. Juan (Alexis [...]

Julia’s Eyes is a taut, fraught, psychological thriller with a touch of the supernatural and a few genuinely brutal moments. Blessed with some captivating central performances, it may feel overlong in places, but it is compelling throughout. There is no irony in saying you need to see this. Julia’s Eyes is superb. Julia’s estranged twin [...]

Doctor Who has a humungous fanbase spanning multiple-media platforms, from computer games to audio books to fan fiction to movies and TV series. It has spawned iconic characters, images and a wealth of ridiculous fashions (a fez? really?). The latest in the long line of cashing-in spin offs is K9. For those who don’t know, [...]

Kevin Howarth is a British stage and screen actor who has appeared in films as varied as Razor Blade Smile, Summer Scars, Burlesque Fairytales and The Last Horror Movie. He has also provided voicework for a huge variety of videogames, including Spartan: Total Warrior and The Witcher. Starring in Frightfest 2012’s opening film The Seasoning [...]

Kick-Ass is fantastic. It is fun, kinetic, rude, bloody, incredibly violent and slyly humorous throughout. Watch it. Dave Lizewski is a geek. Flanked by two nerdy friends and having no hope of ever getting a girlfriend, he fantasizes about being a superhero. Not just to get a girl, but because he sees the injustice in [...]

Grab a beer. Maybe some vodka. Jam your tongue firmly in your cheek and throw your brain in the bin. Welcome to Kill Keith. Despite the marketing artwork shamelessly plagiarizing Tarantino’s two-film killathon, Kill Keith is nothing like Kill Bill. For a start, Keith never wears a yellow jumpsuit, holds a sword or even comes [...]

Hit men, paedophiles, family troubles, straw masks, Tyres from Spaced and one absolutely brutal hammer assault in a kitchen – Kill List is a refreshingly different and darkly mature piece of filmmaking, which sadly spirals awkwardly out of control towards the finale and ends up feeling like a demented genre mash-up that confuses more than [...]

Last of the Living, Deadheads, Zombieland, Dance of the Dead, Dead Snow, Juan of the Dead, Zombie Strippers, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead and many many more… the list of zombie-comedies produced since Shaun of the Dead is disturbingly long. Every single one gets compared to Edgar Wright’s brilliant 2004 classic and very few [...]

Killer Joe is one of those Marmite movies that will split audiences in two. You’ll either loathe it or enjoy it (to varying degrees). I doubt anyone will think “well, that was kind of okay”. Killer Joe is dark, twisted, encapsulating, bizarre and superbly crafted. Adapted from a play by Tracy Letts (who also writes [...]

What the hell is he doing? That will be the response to the character of Zombie (François Sagat), when he squats down and f*cks a corpse… then brings it back to life with his magic black semen. Welcome to L.A. Zombie. And this scene is tame. L.A. Zombie comes in two versions – the 62 [...]

Last of the Living is a lot of fun. It is rigidly unoriginal and startlingly predictable, but because of its trio of amiable characters and a self-knowing silliness, it’s an genuinely enjoyable laugh-riot through zombified New Zealand. Morgan and Ash are life-long friends, and have teamed together with loose-cannon ex-boxer Johnny to survive the zombie [...]

LAURA LAU is the writer, co-director and producer of Silent House, which is due to land in UK cinemas on Friday 4th May. Lau is dangerously close to being as prolific as Terrence Malick, having only made films in 1997, 2003 and 2012 (Grind, Open Water and Silent House, respectively). Working with her husband Chris [...]

This is NOT Lesbian Vampire Killers. Or a sequel. Or a reboot. Horne and Corden are nowhere near this film, the vampires don’t leak semen and there isn’t a ‘hilarious’ cock-handled sword. In fact, the original title for Lesbian Vampire Warriors was Vampire Warriors. Perhaps the UK release was hoping to capitalize on the success [...]

Let Me In is a well crafted horror-drama remake that does little to improve on the original. Ultimately needless unless you really hate reading subtitles, Let Me In is a solid and entertaining piece of work. It’s 1983 and twelve year old Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is unhappy. He is being bullied at school and his [...]

There is only one thing you need to know about this film – Loch Ness Terror is set in the town of Pike Island on Lake Superior. Yep. Not Scotland. If you feel the need to read on, please do, but that truly sets the tone. Using the name of Loch Ness and injecting it [...]

Featuring diabolical child acting, hilariously terrible CGI, hateful characters and a casually absent performance from “star” DMX, Lockjaw fails on a disturbingly large number of levels. Occasionally it works – very occasionally – but mostly it’s a laughable, cheap, shoddy mess. Avoid. Lockjaw begins with two moronic children stealing from the house of a voodoo [...]

From Showmasters, the people behind Collectormania 2010, comes the London Film and Comic Con 2010.

Lovely Molly is an encapsulating and bizarre horror film that is both demented and disturbing and features an awesome central performance from Gretchen Lodge. Unfortunately it is also a little meandering and leaves more questions than it should. When newlywed Molly (Gretchen Lodge) moves into her childhood home with husband Tim (Johnny Lewis) she’s hoping [...]

You will either love Machete or absolutely hate it. It is a deliberate and blatant parody of exploitation films circ. 1970’s and it is incredibly violent, crass, misogynistic, ridiculous and endlessly entertaining. It might jar in places and feel like an extended advert for the awesomeness of Mexicans, but it’s a hilarious thrill ride that [...]

Mama is at times fantastic and at others deeply flawed. It is tonally wonky, sometimes appearing as a gothic fairytale and J-horror rip-off but also as a traditional American ghost story, with evil aunts and agenda-riddled doctors thrown in for good measure. It is creepy but never terrifying and the overuse of crap CGI is [...]

Low-budget, silly, funny, nasty and surprisingly enjoyable, Manhater is decent in places but overly flawed. Poor directing and acting lets it down occasionally, and there are few surprises throughout. Manhater is entertaining but neither scary, clever or horrific – it’s good fun, but tragically forgettable. Beginning with a mad-haired woman casting spells over a midget [...]

“From the studio who brought you Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus” – this tagline is nearly as alarming as “A Wayans Brothers Feature” and serves only as a warning. Have the makers of MSvGO learnt from their previous mistakes? Slightly. Very very slightly, but the majority of the flaws and blundering mistakes remain, with some [...]

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus. There is little that needs to be said about this film that the title doesn’t already say. It’s a film about a huge shark having a fight with a giant crocodile. Plot written. *dusts hands cockily* Okay, so the plot contains more than that. This film is a sequel to the [...]

The title is better than the film. It smacks of such hilarious, shameless stupidity that you’re automatically endeared to the possibility of the amusing and audacious mayhem the name evokes. Tragically the film is simply boring, and could have been made better by a group of high school geeks with two camcorders, a locker room [...]

Meir Zarchi might not be a household name, but he was in 1978, and for a heap of controversial reasons – Zarchi is the director, writer and producer of the notorious and original I Spit On Your Grave a.k.a “Day of the Woman”. Banned on its cinematic release throughout most of Europe, cut to ribbons [...]

The old saying goes “when it rains it pours”, and in the case of Meteor Storm it’s raining space rocks, and they’re intent on ruining everyone’s day. When an innocent shower of meteorites veers off course and heads towards Earth, the people of San Francisco find themselves under attack from above, as little rocks smash [...]

Director Michael Shane Leighton and writer Marc Leighton are the brothers responsible for the terrifying found footage horror film Pursuit of a Legend – review here Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill was hugely impressed by their feature debut and wanted to discuss where their ideas came from and how they created such a believable “found footage” film. [...]

Does Michael Biehn really need an introduction? Yes? Okay then. Biehn is a Hollywood stalwart and movie legend, having appeared as Kyle Reese in The Terminator, Corporal Dwayne Hicks in Aliens, Lieutenant Hiram Coffey in The Abyss and in some other films NOT made by James Cameron. Biehn has had his highs (The Terminator) and [...]

Cab driver Chris is having strange visions. He keeps seeing a woman everywhere he goes – an ethereal, haunting image that enthralls and disturbs him. His friends think he’s crazy, his boss is frustrated, his girlfriend’s left him and he’s becoming obsessed. But when this woman becomes manifest and begins to seduce him, Chris realizes [...]

Ex NYPD cop Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) gets a night watchman’s position in a massive burnt out department store (which – shock horror! – used to be a mental asylum). For a place the size of Buckingham Palace and extremely structurally unstable, this unfathomably bizarre job is only made harder by the building’s plethora of [...]

There are certain sequels the world desperately does not require – The Cell 2, Boogeyman 2, Big Momma’s House 2 – and Mirrors 2 is definitely one of them. The original was a laughably bad mess that was unintentionally hilarious throughout, and the idea of a sequel makes the mind boggle. Unless, of course, the [...]

Zombies, music, dancing, breasts, brains, blood and one pervert clown. These are a few of my favourite things… Gorepress have been invited to many interesting events in the past – screeners, interviews, premieres and set tours – but the e-mail we received in the middle of June was probably the strangest. It was an invitation [...]

Moby Dick author Herman Meville died before anyone acknowledged his book was anything special. It was never well-received in his lifetime and he died without knowing the true impact of his work. Since his death his book has inspired countless writers and filmmakers, been made into films featuring everything from dragons to aliens, and his [...]

On January 17, 2003 a 7.8 earthquake hit Japan. The event was caught on tape by two American filmmakers. But it wasn’t an Earthquake. It was a monster. A really big, tentacled monster, which murdered over 7000 people and was – somehow! – covered up by the Japanese government. Until now, that is! Presumably able [...]

Monster Ark is ridiculous, but not in a good way. It is shoddily made, terribly scripted, blindly dumb and tragically dull. Even for a straight-to-TV movie it lacks depth, intelligence and charm. It is watchable, but only just. The mad premise is this: in Biblical times there were monsters aplenty, demons and creatures of darkness, [...]

Monster Brawl is Marmite; you’re either going to love it or absolutely hate it. Unfortunately I hate Marmite (sorry). Monster Brawl is really really bad. It’s so bad, it’s barely a film. Feeling more like a rubbish dream dreamt by a child who’s seen too much wrestling and classic horror movies, Monster Brawl is a [...]

