War of the Dead coming soon

Like the flesh-eating undead themselves, the zombie sub-genre will not die. Not with a head-shot or a cheeky bit of decapitation. Not with global economic recession or producers sighing heavily when they receive a new script called “Zombie Explosion 5”.

Luckily most horror fans love zombie films and they especially love GOOD zombie films. Unfortunately it’s difficult to cut the skanky rotten crap from the awesomely undead, but one thing that instantly improves any zombie film (by 34% according to scientists) is Nazis. From Zombie Lake (1981) to Dead Snow (2009) those pesky Nazis keep coming back to life to rip, rape, eat and shoot the living into an early grave.

WAR OF THE DEAD is the latest Nazi zombie horror to land on English shores, but this time (and unlike many other Swastika-splattered undead flicks) this is actually set DURING World War 2. This is actually a Nazi war film.. with zombies. Awesome.

And you want something unique about it? This is the most expensive film ever shot on location in Lithuania. Unbelievable, right? It’s a little bit of history mixed with brutal violence and undead fascist scumbags. What more could you want? A synopsis? Okay then!

At the beginning of World War II in 1939, in a secret bunker near the border of Russia and Finland, the Nazis began “Anti-Death” experiments on captured Russian soldiers. Two years later the project was abandoned with all records destroyed on the orders of Adolf Hitler and the test subjects buried in mass graves nearby.

Soon after those events, an elite squad of US soldiers is teamed up with a Finnish task force and sent on a mission to seek out and destroy the bunker along with any inhabitants remaining there.

Following an ambush en route to their target, during which the Allies lose a considerable number of men, to their shock and horror they later find themselves face-to-face with the same enemy soldiers they had eliminated in the earlier skirmish.

The big problem this time around is the enemy is more fearless than before and much harder to kill. After all, they’re already dead…

WAR OF THE DEAD is out on DVD on May 28th from all good (and some crap) retailers, complete with trailer and making of feature.

Gorepress review to follow next month.

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