The Lost Coast Tapes (2012)

The Lost Coast, a part of Northwest California, has the highest number of Sasquatch sighting than any other region.

While most scientists consider Bigfoot to be a combination of folklore and hoax, there are some researchers who periodically come forward with controversial new discoveries.

The following footage was an attempt to document that discovery…

These opening slates probably tell you nearly everything you need to know about The Lost Coast Tapes: found footage, attempted documentary, deep in the woods, no one survives.

Is that a spoiler? Not if you’ve watched any found footage films before. It’s not ‘found’ footage if people survive – that would just be ‘footage’. So if you’re comfortable with this fact, then dive on in, as The Lost Coast Tapes is surprisingly good.

The Lost Coast Tapes begins by introducing us to the documentary crew, staffed by genre-clichés; we have the arrogant “film-everything” obsessive director, the sassy non-nonsense producer woman, the geeky nerve-wracked sound engineer and the generically-handsome cameraman who is almost immediately forgettable.

This foursome is heading deep into Northern Californian to meet Carl Drybeck (Frank Ashmore ­– a cheaper version of Brian Cox), who is a wilderness huntsman that boldly claims to have an actual Bigfoot corpse!

Director Sean Reynolds (Drew Rausch) wants to prove this is a hoax in order to re-start his career, after his previous paranormal television series accidentally presented a hoax as fact… a move which practically destroyed his career.

Sean and co. have their cynicism tested when they arrive at Drybeck’s remote forest home and find the buildings there under siege at night, from something massive and angry. Yet Sean won’t leave until he’s seen the Bigfoot corpse… which is hidden in a cave deep in the woods…

The Lost Coast Tapes starts very poorly – and generically – and gradually gathers speed, rocketing towards a finale that is both surprising and more than a little bonkers. You will 100% not be able to guess the ending of The Lost Coast Tapes – it’s a huge surprise.

Frank Ashmore’s world-wearied huntsman Drybeck is perhaps the best element of The Lost Coast Tapes and every second he’s on screen the quality jumps up a notch. Unfortunately the rest of the cast are a little generic and fall into the usual horror film tropes.

Although little known (and – sadly – not available in the UK) Bigfoot found-footage horror The Pursuit of a Legend is far superior, The Lost Coast Tapes is a decent attempt and certainly worth a watch.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

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