Think all teenagers are monsters? I guess you were right… Movie Mogul Ltd, the film company behind horror thriller Panic Button, have announced that their new feature film MONSTER PROECT has gone into development. Movie Mogul MD John Shackleton will write, direct and co-produce. Check out the teaser poster artwork below: Described as a “cross-genre” [...]

Monsters is brilliant. An early warning: Monsters it is not about monsters, but about humans. It is beautiful, greatly acted, wonderfully shot and simply an awe-inspiring piece of work – Monsters is an essential watch. Seek it out. Six years ago a NASA probe exploded when entering our atmosphere and the contents were scattered across [...]

Mother is twisted, twisting, visually arresting and brilliantly acted. It is also overly-long, confused and hard to relate to. Overall it’s a bizarre mixture of excellent and awkward, but it’s well worth a watch if you have the time. Do-joon has been arrested for murdering a school girl. He signs the police confession, but not [...]

Remakes of 1980’s horror films; we’ve seen so many of them it’s genuinely becoming hard to know what’s original and what’s just a re-imagining of some obscure 30 year old horror flick. They’ve dug up Night of the Demons and The Hitcher and now they’ve resurrected that classic “Day” film Mother’s Day. Sometimes you dig [...]

Perhaps not the best reaction to important news, My Ex begins with this loving conversation: “Ken, we’re going to have a baby.” “What? Are you crazy?” Ken (Shahkrit Yamnarm) isn’t pleased by this news. So displeased that he unceremoniously dumps his pregnant girlfriend. What a gent! What’s worse is that Ken was also cheating on [...]

MyAnna Buring is a Swedish born actress who moved to England when she was sixteen. She graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), started a theatre company (called MahWaff) and has starred in a large range of film and television roles. Ticking off the usual British TV essentials such as The [...]

Nazi Dawn is baffling. The plot is baffling, the script is baffling, the score is baffling and the direction is baffling. Even the film’s title is a baffling misnomer. Nazi Dawn is slow, dull, ridiculous and more than a little confusing. Without Lance Henriksen it would be appalling, but instead it’s just bad. Originally known [...]

Night of the Demons 2010 is a puerile mistake. It is a failed pastiche attempt that tragically doesn’t meet expectations. The soundtrack is awesome and Edward Furlong is very good, but otherwise it fails to excel. Unless you’re under thirteen or incredibly drunk, you’re better off watching the original instead. Broussard Mansion has a disturbing, [...]

Nothing Left to Fear is very well directed, with superb cinematography, decent character work, decent effects and a beautiful slow build full of tension and intrigue… but unfortunately a complete lack of ‘reason’, a sprinkling of clichés, some overblown CGI and a creaking ending makes Nothing Left to Fear a frustrating watch. When the pastel-shaded [...]

“You’ll never guess what Esther’s secret is”. This is Orphan’s tagline, and it’s certainly true. Esther herself is brilliant – a very disturbed and disturbing young girl – but the film itself is a disgusting cliché and horribly disappointing. Esther is a nine year old orphan, adopted by troubled couple Kate and John Coleman, and [...]

Paintball is a complete mess. Terribly directed, poorly scripted, awkwardly acted and incredibly frustrating – under all this waste lies a great concept, but it’s horribly squandered. Amateurish and disappointing. Avoid. Eight adrenaline junkies enter the Redball Woods paintball tournament, pitted against another team of unknowns. Their target is to collect six flags across the [...]

Pandorum is violent, furious, moody and demented, yet it smacks with such over-the-top childishness that any hopes it could be the next Event Horizon are dashed the moment the first “monster” appears. It is violent fun, but nothing much else. It is 2173 and the Earth has died. Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) awakes inside a [...]

Paradox Soldiers is surprisingly good. It has a distinct, funky style, some excellent action sequences and some decent performances from the cast. It is also brain-achingly confusing, the time-travel issue is never explained and it’s laughably silly at times. A mixed bag, but certainly very entertaining. Battle re-enactment groups in Russia are apparently awesome. Paradox [...]

The original cost hardly anything to make (by Hollywood standards) and it smashed into the box office and ripped almost 200 million dollars from audiences across the globe. It scared people silly and provided a surprisingly original take on the haunted house / possession film. Therefore it was no surprise Paranormal Activity 2 has appeared, [...]

Who’s seen the first two Paranormal Activity films? Not you? Don’t worry, this is a prequel! Set in 1988 when the protagonists from both Paranormal Activity 1 & 2 were little ‘uns, we follow their family as everyday life turns from normal to scary to lethal as young Kristi’s imaginary friend Toby stops being imaginary [...]

Paranormal Xperience is a hugely disappointing film. Beginning superbly, with a great opening, genuinely interesting characters and an intriguing plot, Paranormal Xperience quickly descends into cliché and a bumbles towards a very predictable dénouement. Paranormal Xperience begins with a group of students tied to chairs for a parapsychology experiment, where their professor tries to prove [...]

This review is difficult to write. I am a life-long fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s collaborative work – from Spaced to Hot Fuzz – and had hoped that Paul could imbue the same sense of joy and hilarity that their previous projects did. Perhaps it’s a lack of Edgar Wright or the fact [...]

Paul Campion is the Writer / Director / Producer of The Devil’s Rock, a brutal, bloody horror set on the Channel Islands during World War 2. He took some time out from the marketing trail to chat to Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill about the film. Honest, candid and good humoured, Paul gives an interesting insight into [...]

The end of the world. How will it happen? Zombies? Nuclear war? A ridiculously big meteor? Bad weather? Rage? Whatever you’ve imagined (or been told by Hollywood) it’s probably nothing like what happens in PERFECT SENSE, the apocalyptic sci-fi fable starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green, released on DVD on MONDAY. A new virus is [...]

“There’s a lot of crazy shit in these woods”, Ricky the redneck utters, and I cannot disagree. Pig Hunt is totally insane, but in an excellent way. Violent, witty, pacy, a little confused but lovingly crafted, it is hard not to enjoy the carnage-filled madness on display. This is great, brutal entertainment. John is going [...]

Piggy starts off with a cheater’s guide to scriptwriting; a startlingly on-the-nose narration by the Danny Dyer-esque Joe (Martin Compston), who kicks off the film in a warehouse, watching the titular Piggy kicking the living shit out of someone, whilst Joe narrates… “That’s me. Joe. And that’s Piggy. Piggy was an avenger. He’d fix what [...]

What’s in a title? Bikini Girls on Ice had such an evocative title that it garnered enough interest for – you guessed it! – a sequel. Bikini Girls on Ice has played in over 20 film festivals worldwide and has since found distribution all over the world including North America, Scandinavia, Australia, India, Japan, Germany [...]

Puerile, childish, violent, bloody and utterly derivative, Piranha 3D will win no prizes for originality but it certainly entertains. Mostly for fans of blood, cliché and lots and lots of breasts, this is silly, unimaginative fun. The premise for Piranha 3D is as crass and thoughtless as any B-movie monster flick. A localized seismic quake [...]

What can I say about Piranhaconda? It’s 70% hilarious fun, 20% dull and 10% full of filler. Luckily it’s also 100% self-knowing, which saves this from being another po-faced, frustrating mess of a ‘horror’ film. So what’s it about? Does it even matter?! Well, for those who care, the plot is this: Professor Lovegrove (a [...]

The year is 1994 and the Spice Girls at the height of their power, Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead is released on VHS, Justin Bieber was being shat out of his mum and another psycho is murdering his entire family and filming it for kicks. All in all, a pretty crappy year. Skipping to [...]

Pontypool is original. It is rare a reviewer gets to utter those words in recent years, especially within the remake-crowded cliché-stack that is the horror genre, but Pontypool can boast this. It is smart, unique, tense, nasty and genuinely compelling. Only a saggy and tenuous finale lets it down, but Pontypool still comes out on [...]

Priest 3D – if you’re hoping for an explosive, 3D version of The Beautification of Pope John Paul II, with a 360 shot of a clergyman reading out a sermon accompanied by some operatic choir boy singing, then you’ll be gravely disappointed. Those expecting a massively dumb, cliché-ridden, absolutely absurd action flick filled with vampires, [...]

Like a graduation ball held in a bucket of dog excrement, Prom Night has no redeeming features. It is vapid, incredibly dull, frustrating and pointless. Throw out your corsage, burn your dress and stay at home – Prom Night is not worth your attention. The premise is this: rich, vacuous self-centered “teens” attend an ostentatious [...]

Prowl is surprisingly good. The story is solid, the direction decent, the script great and the acting excellent. There are a number of awkward moments and it crumbles into absurdity towards the end, but the strong cast hold it together throughout. Enjoyable, original and always interesting. Well worth a watch. Amber (Courtney Hope) has had [...]

Roslyn (Sara Foster) has got a new job in the soon-to-be condemned St John’s emergency hospital, packing and filing all patient records. Despite being an A&E hospital it also once housed a psychiatric unit (of course) and during her night shift ‘Roz’ starts to see things: ghosts, images etc… Coupled with her suspicion that her [...]

Pursuit of a Legend is surprisingly good. Those fresh to the horror sub-genre of “found footage” will thoroughly enjoy this, but those used to the format will find it mostly formulaic and distinctly unsurprising. Featuring some solid central performances and genuine scares, this is well worth seeking out. In 2003 Justin and Carter Wells walked [...]

Preview of Thirst plus Q&A session with Writer/Director Park Chan-Wook 5th October 2009 – Curzon Cinema – 18:10 The Curzon Soho is an intimate cinema with a lot of charm and a real love of independent and foreign films – the walls ooze with an understated intelligence and adoration of movies that move, surprise and [...]

Quarantine 2: Terminal is surprisingly good. It knocks out a thousand clichés and holds very few surprises, but it’s a decent sequel to a decent remake and well worth a watch. The original Quarantine came out it 2008 and was an almost shot-for-shot remake of the award-winning Spanish horror Rec (2007), albeit with a more [...]

Rampage is horribly unlikable. At its centre is a rotten character that is simultaneously unsympathetic and pathetic. Rampage is violent, furious and occasionally excellent, but it’s also utterly childish and infuriatingly trite. This is a missed opportunity for a director who desperately needs a success. Rampage is a failure. Bill Williamson (Brendan Fletcher) is a [...]

