The Body (2012)

Directed By: Oriol Paulo
Written By: Oriol Paulo
  Lara Sendim
Starring: José Coronado
  Hugo Silva
  Belén Rueda
The Body

Álex Ulloa (Hugo Silva) is having an affair with one of his students. Foolishly falling in love, he’s secretly pleased when his wife Mayka (Belén Rueda) dies of a heart after returning from a trip abroad. Pleased… or responsible?

This question arises when Mayka’s body goes missing from the morgue and – however it disappeared – the morgue attendant was so scared he ran screaming into the woods… and straight into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

It is up to Detective Jaime Peña (José Coronado) to unravel this mystery bodysnatching and, as the spotlight turns more on Álex, dark secrets and strange motives begin spilling into the night and the idea that maybe, just maybe, Mayka isn’t dead at all…

The Body marks another quality horror-thriller to come out of Spain in recent years. Produced by the people behind The Orphanage and Julia’s Eyes, it certainly has a similar flavour, with a twisting tale of suspicion, intrigue and violence. Touched with drab, gloomy tones throughout, it is a darkly compelling little horror-thriller that genuinely surprises.

Perhaps a little ridiculous in places – and overly convoluted – the film leads towards a finale that is genuinely surprising but ultimately a little head-scratching.

The Body features another captivating performance from Julia’s Eyes star Belén Rueda, whose flashbacks (to when she was alive) are full of energy and intrigue. Hugo Silva is also excellent as the increasingly more befuddled Álex, who is oddly likeable despite being a cheating, potentially-murderous little swine…

Overall The Body is an enjoyable, well-made thriller (with horror elements). Some may find the drab, gradual pace frustrating, but most will appreciate the twisting intrigue and great performances, making this certainly worth a watch.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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