London Film & Comic Con 2010

From Showmasters, the people behind Collectormania 2010, comes the London Film and Comic Con 2010.

Compared to Milton Keynes Collectormania, this is a more interactive, star-studded event set in a more easily accessible location and featuring even more areas to investigate. London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) is huge.

London Film and Comic Con

Alongside the expected photoshoots and signing desks, LFCC features the following “zones”:

The Anime Zone – for all your anime-y needs, the Anime Zone will be packed with dealers selling your favourite DVDs, manga, merchandise and goodies. It’s also a great place just to crash out if you’re knackered, because they’ll be showing various anime titles from 9am onwards. Kick back and enjoy the mang-ness. Yep.

The Artists Alley – packed with events, talks, panels and artist workshops all weekend, it’s for everyone and anyone, especially those budding artists out there. Check out the fantastic Art Wall, where you can pin up your own artwork, with prizes for the best three pieces each day. Just pray Lee Townsend doesn’t sneakily put one up there…

The Video Game Zone – it’s all about video games old, new and kind of recent but not quite up-to-date anymore. There’ll also be eight knock-out tournaments for the Modern Gaming, Retro Gaming, Handheld Gaming and the always fun to watch Stepmania dance-mat sections.

The Cosplay Zone – love it or hate it with an undying passion, people will always dress up for these events. Collectormania 2010 was teeming with Doctor Who’s, Stormtroopers, fat Jedis, monsters, robots and The Stig. LFCC is no different, but embraces it even more, with Cosplay masquerades, Cosplay Olympics and the slightly ominous Cosplay Showdown. As well as these events there’s also the bonkers-sounding Elegant Gothic Lolita section, and themed meet-ups such as steampunk. Could be amazing, whatever the case it’s guaranteed to be visually bonkers.

These zones, however, are not the main reason people go. It’s the guests – the icons, the heroes, Jonathan Frakes – and LFCC has some fantastic guests that will make any horror fan dribble blood from their eyes just at the mere sight of them…. but that might be because they got the Ebola Virus on the District Line. Bring a tissue.

William B. Davis

William B. DavisHaving transferred from the concrete fun-hole that was Milton Keynes Collectormania, the Man o’ Cancer is gracing London with his presence. Responsible for one of Sci-fi’s most dominant and motive-baffling baddies, Davis’s “Cigarette Smoking Man” spent nine years during the X Files killing, “dying”, conspiring with aliens and being a creepy, dangerous Man in Black. Writer, teacher, director and man, William B. Davis will also show his talent for signing things and creating awkward small talk. He probably won’t try to kill you. Probably.

William Shatner

William ShatnerOkay, so Shatner’s horror career has consisted of one episode of The Twilight Zone, the laughably pathetic American Psycho II and the criminally bad Groom Lake… which he directed, wrote and starred in. But Shatner is a LEGEND. His album Has Been is both hilarious and touching, and he’s sci-fi’s greatest hero. His inclusion here is entirely necessary.

Katee Sackhoff

Katee SackhoffAlthough best known for her roles in Battlestar Galactica and 24, Sackhoff has also appeared in horror remakes of Halloween (Resurrection) and White Noise and will be starring in crazy horror flick Growl in 2011, which should be ace simply because the film’s creator is called Sxv’Leithan Essex. Sackhoff is also pretty. Not that I noticed…

Tom Noonan

Tom NoonanAnother screen icon, Noonan’s career spans 30 years of horror from Wolfen to House of the Devil, but he is still perhaps best known for his amazing performance as Francis “Tooth Fairy” Dolarhyde in Manhunter. He makes an impact on any film he’s in, with notable performances in Heat, Last Action Hero, The X Files and Seraphim Falls – he is a true icon of the screen.

Sean Pertwee

Sean PertweeNeeding little introduction, Pertwee is a British horror legend like no other. Adding something exciting to each role he’s taken on, he’s made a noticeable impact on quality horrors such as Event Horizon, Dog Soldiers and Wilderness, and even survived without too much shame in abysmal crap-athons like The Mutant Chronicles and The Prophecy: Uprising. Down-to-earth and always likeable, Pertwee is a legend, and he’s at LFCC 2010 just for you… and the other 35,000 people attending…

London Film and Comic Con

And that’s just a few of the guests – there are horror stuntmen and women, Doctor Who guest stars, that mad general bloke in Avatar, writing legend Robert Rankin, Boba Fett himself and the dude that “acted” as Slimer in Ghostbusters! It’s an eclectic mix of those hard-working people behind decades of classic sci-fi and horror films, with many more guests to be announced. I’m hoping for Boris Karloff, but I think that might be optimistic…

London Film and Comic Con is on Saturday 17th July and Sunday 18th July 2010 at Earls Court 2, London, SW5 9TA. For more information, forums, entry costs, photo prices and the latest guest announcements click here.

Boston will be there, snapping Stormtroopers, stalking Sackhoff, drawing his best Urotsukidoji picture and desperately trying to look cool in front of Sean Pertwee… and praying that he says “Nice one geezer” at least once…

2 Comments on “London Film & Comic Con 2010”

  1. Scullion says:

    London Film and Comic Con Cancellations

    Due to reasons, the following two sci-fi stars have had to pull out of the London Film and Comic Con 2010:

    Jonathan Frakes
    Stephen Lang

    The director of Thunderbirds won’t be there?! Earl Kellogg from Fire Down Below has pulled out?! Gawd darn it!

    At least Shatner’s still going. Always reliable, always cool – he’s never let us down before. Well, maybe in Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous…

  2. Scullion says:

    But as an added bonus, they’ve recently added Nicola Cunningham to the line up.

    WHO!? You may scream / mutter…

    That’s the supermarket girl “Mary” from Shaun of the Dead, who gets impaled on the washing line pole in Shaun’s back garden. Nasty.

    Who needs Riker when you’ve got Zombie Mary?!

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