Rare Exports is a genre-defying piece of work – part children’s story, part horror film, part comedy, part intense thriller and part absurd drama. It is sweet, funny, dark, scary and genuinely loveable. It may feel lacking in places, but it’s wonderfully unique. Watch it, because it’s hugely entertaining. It’s a month before Christmas and [...]

This could possibly be the most exciting screening of 2012! Stuart Gordon will be doing a Q&A after a screening of his 1985 classic Re-animator, one of the best horror films ever made. WHERE: Cameo Picture House, Edinburgh WHEN: Monday 20th August @ 9pm Why am I not in Edinburgh!? Stupid London… Press release details [...]

I love Re-animator. It’s not a secret. I even quite liked Bride of Re-animator and, despite it being clearly a bit awful, I absolutely adore Beyond Re-animator. I love the H.P. Lovecraft story from which it’s inspired by. I’m basically a huge Re-animator fan. So when I heard about Re-animator the Musical I was – [...]

Resident Evil: Afterlife is incredibly dumb. Director Paul W.S. Anderson has taken a greatly loved franchise and spent eight years slowly twisting its head around, laughing like a lunatic as we all pay money to see the gradual destruction of something we love. Resident Evil: Afterlife finally wrenches its head off… then takes a squat [...]

Like a series of increasingly more ridiculous animated music videos, Resident Evil: Retribution is just a string of CGI-heavy action sequences that literally do not matter. You’d think Hollywood would’ve learned from the failings of Sucker Punch, which was all action and no heart, but producer / writer / director Paul W.S. Anderson has taken [...]

Bloody, grotesque, funny and attempting to be nothing more than violent titillation, Return to House on Haunted Hill succeeds on a number of levels, but it doesn’t stop it from being dumb, ridiculous, clichéd and utterly needless. Stupid fun, and surprisingly well-scripted, this may well please those who were expecting too see a mentally deranged [...]

You can imagine the first script meeting for Rogue River. Kevin Haskin and Ryan Finnerty get together and ask a very important question – “What is, like, totally gross and horrible and sickening?” Then they wrote it. Then Jourdan McClure directed it. Then I watched it. Bastards. Whilst The Woman – another recent “kidnapped woman” [...]

Donnie Darko was a cult classic that exploded out of nowhere in 2001, stunning critics and audience members alike – bold, clever, sexy and immensely enjoyable. No surprises then that a sequel has finally arrived, and no surprises either that it lacks the exciting punch the original whacked us with. Sadly, however, it barely even [...]

Saint is a darkly comic, completely deranged, enjoyable little Christmas horror. Unfortunately the plotting is awkward, the humour mismanaged and the characters weak, leaving behind a disappointing feeling of missed opportunity. Saint is good, but not great. In the Netherlands December 5th is a special day. Sinterklaas and his army of Zwart Pieten (or black [...]

In Boston’s interview with SAINT creator Dick Maas last week, he asked: GP: What was the hardest part of the production process? And Maas told us: The horse chase across the Amsterdam rooftops was the most difficult to shoot.  We shot mid-time winter and it was very cold.  For several nights we had to go [...]

Salvage is a twisting, vicious, intelligent horror film that is let down by inconsistent pacing, confused story-telling and a poor antagonist. Well acted and directed, this is worth a watch despite its numerous flaws. Solid work. Beth is a bad mother. She has neglected her daughter Jodie, happy for the teen to live with her [...]

Never go caving. That’s the lesson Hollywood tells us; from The Descent to The Cavern we’ve witnessed dozens of adventurers clamber down into the darkness to never return. If these films had already made us afraid to step into the likes of Wookey Hole then Sanctum 3D ensures we wouldn’t dare enter the gift shop, [...]

Shock news! Sand Sharks isn’t terrible. Despite the name, plot, characters, actors and dialogue, Sand Sharks is loveably idiotic and an absolutely, ridiculously shameless horror film. Fun with friends and a bellyful of alcohol, this is not a “good” horror movie but certainly a good laugh. The financially broken island of White Sands is in [...]

The Saw franchise is prolific if nothing else. This is the sixth Saw movie shunted out in what is undoubtedly the most popular series in the “horror-porn” genre. Saw VI is confused, didactic, slightly arrogant but definitely compelling. The death-traps are solid and reasonably inspired, but the pacing does drag when people are not screaming [...]

Happy 21st birthday Luke! Have a drink, go to a strip club and get a lapdance! In the morning you’ll feel like crap… especially because someone’s dumped the dead body of your friend in your bathtub. After removing her eyes, of course. Things get even weirder when Luke (Danny Horn) is sent a video telling [...]

Scavengers is a mess. A confusing, baffling, ridiculous space adventure with a wonky plot, terrible characters and undesirable CGI. As a debut feature it is a brave and bold experiment, but one that completely falls on its face and drowns in its own viscera. The plot? The crew of space-scavenging ship The Revelator happen upon [...]

Scintilla is well acted, well directed, well scored, superbly designed and grimly nihilistic, but much like it’s title, it is also massively confusing. Enjoyable, but only if you prefer your sci-fi horror to be deliberately elusive. Welcome to the future. Or the past. Or an alternate universe. Or now. Whenever we are, we’re following a [...]

Scream 4’s tagline is New Decade, New Rules, but sadly it’s more like New Decade, Same Franchise, No Surprises. It is oddly charming and always fun, but the lack of innovation and sameness may frustrate some. Scre4m is a reasonable addition to a reasonable franchise. In 1996 Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven provided an instant [...]

Limerick, Ireland, 1188. Some Irish Templar Knights hunt down a red-cloaked figure and lob a giant metal shield at it, which magically turns into a box and decapitates the psychotic beast. Skip forward a few centuries and we find Professor Whelan (Lauren Holly) working on an archiving project in the bowels of an American university, [...]

Season of the Witch is reliably terrible. From the explosively ridiculous cinema trailers to the bus-stop posters featuring Nic Cage in another hilarious wig, it was clearly going to be a po-faced action-horror and laughably crap because of it. In this regards it lived up to expectations, but it also turned out to be even [...]

Who likes identical twins? They’re up there in horror’s catalogue of disturbing alongside clowns, creepy porcelain dolls and the sound of an ice cream van at midnight. Imagine, then, that these twins are evil and happen to have a rare telekinetic power that means they can control everything you do. This is the central crux [...]

Recently there has been a slur of myth-based horror films coming out of Europe’s less-prolific filmmaking countries, with the likes of Rare Exports (Finland), Troll Hunter (Norway) and Saint (Netherlands) all arriving in the last year. What they’ve all had in common is the twist on a well-known fairy tale – from Trolls to Santa [...]

Seventh Moon is creepy and nasty but suffers from a tiresome plot and annoying direction. Overly long even at eighty-eight minutes, it is a decent watch but sadly nothing special. Honeymooners Melissa (Amy Smart) and Yul (Tim Chiou) are visiting China, where Melissa will meet her husband’s family for the first time. They arrive during [...]

Sexy Killer is completely insane. It’s kooky, zany, stupid, violent, offensive, funny, shoddy, incredibly dumb, self-knowing and totally shameless with it. It could be seen as annoying, it could be seen as brainless, it could be seen as trashy exploitative nonsense, yet miraculously it’s all these things and still manages to be an engaging, amusing [...]

The title says it all and says nothing at all. There is a Shark in Venice. Unusual, yes. Exciting, no. This cinematic thrill ride is a boring, ridiculous, laughable mess that’s punctuated with pieces of action so confusing and stupid that the morbid enjoyment the audience gets from it is still no excuse for seeing [...]

Shark Night 3D doesn’t deserve a proper review. It doesn’t deserve to be watched. It doesn’t deserve to be noticed, whispered about or furtively suggested. It doesn’t deserve to exist. To show the same respect Shark Night 3D has for its audience’s collective intelligence, I intend to describe Shark Night 3D in internet slang. Here [...]

Shelter is horribly disappointing. It starts excellently but quickly descends into cliché, stupidity and messy plotting. Featuring some decent performances and ideas, it is a shame the script is so utterly laughable and the direction so style-less. Good idea, dismally executed. Cara Harding (Julianne Moore) is a psychiatrist who specializes in schizophrenia and multi-personality disorder. [...]

Shrooms is a bad trip. Meandering, poorly scripted and bafflingly stupid in places, it is certainly watchable but it’s terribly constructed. Perhaps a handful of psilocybin would make this better, but that’s not an advocation of Shrooms. This is silly and clichéd – avoid. Shrooms begins well. The setup is simple – a group of [...]

Tense, disturbing, creepy and very well designed, Scorsese’s latest is a quality piece of work but sadly suffers from a saggy, elongated ending and a touch of the predictables. Despite this, it is an excellent watch. Mental asylums for the criminally insane. Not good. Especially when one of the criminally insane prisoners goes missing. The [...]

Is it a gimmick? That’s the question I had to ask myself when I watched Silent House. Filmed like it was filmed in one shot (but – clearly – isn’t) Silent House prides itself on being “real fear in real time”, and although deeply affective on a scares-you-witless level, story wise it doesn’t branch new [...]

No one likes a silent house. They’re always creepy. And this particular silent house looks bloody terrifying… SILENT HOUSE is a “re-imagining” of the Uruguayan film La Casa Muda (released as Silent House in the UK) and stars Elizabeth Olsen, the non-crap sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley and star of cult hit Martha Marcy May [...]

True crime novelist Ellison Osborne (Ethan Hawke) has lied to his family… and it’s a BIG lie. His first novel sold fantastically well but his later works failed to catch the spirit of the first, so as a last resort he decided to move his wife and two kids into the home of a family [...]

Skyline is visually stunning but utterly hollow. The CGI is masterfully created and amazing to look at, but all the beautifully-rendered aliens in the world cannot hide a terrible plot, an appalling script and some severely damaged acting skills. This film is very poor. Seriously avoid. So what is it about? Well, the plot of [...]

Smash Cut is very strange – not Repo The Genetic Opera strange, not Visitor Q strange, but kooky strange in a way that is both disarming and charming. Some will find it schlocky and dribblingly inept, but it is fun, dipped in gore and has a very wry sense of knowing that holds it together [...]

Not words you ever want to hear in relation to your bedroom skills, but “So Bad it’s Hilarious” is a phrase I’ve batted around more often than “Cack-badgers” and “I love you Emily Browning”. It relates to horror films that are incredibly, incredibly bad, but are so inept that it’s genuinely fun to watch them. [...]

