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Danielle Harris is quickly becoming a modern horror icon. Having starred in Halloween 4 & 5 at a young age, her career has always touched upon the more violent and dark films. Although she starred in family-friendly flicks such as Don’t Tell Mum the Babysitter’s Dead and Free Willy, she also appeared a Bruce Willis’ foul-mouthed daughter in The Last Boy Scout and had turns in Marked for Death and Daylight.

Somehow Danielle didn’t end up overdosing on mounds of cocaine like most childhood stars and instead turned into an actual human being, working on various television series and films through the past couple of decades (including recurring TV characters in The Wild Thornberrys, Roseanne and That’s Life).

In the last five years, however, Danielle Harris has gone all-out-horror and has appeared in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 & 2, Left for Dead, Blood Night, The Black Waters of Echo Pond, Hatchet II, Stake Land, Shiver and five episodes of Fear Clinic. She has even directed two films (Prank and Among Friends) and has recently starred in The Victim, a product of Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc’s new production company.

Thanks to the release of The Victim, Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill has had the opportunity to ask her some e-mail questions and Danielle answered them, which was nice. Thanks to the awesome people at Fetch Publicity (and Danielle Harris!) for this opportunity.

Check it out below as Danielle talks about horror, Halloween and the pleasures of being a cokehead stripper.

GOREPRESS: So, how did you get involved with The Victim?

DANIELLE HARRIS: Jennifer and Michael have been friends of mine for many years, so when Jen approached me about the role, I couldn’t resist! Playing a cokehead stripper that’s best friends with one of my real life best friends was a no brainer! It was also nice to be seen as a woman for the first time on film and not a little girl or a high schooler for once!

GP: Was the shoot great fun or deadly serious?

DH: It was more fun than serious, but Michael gets the job done and there’s little time to mess around.

GP: How was Michael Biehn as a director?

DH: Amazing, crazy, passionate, patient and supportive with me. All the things an actor loves and needs from their director.

GP: Why do you think the horror genre has a large number of films that focus on a “rape and revenge” style theme?

DH: I honestly have no idea. Maybe they need to get out more??

GP: You’ve become quite a fan favourite amongst the horror community in recent years. Did you deliberately focus on working in the horror genre or was it by accident?

DH: I guess you could say I sort of fell into it at a very young age. I had no idea my career would be what it has become in the genre today.

GP: Being a fan favourite in any genre can be difficult. Have you had any ’unfortunate’ experiences with over-zealous fans?

DH: 99% are amazing, but sometimes there’s a rotten egg in the bunch. I haven’t let it stop me though!!

GP: You’ve been through a lot of mad-shit in the films you’ve done. Is there anything a director has asked you to do and you’ve said ‘No way – that’s too far!!’?

DH: It happens all the time and you just have to know your boundaries. Most of the time they assume I won’t want to do it, and I have to beg them to let me try it. Sometimes it’s the other way around…

GP: You have been part of the horror genre for decades, from Halloween 4 & Eerie Indiana to Stake Land and Hatchet III – how has the horror genre changed over this time and where do you see it heading in the future?

DH: I’m not sure. I just hope it finds the fun again. Life’s too short to be taken so seriously. Enough with the torture porn, slasher films!!

GP: Strangely, you’ve been quite a prolific cast member in the Halloween franchise (old and new)! What do you think the appeal is of Michael Myers as a ‘monster’?

DH: He’s basically the guy who could live next door to you and you wouldn’t even know it. That’s what makes him so scary. He seems real.

GP: You’ve worked with some brilliant actors and genre favourites in the past. Who would you love to work with that you haven’t already?

DH: Tarantino is on my list. We are old friends and I’m dying to do a movie with him. He writes the most amazing fun females for film!!

GP: In recent years you’ve taken to directing too – is this something you’ll be focusing on more in the future, or is acting still your main focus?

DH: Directing is what appeals to me at the moment. After directing “Among Friends” I can’t wait to get behind the camera again!

GP: IMDB says you’re doing about a million things at the moment – what are you actually working on right now?

DH: If it’s up on IMDB, it has to be true…actually I’m working on a million and one, so they’re not always right I guess!!

GP: What was the last horror film you watched? Was it any good?

DH: I haven’t seen a good horror movie since “Let the right one in”.

GP: If you had to remake any horror film, what would it be?

DH: I wouldn’t wanna remake any classics, so it’s a hard one. Also, it would be something from my childhood that scared me and if I remade it, it would just ruin it for me!

GP: And finally, what is your favourite horror movie of all time?

DH: Poltergeist for sure

The Victim is OUT NOW on DVD and Blu Ray in all good (and some shit) entertainment retailers in the UK.

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