Re-animator: The Musical hits the UK!

I love Re-animator. It’s not a secret. I even quite liked Bride of Re-animator and, despite it being clearly a bit awful, I absolutely adore Beyond Re-animator. I love the H.P. Lovecraft story from which it’s inspired by. I’m basically a huge Re-animator fan.

So when I heard about Re-animator the Musical I was – naturally – both excited and very very sceptical. Dennis Paoli and William J. Norris and composer/lyricist Mark Nutter turned Re-Animator into a musical in 2011… and it played to rave reviews and standing ovations for a sold-out six month run. Good news!

For those who don’t know what Re-animator is (for shame!) here’s a little recap / cap:

Re-animator tells the story of Herbert West, a brilliant young medical student who has created a glowing green serum that can bring the dead back to life. What should be a medical breakthrough results in hideous monstrosities and ghastly consequences. “I guess he just wasn’t fresh enough,” is West’s constant refrain as his quest for fresh subjects results in the murders of half the faculty of the medical school…

Okay, so… why is this news? Well, the Americans have been holding onto this gem for far too long and now – thank God – it’s coming to the UK!

The original cast is back for The Edinburgh Fringe! George Wendt, best known as the affable Norm from Cheers plays the Dean of the Medical School who West transforms into a mindless zombie.

Graham Skipper stars as Herbert West, with Chris L. McKenna (the star of Gordon’s neo-noir thriller King of the Ants) as Dan Cain, Herbert’s hapless roommate who finds himself drawn into the mayhem. Rounding out the cast are Jesse Merlin, Rachel Avery, Mark Beltzman, Cynthia Carle, Brian Gillespie, Marlon Grace and Liesel Hanson.

Winning the LA Drama Critics Circle Award for their work on the show, the special effects team is the same as the 1985 movie (!): Tony Doublin, John Naulin and John Buechler, joined by Greg McDougal and Tom Devlin. And the blood will flow so freely that the first few rows will be designated as a “splash zone.” Awesome!

Stuart Gordon directs. Which is seriously brilliant.

RE-ANIMATOR THE MUSICAL will be splashing gore down upon the Assembly George Square at the following dates ‘n’ times:


August 1 – 3

22:40 (1 hr 20 minutes)

Tickets at a ridiculously low £5!


August 4 – 27

22:40 (1 hr 20 minutes)

Tickets prices vary from £12 – £14 (concessions cheaper)

Days off on August 6, 13, 20

Like someone pumped with reagent, it looks like Re-animator has life in it yet.

It. Just. Won’t. Die!

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