Solomon Kane is tremendous fun. It’s about as cerebrally challenging as Saturday morning television, but it never tries to be anything but a great, violent, insane adventure, and it succeeds admirably. Solomon Kane is an evil man. He murders without thought – for profit, for vengeance, for fun – and he’s damn good at it. [...]

Some Guy Who Kills People is a quality little comedy / horror film packed with heart, great performances and some strong laughs. It won’t appeal to horror-hounds desperate for scares and blood, but for people looking for a smart, funny and thoroughly enjoyable horror-comedy they will be greatly pleased. Some Guy Who Kills People is [...]

Sorority Row is a shameless slasher flick remake with a difference – it has some reasonable dialogue and likeable characters. Plot wise it is a simple case of a prolific serial killer clocking up victims on one single night, and although it’s about as inspired as a dog in a kennel, it’s surprisingly fun. A [...]

Splice is a decent drama and a poor horror film. It asks an overwhelmingly obvious set of moral questions and is a heavy-handed metaphor for the cyclic nature of parenthood, but if you buy into the concept, tone and characters then you’ll certainly enjoy yourself. Genetic scientists Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) are [...]

Low budget often comes with the stipulation a film will lack quality, through either a lack of affordable talent, a willful despondency from producers seeking a tax-break or simply because no one wanted to fund it because the script is appalling. Occasionally a film comes along, however, that trashes that morbid expectance, and Splinter is [...]

Vampires; they just won’t go away. Everyone’s taken a stab at the genre, from HBO to Kathryn Bigelow. They’ve been sexy, they’ve been psychotic, they’ve been dumb, they’ve been spoofed and they’ve been sparkly-faced effeminate wimpy douchebags. But have you got bored of them yet? Yes? Well, Stake Land will re-kindle your love of the [...]

Steve Isles is the co-director of British horror film The Torment (A.K.A. The Possession of David O’Reilly). Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill spoke to him on the release day of the UK DVD, Monday 9th August – Steve was in America at a fresh 10am, while Boston was in London at a tired, post-work 6pm. Both places, [...]

Steve Niles is the mind behind the graphic novels for 30 Days of Night, penned several issues of Spawn and wrote a twelve part Batman miniseries entitled Batman: Gotham After Midnight (amongst other things). Bizarrely he also “wrote” the videogame F.E.A.R.3. Anyone who knows the concept behind 30 Days of Night – vampires descend on [...]

The premise is a simple one; on his 10th birthday party Tommy accidentally kills a rubbish clown called Stitches, impaling his face on a knife (ouch!). Six years later – and haunted by the incident – Tom hosts a 16th birthday party with ‘some’ of his friends. ‘Some’ means ‘his entire school’ including some unsavoury [...]

Storage 24 is a superbly crafted, bloody, brutal, strangely amusing sci-fi horror that, despite a lack of true uniqueness, is a compelling watch and an excellent addition to British film. We begin in the titular storage facility as the bored receptionist flicks through a men’s magazine and – BOOM! – a military plane crashes into [...]

It’s the TRAILER you’ve all be waiting for… Not since Lesbian Vampire Killers has there been a British horror film with quite such an evocative title; STRIPPERS VS WEREWOLVES. So what’s it about? I’m guessing strippers probably have a bit of scrap with some lycanthropes… but there’s more! Probably. Check out the FIRST trailer for [...]

Based on a true story. Five words that send shudders down my back when I read them. Rarely have I been impressed with a horror film claiming to be based on a true story, apart from the excellent lie that was the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Films like Wolf Creek just infuriate, but Stuck does [...]

Suck is hilarious. Although not vastly original, it is bloody, tongue-in-cheek, well directed, solidly acted and features a rocking soundtrack. Suck it up, because it’s awesome. Vampire comedies have not had a good track record – Dracula: Dead & Loving It, Love at First Bite, Vampire in Brooklyn – so Suck may not seem like [...]

Sucker Punch has all the ingredients for a genuinely exciting film; guns, girls, samurai demons, robots, helicopters, dragons, clockwork Nazis, orcs, bombs and bazookas. Yet much like if your pie was actually made from these ingredients, it’s impossible to swallow and leaves a horrific taste in your mouth. Sucker Punch is a giant mess. Those [...]

George A. Romero is known for one thing – zombies. He’s created a genre, he’s a master of it, but his latest offerings have been ill-received and border on accidentally parodying his previous work. It’s testament to the latest film’s quality that it didn’t even receive a theatrical release in the UK – and the [...]

Planes are a safe way to travel. That’s a fact. Much safer than cars or bikes or skateboarding. Yet if you lived your life believing what you saw in films, then you’re pretty much guaranteed 50% of any flights you get onto will crash. Yet it’s not the crashing that’s the bad part – it’s [...]

Looking for something to do this Halloween season? Look no further! Britain’s only annual season of Horror Theatre and Grand Guignol has landed in London. TERROR 2011 – “Love Me To Death” What the hell is that? Read below… WHAT? The Grand Guignol, made popular in late-Victorian Paris, became one of the most notorious and [...]

A woman is out jogging through the ‘burbs and runs up to her front door. BANG! One shotgun blast, straight in the belly. Children watch. She dies. Welcome to The Aggression Scale. We begin with a horrendous murder in broad daylight – a seemingly random attack – but quickly realize the victim is on a [...]

Joss Whedon is a genius. For those who don’t know this, watch Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity and a couple of episodes of Dollhouse. Occasionally he slips up and creates an appallingly horrible episode of Glee or that unfortunate future episode of Dollhouse, but is The Avengers / Avengers Assemble / Marvel Avengers Assemble / Go! [...]

Low budget zombie movies; not exactly uncommon to see, and rarely do they say or do anything different. Have you had enough of generic, carbon-copy zombie films that take zero risks and feel fantastically familiar? Then perhaps The Battery is for you. The Battery is a different take on the zombie film. Very different. Barely [...]

Before Barry Levinson there was only one Bay I disliked and his name was Michael. Now I can add Levinson’s eco-horror The Bay to my massive list of Bay’s that I don’t really like… In 2009 the small town of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland was befallen with a horrible tragedy that killed hundreds of people. The [...]

Álex Ulloa (Hugo Silva) is having an affair with one of his students. Foolishly falling in love, he’s secretly pleased when his wife Mayka (Belén Rueda) dies of a heart after returning from a trip abroad. Pleased… or responsible? This question arises when Mayka’s body goes missing from the morgue and – however it disappeared [...]

The year is 1976, and the Lewis family find a package on their porch. It is a box with a big red button on it. If they press it they’ll receive one million dollars, which is awesome. But pressing it will also kill someone in the world – someone they do not know. The premise [...]

The Broken is more idea than substance, more quiet contemplation than excitement, more a concept than a decent horror film. It is a bold effort but lacks any real punch and will leave many cold and wanting. Gina McVey (Lena Hedley) is having a retirement dinner for her father when a mirror over the mantelpiece [...]

This is the benchmark. This film is the film all aspiring horror filmmakers should watch and learn from. This is how NOT to make a horror movie. Six twenty-somethings piss off the wrong trucker by overtaking him on a road somewhere in America. This trucker happens to be dressed as a giant bunny and has [...]

Normally the Wild West horror genre is reserved for dying franchise sequels like From Dusk ‘Til Dawn and Tremors, but occasionally films such as Dead Birds and The Burrowers attempt to inject originality into these wavering genre. Set in the 1879 badlands of the American Wild West, The Burrowers does a good job of making [...]

When The Butterfly Effect 2 beats its wings, it creates a tidal wave of dull, meandering and pointless nonsense that consumes anyone unfortunate enough to watch it. If you hated the original, loved the original or haven’t even bothered to watch the original, don’t even consider checking out the sequel. It is simply terrible. Nick [...]

Five friends, one log cabin located deep in the woods and a cellar filled with creepy shit. Sound familiar? Oh, and there’s a scary old hillbilly who owns a petrol station. Yet the marketing suggests this isn’t what it seems. So what is the big secret of The Cabin in the Woods? Well I’m not [...]

A shocking mess of a film, in every single sense. The direction, the acting, the script, the plot, the lighting, the sound, even the catering was probably diabolical. It was honestly a struggle to watch this unimaginably terrible piece of filmmaking without turning it off and hunting down the creators with a pick-axe. The “plot” [...]

With Hollywood vomiting out horror re-makes so fast they forget to include anything even remotely original, it’s nice to see Britain continuing to take a stand on the originality front, bringing genuinely surprisingly, thought-provoking horrors to the screen. Quality of late includes Mum & Dad, Outpost and Eden Lake, the latter winning acclaim throughout the [...]

Welcome to the future. The Earth has been encased in a tomb of ice and snow, possibly created by our weather-machines-gone-wrong science experiments, which still tower over the desolation of our dead world. Humans are on the verge of extinction. What remains of Humanity has packed itself into tiny colonies – at least in America [...]

The Crazies is a brutal, enjoyable, cunningly nihilistic film, but it is derivative of the genre and sadly predictable. Something is wrong with the residents of Ogden Marsh. The doctor’s noticed it, the town sheriff’s noticed it, the family burnt alive by their insane dad has certainly noticed it. And the army has noticed it, [...]

The title is a reference to the age old cliché of “the darkest hour is just before the dawn”, which is relatively apt considering how clichéd this alien invasion flick really is. Enjoyable fun, with some superb images, but tragically overwrought, predictable and the aliens – once they’re revealed – are ridiculous. Silly, clichéd, fun [...]

Yep. Another zombie film. In the past ten years we have been inundated with zombie films, riding on a wave still popularized by Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later and the Dawn remake. Since then there’s been a cavalcade of undead flicks, from the fun (Dance of the Dead) and the flaccid (Boy Eats [...]

The Dead Undead; having already slogged my way through Zombie Undead in April, the prospect of trudging through the second most tautological zombie film of 2011 was not a exciting one. I expected another cheap Romero rip-off with shallow characters and zero invention. Instead, I got the most explosively ridiculous zombie / vampire mash-up I’ve [...]

In 2005, The Descent became a surprise sleeper hit for Dog Soldiers director Neil Marshall, propelling him into the world of big budget free reign films such as Doomsday and the forthcoming Centurion. Naturally, with all things popular, a sequel was destined to crawl out of the darkness and assault us. Nervous of all things [...]

