Michael Biehn & Jennifer Blanc Interview

Does Michael Biehn really need an introduction? Yes? Okay then.

Biehn is a Hollywood stalwart and movie legend, having appeared as Kyle Reese in The Terminator, Corporal Dwayne Hicks in Aliens, Lieutenant Hiram Coffey in The Abyss and in some other films NOT made by James Cameron.

Biehn has had his highs (The Terminator) and his lows (Cherry Falls) but he’s always been a formidable presence and a compelling actor to watch. In recent years Biehn has moved into horror films, appearing in the likes of Planet Terror, Psych:9, Bereavement and The Divide. With at least three horror films on the horizon, it looks like Biehn isn’t slowing down.

In fact, Biehn has proven his true love of Horror by starting his own production company with his wife, actress Jennifer Blanc. They run BlancBiehn Productions and their first horror feature is The Victim, which recently played at London’s Frightfest on the Discovery Screen.

The Victim is out on Monday 24th (on both Blu Ray and DVD) and Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill had the privilege of asking them both a few questions, via the wonderful medium of e-mail.

Check it out below as Michael and Jennifer chat about yelling, kissing, horror, tits, ass and the remake of another Frightfest film.

GOREPRESS: Going straight for the throat, why did you start BlancBiehn Productions?

MICHAEL BIEHN: We decided to start BlancBiehn Productions during the making of The Victim as we realized we liked our product and wanted to do more.

GP: How was it working together, considering your relationship? Does this union make for easier filming or a domestic nightmare?!

JENNIFER BLANC: We are loud and passionate. There are moments when we get very intense and yell at each other but then we are kissing ten minutes later. We really do work and live well together but at times it can get dramatic. Haha, as we are two actors!

GP: Where did the idea for The Victim spring from?

JB: It came from a story by Reed Lackey and then Michael took that idea and kept the characters but changed the story.

GP: Frightfest hosted the UK premiere of The Victim and it’s out on DVD & Blu Ray on Monday – what should audiences expect from The Victim?

MB: First of all we were so stoked to be in Frightfest UK and if we weren’t opening in NYC the same day in theaters, we would’ve been there. But we made a special video for all who came to see it and we know the honor of being at Frightfest also. Expect a thriller with some tits and ass and a bit of torture and drugs!

GP: Subjects as difficult as “rape” and “man’s inhumanity to man” are often explored in Horror films. When making a film such as The Victim how do you approach these sort of topics? Are you concerned you might accidentally make something slightly exploitative?

MB: We have approached it from a more fun or camp point of view with there still being a solid story.

GP: What was the hardest part of creating The Victim?

MB: It was a 12 day shoot on a shoe-string budget, written in 3 weeks all whilst prepping the film to shoot!

GP: On hindsight is there anything you wish you’d done differently… or not at all?

JB: I know Michael would have liked more time and more special effects which equals more money!

GP: Gorepress-favourite Danielle Harris is also in The Victim – what was she like to work with?

JB: She is one of my closest friends and is a breeze to work with. We have a great relationship and I think it plays on screen.

GP: What is your opinion on remakes of Horror classics, such as Halloween and The Hills Have Eyes?

MB: Jennifer and I really enjoy Rob Zombie’s Halloween and we like remakes. Actually, we just optioned Patricio Valledares’ Chilean film Hidden in the Woods to do an English remake with us producing and Patricio directing. I will play his bad guy. It’s an awesome film.

GP: You’ve both been involved in the film industry for decades – how has the horror genre evolved over this time and where do you see it heading over the next decade?

JB: Michael and I think it’s taking on all shapes. It’s not just chop them up anymore. The genre is expanding and it’s exciting. I see it getting psychological more and more.

GP: I’m terrified of the ocean (The Abyss scares the crap out of me!). What genuinely scares you both?

JB: Ghosts scare me! I think Michael is scared of ghosts too but he doesn’t believe in them!

GP: Now that The Victim is wrapped and released, what are you both working on next?

MB: Jennifer and I have a film that we produced called Treachery in post-production. I am about to do a film about MMA and we are also prepping to do the remake of Hidden in the Woods and The Farm with Xavier Gens.

GP: And finally, what is your favourite horror film of all time? And you can’t say The Victim

MB: Shit, we were going to say The Victim, but ok then! The Exorcist. We both agree!

The Victim is released on DVD & Blu Ray on Monday 24th September

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