Infestation (2009)

Directed By: Kyle Rankin
Written By: Kyle Rankin
Starring: Chris Marquette
  Brooke Nevin
  Kinsey Packard
  Ray Wise

Infestation is silly, funny, self-knowing, cheaply made and an immensely enjoyable giant bug attack film that is thoroughly entertaining throughout. Great fun.

The plot is blindingly simple – a job-shy slacker wakes up in his workplace entombed in webbing. Freeing himself, he finds the world is overrun by giant meat-eating bugs. Teaming up with an odd-ball group of people he randomly frees from other deadly cocoons, he decides to hunt down his gun-toting father and attempt to escape the infestation.

From the very beginning we’re treated to appalling CGI in the form of large evil insects that crawl on ceilings, fly in the sky and generally attack anything that makes a sound. Yet Infestation does not care about snazzy computer graphics, intelligent plot or a semblance of character depth – it’s a punchy monster movie that simply wants you to have fun. And it succeeds admirably.

Chris Marquette plays Cooper, a lazy office worker who got his job through his father’s insistence. Useless with women and utterly indifferent to authority, he’s the perfect protagonist to take us through the newly apocalyptic world. He is panicky, hilariously unfortunate and still desperate to find romance even during a hellish insect invasion, and Marquette plays this with immense lovability. The supporting cast do exactly what they should in the piece too – a deaf guy, an old guy, a vacuous hottie, the ballsy female love interest etc… – who somehow portray an ejaculation of dangerous cliché with good humour and amazing likability. Casting Ray Wise as Cooper’s militaristic father is also a genius move, and injects freshness exactly when the plot needs a boost.

The action is also great fun – the bug attacks are amusingly violent and frequent enough to keep you interested. There are also one or two surprises involved that actually do surprise. Oddly the film feels like it is missing some footage as a few of the sub-characters simply disappear and you never hear from them again, but this is a minor issue in an otherwise interestingly plotted and sharp horror comedy.

Cartoony and self-knowing, Infestation never tips towards being remotely scary, but this is never the intention. It is simply a funny big-bug monster movie that vastly outshines other films in this genre, especially the lamentable Eight Legged Freaks, and mainly because Infestation has bags more charm and absolutely no David Arquette. Infestation does nothing particularly new with an old sub-genre of horror, but it does so with an immense amount of charm, good sense and lovability.

Kick back, grab a drink and watch this with some friends – Infestation is stupid, funny, self-aware and an utter joy to watch. It is simple, bonkers fun.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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  1. Sarah Law says:

    I liked this. And I love Ray Wise. That ending was just cheeky though :)

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