I remember being horribly disappointed that Halloween Resurrection was only 86 minutes long (despite it being bloody awful) although during that short time someone had managed to flip over a Ford Sierra in the cinema car park and set it on fire. Good old South Woodham Ferrers. Why am I mentioning this? Well, The Devil’s [...]

The Devil’s Chair is appallingly acted, directed and scripted, and the semblance of a decent idea is so swamped by ineptitude that it fails to make any impact and only results in a mildly offensive, hugely pointless disappointment of a film that should never be watched by anyone. Do not waste your time even reading [...]

Nazis – they failed miserably in taking over the world. Yeah, they tried really hard and killed a lot of people, but they still utterly and completely failed. Yet – according to the history of film – they had hundreds of nefarious schemes involving everything from releasing monstrous entities imprisoned in another dimension (Hellboy) to [...]

It’s the end of the world as we know it. In Hollywood, anyway. If Roland Emmerich isn’t busy blowing it to pieces with aliens and nature, then you’ll be damn sure that zombies will be biting it to death or horrible viruses will be creating a body-bag shortage. In recent months we’ve turned towards a [...]

The year is October 1973 and Bonnie (Tara Reid) takes her kid Steven (Joshua Ormond) to his grandparents house while she sorts out her family ‘issues’ (mostly being her gun-threatening husband and her slight dependence on alcohol). Unfortunately for Steven, his grandparents live in an old farmhouse that Leatherface would feel comfortable in, back-ended by [...]

If you’ve seen any of the Final Destination films then you’re in for literally no surprises with The Final Destination. Playing like a remake of all the other films before it, The Final Destination starts us this time at a crumbling car racetrack where a misplaced screwdriver starts off a devastating chain of events that [...]

The Fourth Kind is confusing, boring and patronizing. Although it attempts to compel and scare, it tries too hard and fails miserably. Perhaps relatively harmless, it lacks pace and occasionally frustrates. Not a disappointment of a film, more just a waste of time. Dr Abigail Tyler is nervous. Being interviewed by Chapman University in front [...]

Science – it has done so much to improve the world. It relocated my shoulder nine times, it fixed my cracked skull twice and it’s saved lives every second of every day for decades. So why does cinema hate it so much? The Frankenstein Experiment is another example of “bad science” and it’s a cliché-packed [...]

The title may not inspire confidence for some viewers, but the Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror is neither a homophobic rant or a anti-hetero cavalcade of campery. It can be confused at times, is laughably low-budget and has a poorly constructed finale, but it’s a kooky, funny, utterly stupid, maniacal little horror that is [...]

The Girl Next Door is a surprise – at first it disarms you, then it gradually throws things a little off kilter and finally it sends everything plummeting headlong into hell. Riveting, horrific, upsetting and fantastically created, The Girl Next Door is a compelling, uncomfortable watch. Excellent work. It’s the summer of 1958 and young [...]

Liam Neeson versus CGI super wolves. Ding ding! Fight! In the deep cold of an Alaskan oil drilling facility, Ottway (Liam Neeson) works as a sharpshooter and camp protector, sniping wolves before they get too close (and consume the oil workers). These workers are the scum of the earth – brawling, drunken ex-cons who get [...]

The eight-worded, oxymoronically titled The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia is a slow, trudging supernatural story that pans out like a Discovery Channel docu-drama, only with added Sackoff. Even though it is not atrociously made and reasonably well acted, the lack of compelling story and serious lack of scares means there is little [...]

The Hidden Face (original title “La cara oculta”) is a very difficult film to review without spoiling it. This is a Spanish thriller with a horror tilt and – honestly – if I wasn’t planning to review it I would’ve turned it off halfway through… …. but I’m glad I didn’t switch off. The Hidden [...]

Joe Dante is a personal hero of mine. No, he didn’t save my family from a burning building, but he provided my youth with some seriously awesome & inspirational work: Piranha, The Howling, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Gremlins 1 & 2, Innerspace, The ‘Burbs, Small Soldiers and – my favourite TV programme in my teens [...]

The Horde is an unpleasant movie; furious and bloody but bitter and mean-spirited. It has a ragged, pedestrian plot and is laughable in places. There is the occasional excellent moment and one character is initially hilarious fun, but it’s simply mismanaged and too ugly to like. Certainly watchable but ultimately flawed. The idea behind The [...]

The Horseman is brutal, incredibly grim and genuinely horrible. It is a portrayal of a man’s descent into the darkest of places, and although it is deftly and expertly created it is also depressing and slightly unlikable. This is ideal for lovers of nihilistic horror and gorenography aficionados, but others may find it too horrific [...]

A big yawn followed by a yell of ‘What the hell is THAT!?’ – this probably sums up my experience of Monthon Arayangkoon’s The House; a j-horror style haunted house flick with added blood and insanity. Although exceptionally creepy in places, The House fails miserably to develop a compelling storyline. Some of the crazed imagery [...]

Welcome to the Yankee Pedlar Inn, an aging American hotel that’s one more empty room away from permanent closure. The two carefree employees have heard about all the ghost stories linked to the hotel, but they want proof before the Pedlar is closed down and demolished. These amateur ghosthunters set about delving into the past [...]

The Invoking is bad. Really bad. Unwatchable bad. So bad it took me three sittings across two weeks to watch the entire thing. I gave it a fair shot… but it actually deserved to be shot. In the face. Then set on fire and buried in consecrated ground under a full moon. The Invoking is [...]

The Kill Screen is a new graphic novel from the creator of zombie anthology Dead Roots and introduces us to a new apocalypse; not zombies, not vampires, not global warming and not some monkey-borne rage virus. This apocalypse is a computer virus… In the near future Humanity reaches it’s very own kill screen. If anyone [...]

Possession movies – they’ve not had a great track record in recent years; The Haunting in Connecticut, Possessed, Exorcist: The Beginning, even The Exorcism of Emily Rose failed to really compel. So is The Last Exorcism really worth your attention? Yes. Definitely. Go and see it. Right now. Actually, scrap that – read the paragraph [...]

The Last Lovecraft is a thoroughly enjoyable, utterly silly, surprisingly bloody ode to the late, great H.P. Lovecraft. It is well acted but ridiculously cartoonish, the production values are ropey and the plot a giant mess, but it’s great fun for anyone who knows even a little about Lovecraft’s work. I am going to write [...]

Atmospheric, creepy and filled with foreboding, The Last Will & Testament of Rosalind Leigh (or TLW&ToRL as I’ll call it… catchy, huh?) has a helluva lot of style seeping from its pores. It is genuinely well crafted and beautifully directed by Rodrigo Gudiño, who manages to eek out tension and uneasiness from one man and [...]

The Lords of Salem is a bit of a mess. Containing a solid central idea that could’ve made for a fascinating, terrifying film, writer / director Rob Zombie delivers a one-note journey into a witchery apocalypse with no sense of direction. There are some brilliant elements, images and ideas here, but it’s an undisciplined mess [...]

“The Lost Coast, a part of Northwest California, has the highest number of Sasquatch sighting than any other region. While most scientists consider Bigfoot to be a combination of folklore and hoax, there are some researchers who periodically come forward with controversial new discoveries. The following footage was an attempt to document that discovery…” These [...]

The Lost Episode is a laughably terrible, hugely mismarketed, giant horror cliché. It makes no sense, is poorly acted, appallingly scripted and simply very very dull. I’ve had scarier trips to the toilet. Abandoned mental institutions have become the new clichéd place to make a horror film. From The House of Haunted Hill to The [...]

The Lost Future is a perfectly competent sci-fi thriller, made for television and on a budget. It kicks about clichés and stereotypes with little shame, miss-hits its target audience and rips off a thousand similar projects, but it also has a disarming likeability that will ensure viewers keep watching. The Lost Future is an enjoyable, [...]

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra is brilliantly created and genuinely amusing; occasionally it is laugh-out-loud hilarious and at other times awkwardly banal, creating a strange mix of cunning self-knowingness and utter stupidity. Not for everyone, this is a smart, quality piece of work. 1950’s B-Movies; they were diabolical. Crappy acting, appalling sets, senseless scripts and [...]

The Lost Skeleton Returns Again is the sequel to the deliberately-craptacular 50’s-style B-movie pastiche The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, and true to form of all “successful” horror films from the 50’s, the sequel is bigger, bolder, crazier, in colour and worse. Yes, worse. The Lost Skeleton Returns Again has a typically absurd plot; hidden deep [...]

The Loved Ones is superbly crafted. It’s smart, sly, funny, brutal and cleverly pieced together. It blends a demented sense of humour with a well orchestrated plot and some solid characterizations. Well acted, well directed, well executed; a great watch. We begin with a car crash. Young Brent Mitchell (Xavier Samuel) swerves to avoid someone [...]

The Night Child is a haunting, bizarre little horror film from Italian giallo director Massimo Dallamano. It has an infectious score and a creepy performance from lead actress Nicoletta Elmi, but it never quite exceeds expectations. Not really conforming to giallo tropes, The Night Child suffers from a slow pace and obvious plotting, but is [...]

Liz and Annie are tasked with the unenviable chore of clearing out their old family home after their mum has died. Still harbouring deeply upsetting memories of her childhood, Annie decides she wants nothing to do with it, leaving ex-addict Liz to deal with the work. But when Liz starts experiencing some bizarre paranormal activity [...]

From the creators of The Zombies Diaries 1 & 2, The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill focuses on a group of would-be paranormal investigators checking out the allegedly-haunted Clophill church in Bedfordshire. Apparently the site of black magic rituals and multiple-ghost sightings, the team decide to spend a few nights in the ruined church… and live to [...]

According to IMDB this film had a budget of $3.1 million dollars, which genuinely surprised me. Filmed like a student’s passion project, the credits are laced with Matthew Bolton’s name, who directs, writes, produces and even made the DVD menus (bless him). Having watched the film I expected a budget of less than £100,000… and [...]

Walk into any DVD shop (what? A DVD shop?! Fine, go online then) and you’ll see a bulging selection of possession-based horror films packing out the shelves. Ever since The Exorcist made it terrifying and popular this sub-genre of horror has seen hundreds of carbon-copy films, some original and some embarrassingly plagiaristic. Recently I’ve spotted [...]

The Raid is AWESOME. Despite lacking in character and plot, it manages to provide some of the best action that cinemas have been bludgeoned with in recent years. Fast, furious, bloody, insane, hilarious fun and incredibly violent, The Raid is a brutally fantastic action flick. Rama (Iko Uwais) is a rookie cop with a pregnant [...]

Mmm… violence… As you (should) know, THE RAID is coming to UK cinemas in 10 days and the kind people of Fetch Publicity have sent over a brutal clip from this insane actioner. Punching, kicking, elbows, aggression and a lot of machetes? Bring it on. Check it out below: THE RAID CLIP – FOUR ON [...]

THE RAID – if you’ve not heard about it yet, you bloody well should have! Is it horror? Not really, but the fine folks at Frightfest debuted the UK Premiere at Frightfest Glasgow, so if it’s good enough for Frightfest, it’s good enough for Gorepress! So what is THE RAID? Sometimes I like to write [...]

Some films receive a critical mauling because their production values are abysmal, others because they’re diabolically written, many because of their laughable special effects and some simply because they have Danny Dyer in them. The Resident gets a Gorepress 1 Skull because it quite literally bored me to tears. The premise is as follows: dull [...]

When the Reverend (Stuart Brennan) of a sleepy English village is attacked and turned into a vampire, he begins questioning his faith when he develops a taste for Human blood. Desperately seeking redemption, he decides to purge the area of sinners by feeding on the all local drug-dealers, pimps and scumbags. This is the plot. [...]

The Road is a depressing, beautiful film, crafted expertly to portray a post apocalyptic America where hope is very hard to retain. It is slightly plot-less, but so well created and acted that it doesn’t matter. Grim, visually stunning and brutal, The Road is a film about clinging onto what is left of Humanity before [...]

The Shrine could’ve been superb. The premise is excellent, the twist surprising and the horror genuinely disturbing in places. Unfortunately the acting and dialogue clunks and creaks in places and the first thirty minutes can make for tiresome viewing. Although certainly a good film, The Shrine smacks of missed potential. American backpacker Eric Taylor is [...]

Are you bored of found footage films? Yes? Then stop reading. This review is not for you. Devan’s brother is dead. He was one of was 42 people killed by ‘radiation poisoning’ in a downtown LA location. The bodies were never released and the house was sealed off from the outside world. Unsatisfied with the [...]

War bunkers are always a bad place for soldiers to go in a horror film. From The Bunker to Outpost to The Devil’s Rock, they’re places to seriously avoid, and in Columbian horror The Squad it’s no different. But what’re these poor soldiers facing this time? Ghosts? Zombies? Nazi experiments gone wrong? None of the [...]

The Stepfather is completely wrong. It did not need re-making, it has too many superfluous scenes, it fails to scare and ultimately the title is a misnomer as our antagonist doesn’t actually become a Stepfather! Dull, predictable, clichéd and a complete waste of time. Avoid. For the first five minutes we’re treated to The Stepfather [...]

Something strange is happening to Karen Barley… on Twitter… Karen (Gemma Giddings) is convinced by her sinister boss to take on an outdoors project in an ancient Bronze Age woods in Surrey. Her boyfriend Darren (Benjamin O’Mahony) is excited about the mysterious legend of the Hurst and can’t wait to find a hidden path he’s [...]

The Tapes is about a big brother audition video that goes horribly wrong. Although a unique enough premise, it is the attempt to make this video that ends up being more compelling than the “horribly wrong” part, which slips into a giant clichéd mess that tragically confines The Tapes to bottom-of-the-barrel boredom. Gemma (Natasha Sparkes) [...]

After Dark Originals: so far they’ve given us a decent set of releases, having delivered the genuinely enjoyable Husk, Prowl, Seconds Apart and Fertile Ground in 2011. The Task is their latest release, but it’s sadly the runt of the litter and seriously fails to impress. Seven contestants are dragged off the street and handcuffed [...]

The Thing is a masterpiece. It sits amongst the horror classics of the early 80s, standing tall alongside The Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street, An American Werewolf in London and Day of The Dead. It is a film that is still excellent today, barely dated, and is as shocking, terrifying and compelling now [...]

Okay, before you read this you should know something. I love John Carpenter’s The Thing. Often cited as my favourite movie (alongside An American Werewolf in London) it’s a 10 out of 10, perfectly crafted piece of genius. I’ve seen it dozens of times and still find it fascinating. I even wrote a sycophantic review [...]

The Thompsons is the direct sequel to The Hamiltons (2006), so if you haven’t seen The Hamiltons then this review will be spoilerific. But is it worth watching in the first place? The Hamiltons is a strange little indie flick that perhaps thinks it’s a lot more intelligent than it really is. It’s certainly entertaining, [...]

The Torment (a.k.a. The Posession Of David O’Reilly) is a decent British horror film. It is well acted, directed and written and features some genuinely terrifying moments. Occasionally it can drag and too much is revealed, but overall it’s an incredibly watchable, scary piece of work. David O’Reilly (Giles Alderson) needs somewhere to stay. His [...]

Directed by, written by, produced by and starring David Arquette. Words that may send shudders down the back of anyone who’s seen Eight Legged Freaks, any of the Screams or the Godawful TV series In Case of Emergency. The plot also yells of mediocrity – a group of hippy twenty-somethings travel to a free love [...]

Casey Beldon is being haunted, this is clear. Only when some of these nightly horrors start seeping in her reality does she realise something incredibly dangerous is coming for her, and nothing will stand in its way. Nothing but an ancient book, some shameless Exorcist plagiarism and the arrival of some people who can actually [...]

The Unforgiving is precisely that; unforgiving, unrelenting, furious, confused, bloody, stylish and insanely fast. It is also badly acted, infuriatingly directed, painfully edited and simply exceedingly annoying. It is an unforgiving experience that some people will relish but many will simply hate. Rex Dobson (Ryan Macquet) and Alice Edmonds (Claire Opperman) have escaped one of [...]

The Uninvited is the latest in a long line of Korean / Japanese horror films remade by idea-strapped film studios in the USA, stolen wholesale from their oriental counterparts. Ring, Dark Water, Grudge, Into the Mirror, even an actioner like Bangkok Dangerous was recently remade with a badly mulleted Nic Cage. Sometimes the films are [...]

I really wanted to like this film. I think Michael Biehn is great. He’s superb in Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss, The Divide and Planet Terror. When I heard he was making his own horror film – with his wife Jennifer Blanc – I was expecting something bloody decent. The agony of disappointment burns deep. Kyle [...]

Ting (Pitchanart Sakakorn) desperately wants to be an actor. She takes classes, she practices relentlessly and even appears as a gleeful audience member in some weird gameshow. By lucky coincidence a police officer overhears her talking about acting at a café and – in a surprise move – offers her a job. As what? This [...]

The Violent Kind is sharp, fast-paced, bonkers, weird, unexpected and – yes – violent. It is also very surprising; surprisingly good, surprisingly likeable and features some genuinely surprising twists and turns. It is a unique and very enjoyable horror / sci-fi film that confuses, amazes and compels. Quality stuff. Young biker / mechanic / criminal [...]

The Wolfman is a series of expected vignettes lacking any originality or accomplishment. The characters are dull and humourless, the action swift and unrewarding, the effects unimpressive and boring, the story ancient and crumbling. In parts it may entertain, and the body-count is impressively high, but overall it’s a missed opportunity to retell a classic [...]

The Woman is a harrowing, brutal, darkly satirical, encapsulating horror film. Not for the faint-hearted, this disturbing tale is utterly brilliant. Outwardly the Cleek family seems like the American ideal; successful husband, happy wife, doting son, two intelligent and beautiful daughters. But looks are horribly deceiving; the father is a domineering patriarch, his son a [...]

In 1983 Susan Hill wrote a horror fiction novel called The Woman in Black, but little did she know this would spawn an award-winning stage play (1989 – Present Day), an ITV production (1989), two radio plays (1993 & 2004) and now a Hammer horror feature film starring Harry Potter. After the debacle that was [...]

The X Files Season 1 is still as fresh as it was 17 years ago. Yes – 17 years ago! It was innovative, intelligent, scary, funny and endlessly watchable. Every episode was a triumph filled with intrigue, great dialogue and a real sense of purpose. Truly brilliant

The X Files – Season 2 is brilliant throughout, featuring some now iconic episodes and some really innovative ideas. The X Files is shut down, Scully is abducted and alien clones are discovered.

The X Files Season 3 is still The X Files at its best. The conspiracy episodes are compelling and the individual episodes are smart, unique and immersive. Great stuff.

The X Files Season 4 begins to wane towards the trite, as Scully’s development of cancer makes the season depressing and nihilistic, but it has some quality individual episodes and some interesting conspiracy arcs, although it never manages to excel.

In Season 5, The X Files begins to become tragically self-indulgent. It features 3 alien conspiracy two-parters, one episode entirely dedicated to the creation of The Lone Gunmen and many more that reference the previous 4 series. The individual episodes on offer are enjoyable, but sadly few and far between.

Season 6 is a come-back of sorts, as The X Files enlivens itself by coming to conclusions on the conspiracy, making some truly excellent “monster of the week” episodes and generally being continually compelling and exciting. A return to an early form, and a very welcome one.

Thirst is funny, violent, insane, touching, brutal and beautiful. It is a superb piece of work from the visionary director of Oldboy and, rising high above the recent splattering of pop culture vampire flicks, proves that originality can exist amongst a severely over-saturated genre. This is a genuinely excellent horror film. Priest Sang-hyeon (The Host’s [...]

Some idiot decided to name his ship Titanic II. In an obscene and doom-laden tribute to the 1912 tragedy, rich berk Hayden Walsh (Shane Van Dyke) has created a new luxury ship made to look like the original Titanic. With better engines, life-boats hidden below decks and all the modern technology you could want, it’s [...]

Tom Noonan’s career spans 30 years of horror from Wolfen to House of the Devil, but he is still perhaps best known for his amazing performance as demented serial killer Francis “Tooth Fairy” Dolarhyde in Manhunter. He has clocked up notable performances in Heat, Last Action Hero, The X Files and Seraphim Falls. Tom Noonan [...]

Tony: London Serial Killer is dark, disturbing and utterly compelling. It is brilliantly acted by Peter Ferdinando and is gloomily delivered with disturbing subtlety by writer / director Gerard Johnson. Truly excellent filmmaking. Tony is a socially retarded, sad little man. He has an awkward gait, a horrendous moustache and he’s had twenty years of [...]

The British horror genre has an unusual ratio of comedy-horrors vs serious horrors compared to the rest of the world. For every Descent and Eden Lake there’s a Shaun of the Dead or a Dog Soldiers to match it. Tormented sits uncomfortably in it’s own middle-ground, a kooky but uninspiring horror that fails to set [...]

Let’s play a game of ‘Choose your own adventure’ but with a review. Have you seen this film? If you answer YES then continue onto the review. If you answer NO then stop reading. Go and see it. It’s brilliant. Once you’ve seen it, come back and read this. Although this is a caveat most [...]

I am quickly becoming an expert on Larry Blamire. Having watched three of his other films this year, I have got used to his unique style, sense of humour and delightfully playful approach to filmmaking. For those unaware of Blamire’s work, they come in the form of such ridiculous titles as The Lost Skeleton of [...]

Train is a film of two halves. The first half is interesting, gripping, intense, creepy and brutal. The second half gets lost in its own blood and guts, sloppily executing a lengthy, confusing finale that quickly becomes frustrating. Despite being enjoyable throughout, Train is a significantly damaged vehicle. Train begins with a man being peeled [...]

Travellers is a film of two distinct halves. The first half is an amateurish affair, laughable in places, with a ropey script that never quite works. The second half, however, is an interesting character study and a tense horror / thriller. This is solid work and worth watching for the direction, compelling score and the [...]

Twisting, turning and smart for the initial thirty minutes and final half hour, Triangle suffers with a horribly predictable middle that sags incredibly. Without it, the film wouldn’t work, and the pay off is worth the trudge, but only just. Troubled mother Jess (Melissa George) joins Greg and his friends on a sailing trip supposed [...]

TROOOOLL! The moment suspected poacher Hans screams “Troll” at a camera crew in the middle of a dark forest before sprinting away in panic, Troll Hunter is one long, exciting, gleeful thrill ride. The prelude to this moment is perhaps superfluous and slow, but once our bearded troll hunter starts legging it away from something [...]

“The Grid – a digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then, one day… I got in.” This rumbling, gravitas riddled voiceover from [...]

It begins like any 80′s slasher flick would; a bunch of loathsome students drink, snort cocaine and talk about sex. Except – to up the hateful – they’re a bunch of plummy-voiced, affluent snobs. When timid Felix (Tom Kane) is humiliated and face-punched by arrogant nob-basket Chris (Jack Gordon) during a bout of Truth or [...]

Undead is not your average zombie movie, but this is by no means a compliment. It is fun, but it is also stupid, bizarre, unscary and more than a bit senseless. Rene (Felicity Mason) is leaving Berkeley fast. Her money has run out and she’s been forced to scarper her hometown and head to the [...]

Underworld: Awakening is possibly the worst instalment of the Underworld franchise, which says something considering Rise of the Lycans was such an incompetent mess. Lazy, confused, stupid, incomprehensible, laughably bad and – worst of all – boring. Every three years since 2003 the cinema has been assaulted by an Underworld film. The first one was [...]

Unhappy Birthday is slow, awkward and very strange. It features some decent moments and some solid direction, but the plot and characters are so mismanaged it becomes a chore to watch. Not utterly abysmal, but far from great. It is Sadie’s (Christina De Vallee) birthday and she’s pregnant. Rick (David Paisley) is taking her on [...]

A movie is a sum of it’s parts. Sometimes it can be slightly let down by shoddy make-up or poor continuity, sometimes afflicted with terrible editing or an intrusive, awkward score. The Uninhabited is brilliantly directed, features a tense, overbearing score and is genuinely scary at times… but… the acting is appalling. Significantly let down [...]

We like Craig Fairbrass. He’s a proper British bloke, a damn good actor and bloody easy to talk to. Boston Haverhill did an interview with him in 2010 for the release of Devil’s Playground and he’s clearly a good guy (check it out here), one of our favourite interviewees. Having appeared in Devil’s Playground, Darklands, [...]

Beneath Berlin extends a system of over 25,000 tunnels. Two thirds have already been permanently sealed. Some areas haven’t been entered for more than 60 years. Urban Explorers – or Curiosity Killed the Cats – is about a group of so-called urban explorers; people who enter closed off places in urbanized areas, such as disused [...]

Vampire Boys is laughably terrible.  Featuring terrible acting, terrible dialogue, a terrible score and a genuinely terrible storyline, Vampire Boys is perhaps the worst “horror” film released in 2011. Dewy-eyed and innocent Ohio boy Caleb (Christian Ferrer) has moved to Los Angeles in a free flat-share with guitar-twanging student Paul (Ryan Adames). As soon as [...]

Van Dieman’s Land is dull. It is competently constructed as a whole, deftly designed and well acted, but it meanders slowly towards a conclusion we already know. Perhaps served better as a drama-documentary rather than a dark, nihilistic horror film, it fails to excite, intrigue or compel. Well created, but tragically pointless. In 1822 eight [...]

It’s like Scream never happened. Varsity Blood is the type of by-the-numbers teen slasher film Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven openly mocked in 1996, but it’s 18 years later and filmmakers still haven’t learned. This non-ironic horror literally ticks off nearly every slasher flick cliché you can imagine. Ready? Let’s go! Halloween. A small American [...]

Alice Daley (Ella Connolly) is dead, horribly mauled on her birthday by a diseased hound in her father’s vetenarian practice. Her parents Louise (Eva Birthwhistle) and Patrick (Aidan Gillan) decide to move to the countryside and start a new life, moving into the rough-looking township of Wake Wood. Everything is going reasonably well until they [...]

A group of young friends decide to take a paintballing excursion in an abandoned military fort, somewhere deep in the countryside. Everything goes well until Monica (Valene Kane) goes missing and they find a slaughterhouse full of dead dogs. The situation worsens when the party comes under attack from an unknown enemy, who use bullets [...]

War of the Dead takes two of film’s notorious whipping boys, combining Nazis and zombies to create a recipe for a giant evil pie. And is the result awesome?! Somehow no. War of the Dead fails miserably to capitalize on its premise, creating a lacklustre and shockingly dull experience instead of the insanely brilliant zombie-war [...]

Like the flesh-eating undead themselves, the zombie sub-genre will not die. Not with a head-shot or a cheeky bit of decapitation. Not with global economic recession or producers sighing heavily when they receive a new script called “Zombie Explosion 5”. Luckily most horror fans love zombie films and they especially love GOOD zombie films. Unfortunately [...]

We Are The Night is a hugely entertaining German vampire horror that focuses on a trio of horrible vampire-bitches who – somewhat accidentally – add a fourth member to their group. It is sharply made, beautifully directed and surprisingly well acted. Unfortunately the film’s purposeless may bore some audiences looking for more ‘story’, but this [...]

We Are What We Are is a solid piece of work but significantly lacks pace and likeability. Despite being finely created, it also suffers from being dreary and directionless. This is a missed opportunity. When their aging patriarch dies in the street, a family of suburban cannibals are left to fend for themselves. With a [...]

Welcome to the Jungle is incredibly boring. Simple in idea and diabolically executed, it is a dull trudge through mediocrity that is both cliché and pedestrian. Four friends, living in New Guinea, have been given a surprise adventure. A friend has told them of an old white man hidden deep within the jungle, in cannibal [...]

White Noise 2: The Light is mediocre. It shamelessly pilfers ideas from many better films and fails to be scary in any way, but it’s a watchable, intriguing little thriller that neither challenges nor upsets. With some decent acting and a couple of awesome set pieces, it’s tolerable stuff. In a bizarre and brutal start, [...]

Whiteout is a hugely predictable and occasionally dull thriller that smacks with a potential that it barely touches. Beautifully shot but terribly made, this is a waste of time and an ugly addition to the snow-bound horror genre. Carrie Stetko (Kate Beckinsale) has quit her job as the most pointless US Marshal on Earth, having [...]

Wilderness is a harsh, nasty little horror film that, despite a number of weaknesses, is hugely enjoyable. It takes a simple premise and fills it with enjoyable characters and inventive turns that keep you engaged throughout. A decent British horror film that packs a brutal punch. The plot is relatively simplistic – in a juvenile [...]

Willow Creek is a found footage film… Wait! Come back! Don’t leave just yet! Willow Creek is an EXCELLENT found footage film and definitely worth your attention. This isn’t the Paranormal Blair Witch Activity Rip-Off #5 – this is genuinely very good. Jim (Bryce Johnson) is making a documentary about the mythical Bigfoot and has dragged [...]

51 is a new science fiction feature from the After Dark Originals brand, coming to DVD & Blu-ray 26 September, and to mark the release we have 3 Blu-Rays to give away! Due to political pressure from the American public, the Air Force has decided to allow two well-known reporters limited access to the most [...]

To mark the release of Lovely Molly on DVD from 22nd October, we’ve got three copies of the film on DVD to give away! From the director of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT comes LOVELY MOLLY, a hauntingly terrifying account of one woman’s struggle to overcome a dark presence that haunts her. When newlywed Molly returns [...]

The Dead is released on Monday 10th October and we have 1 signed copy to giveaway! Shot on locations across Burkina Faso and Ghana, West Africa on 35mm including many never before committed to celluloid locations, The Dead is unlike anything horror audiences have ever experienced – an apocalyptic, savage journey to the heart of [...]

Horror thriller AMERICAN EVIL comes to DVD and Blu-ray on March 5th 2012. The spirits of the dead have returned in Georgina Lightning’s haunting take on a chilling true story, which sees Bradley Cooper (Limitless) unwittingly drawn into a diabolical world of the arcane, superstition and fear. A series of terrifying visions are the key [...]

To mark the release of Apocalypse Z on Monday 1st July, we’ve got three copies on DVD to give away! When a bacteriological weapon the US government have been developing in secret accidentally causes a zombie outbreak in a small town in Eastern Europe, the US President approves a plan to cover up the incident. [...]

To celebrate the July 18th release of Bane, we are giving away a copy of the gruesome horror to 3 lucky winners. Blending psychological horror with full-on gore, Bane, finally comes to DVD after a successful festival season that saw it win Best Horror Feature at Shriekfest in Los Angeles. Katherine awakes in an underground [...]

Win EPISODE 50 on DVD! Episode 50 is released on Monday 19th September and we have 3 copies to giveaway! Experience the true terror of things that go bump in the dead of night in the blood-curdling Episode 50, one of this year’s most nerve-shredding, spine-chilling supernatural thrillers. Over three years and 49 episodes, the [...]

Shocking, darkly comic British horror GNAW comes to DVD on 21 February 2011 – to mark the occasion we have 3 copies to give away! Six friends head off to a country estate for a weekend of bonding, bed hopping and home-cooked feasts. But their good times go very bad when they encounter a clan [...]

To mark the release of Grave Encounters 2 on February 4th, we’ve got three copies on DVD to give away! While researching the events depicted in the original film and the subsequent disappearance of its lead “actor” Sean Rogerson, Alex Wright received a bizarre video from a mysterious blogger named “DeathAwaits666.” Appearing to show Rogerson [...]

Ghostly horror GRAVE ENCOUNTERS comes to DVD and Blu-ray on April 23rd 2012. But what’s it all about? Lance Preston and the crew of “Grave Encounters”, a ghost-hunting reality television show, are shooting an episode inside the abandoned Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, where unexplained phenomena has been reported for years. All in the name of good [...]

To mark the recent release of I Spit on Your Grave 2, we’ve got three copies on DVD to give away! The highly anticipated horror sequel stars promising British newcomer Jemma Dallender, who takes on the lead role, following in the footsteps of Camille Keaton, star of the 1978 original, and Sarah Butler in I [...]

British horror thriller KILL LIST comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 26th December. The second film from director Ben Wheatley (Down Terrace) has received acclaim around the world, and to mark it’s home entertainment release we have 3 DVDs to give away! Eight months after a disastrous job in Kiev left him physically and mentally [...]

LESBIAN VAMPIRE WARRIORS is coming to DVD on Monday 25th June, released by Arrow Films, and has NOTHING to do with that Horne / Corden film featuring a sword with a penis-shaped handle. In the world of LESBIAN VAMPIRE WARRIORS humans live alongside the blood-sucking predators as long as they stick to their diet of [...]

Robotropolis is released on Monday 5th September and we have 3 copies to giveaway! A triumphant day turns into a fight for survival in the corporate-owned ‘New Town’ when a news crew are invited to broadcast the opening of the largest robot-only run facility and the dawning of a production revolution. Outwardly the robots “live” [...]

Scream of the Banshee is the latest chilling-feature from the After Dark Originals brand, coming to DVD & Blu-ray 25 July, and to mark the release we have 3 Blu Rays to give away! The film stars Lauren Holly (NCIS, Dumb and Dumber) and Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator) and is directed by Steven C. [...]

SILENT HOUSE is released on DVD & BLU RAY on Monday 17th September and this is your chance to win a copy on DVD! The film which is shot distinctively in one continuous take tells the story of a young woman Sarah, her father and uncle who have returned to their dilapidated Victorian house in [...]

STAKE LAND is released on DVD & Blu Ray on Monday 17th October 2011, and according to some site called Gorepress it’s “Absolutely stunning…” Following on from its acclaimed theatrical release, STAKE LAND comes to DVD and Blu Ray in October. Connor Paolo plays, Martin, a normal teenager swept across an abandoned, not-so United States [...]

To mark the release of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones on DVD on Monday 19th August, we’ve got two copies on DVD to give away! Based on the award-winning bestselling novel by Stephen King, STEPHEN KING’S BAG OF BONES is an unforgettable psychological thriller. Two-time Golden Globe Award nominee Pierce Brosnan (Die Another Day) stars [...]

Remains is coming to DVD on Monday 30th July and this is your chance to win a copy! Based on the IDW Publishing graphic novel written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and illustrated by Kieron Dwyer, Remains is set in a chilling post-apocalyptic Reno, Nevada, and follows the survivors of a bizarre accident [...]

To mark the release of Basket Case trilogy from 22nd October, we’ve got one copy of the trilogy on limited-edition steelbook Blu Ray to give away! Following the huge success of The Return Of The Living Dead, Second Sight Films now bring the wonderfully warped Basket Case – The Trilogy to special edition Blu-ray and [...]

To mark the release of The Last Will And Testament Of Rosalind Leigh on Monday 5th August through Metrodome Distribution, we’ve got three copies on DVD to give away! After inheriting his estranged mother’s house, Leon is about to spend his first night there but is disturbed to discover that she had devoted her home [...]

Crazy new monster movie The Rig comes to DVD on 8th August. As a hurricane rages outside, the small but experienced crew of a deep-sea oil drilling rig settles in to ride out the storm.  Isolated on the rig and a hundred miles from shore, their calm is short lived when a crew member goes [...]

The Task is a chilling new-feature from the After Dark Originals brand, coming to DVD & Blu-ray 11 July, and to mark its release we have 3 Blu-Rays to give away! Something diabolical is taking place on the set of “The Task” a new reality show in which players complete terrifying missions within the confines [...]

Ever wondered what really happened during the events leading up to the original film The Thing?  Get ready to find out where it all began as the chilling prequel to John Carpenter’s sci-fi horror classic crashes onto Blu-ray with Digital Copy, DVD and download to own on March 26. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination [...]

THE TUNNEL is coming to DVD on Monday 6th August and this is your chance to win a copy! They went down into the tunnels looking for a story – until the story found them. When heading into a tunnel you know you will see daylight on the other side, but the government abandoned train [...]

The Witches of Oz is out on DVD on 8 August 2011, and we have 3 copies to give away! A star-studded cast including Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) and Mia Sara (Legend) bring the much-loved magic of Oz into a modern [...]

Win tickets to a pre-release screening of Silent House – in cinemas May 4th To celebrate the forthcoming release of terrifying new horror Silent House starring Elizabeth Olsen which is released on May 4th, we have five pairs of tickets to a pre-release screening of the film in London to give away! The screening will [...]

Riveting new horror Uninhabited comes to DVD on 15th August and to mark the release we have 3 copies to give away! Harry and Beth want a different kind of holiday. So they charter a boat to drop them off on a remote coral island on the Great Barrier Reef. The island is idyllic – [...]

Hot new supernatural drama VAMPIRE BOYS comes to DVD on 26th September, and to mark its release we’ve got 3 copies to give away! A brood of hot and hungry vampires are in desperate need of ‘The One’: a young, fresh blooded victim that can be turned into an eternal mate that allows them to [...]

Wreckage is released on Monday 22nd August and we have 3 copies to giveaway! When their car’s fan belt snaps during a drag race on a county road several miles outside their home town, best friends Jared (Mike Erwin), Kate (Cameron Richardson), Rick (Aaron Paul), and Jessica (Kelly Kruger) find themselves stranded with two options: walk [...]

Wind Chill is a very decent horror film. It may be occasionally clichéd, and may confuse some audiences, but the acting, direction and script are beautifully crafted. Wind Chill is well worth your attention. It’s December 23rd and a nameless Girl (Emily Blunt) desperately wants to get home to Delaware. Despite usually flying, she decides [...]

The original Zombie Diaries was released to mixed-reception in 2006 and many thought it was dead and buried forever. But someone had forgotten to shoot it in the head and like a vicious, flesh-hungry beast it has risen from the carnage and come back for a sequel. For lovers of the original, you’ll be pleased [...]

Wreckage is horror at it’s worst; lazy, confused, boring, stupid and brimming with clichés. Some of the acting is decent, but otherwise Wreckage is a car-crash of a movie and it’s an absolute write-off. It begins with two starts – for some insane reason – one featuring a bespectacled child executing his mum and her [...]

Apparently one Wrong Turn does deserve another. Much like that awful pun, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is about as subtle as an axe in the crotch. It is insanely violent, surprisingly witty and a lot of fun. Occasionally it veers into being sickeningly ugly and knowingly predictable, but overall it is entertaining in a [...]

Zach Galligan is best known as being Billy Peltzer in Gremlins 1 & 2, but he’s also so much more. He’s acted in classics such as Waxwork 1 & 2, cameoed in Warlock 2 and Hellraiser 3 (wonderfully impaled with a pool cue), walked the boards on stage, starred in TV dramas as diverse as [...]

The beginning of Zombie 108 kicks off with some title credits and a little exposition that basically says: New gene found Scientist wins prize Uh oh! Zombies! The opening of Zombie 108 is very impressive; Linda (Yvonne Yao) wakes from a car crash and finds her husband unconscious and her daughter missing. Stepping into the [...]

Not satisfied with having Corey Feldman in their zombie film, Northern Girl Productions have managed to snag EDWARD FURLONG for the title role in The Zombie King! Furlong shot to fame in 1991 for his role in Terminator 2: Judgement day as John Connor. Along with Terminator 2 Furlong is best known for his roles [...]

Dumb name, dumb characters, dumb film; Zombie Undead is incredibly dumb. As innovative & imaginative as tomato soup and just a thrilling, Zombie Undead is one long streak of bloody lumbering stupidness. Avoid avoid avoid. Zombie films… not exactly rare, are they? In the past decade we’ve had Land of the Dead, Diary of the [...]

Zombie Women of Satan is depraved, insane, stupid, bloody and incredibly rude. Laughably childish in places, you’ll either find it gleefully fun or offensively immature, but you’re unlikely to see many films like it. Self-serving burlesque troop Fleshorama are being interviewed on Tycho Zander’s television show, along with feisty rock chick Skye Brannigan. Unbeknownst to [...]

Zombieland is fantastic fun. It is a funny, bloody, silly road trip through a brilliantly realised post-apocalyptic America. There is little depth to it, it’s not saying anything particularly interesting, it’s just immensely entertaining. Columbus is a loner, a geek who’s survived the end of the world by sticking rigidly to a set of rules [...]

[REC] and [REC]2 are fantastic films. Pure horror, genuinely scary and utterly utterly brutal. The characters are compelling and the story is fast-paced, claustrophobic and exciting. Naturally everyone was thrilled to hear about a third [REC] film coming out, moving away from the apartment block setting and throwing us into a wedding! So what should [...]