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Courtney Hope is an up-and-coming American actress and star of the  brutal horror flick Prowl.

Having learnt the ropes on American TV shows such as CSI Miami, Grey’s Anatomy and Walker, Texas Ranger, she’s proven her worth by knocking out as superb turn as Amber in Patrik Syversen’s Prowl.

Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill had a chance to catch up with her on the publicity trail, and asked her a few questions about her involvement in Prowl.

Gorepress: First up, great work in Prowl; a really surprising film, in a lot of good ways. Really enjoyed it.

Courtney Hope: Thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

GP: So how did you get involved with Prowl?

CH: I got called in to read for the role of Amber, who’s character I loved. I read the script and thought it was very interesting. I ended up meeting with the director and we instantly clicked, and then I was told I had the role.

GP: Tell me a little bit about your character in Prowl.

CH: Amber is a very interesting character. She is dealing with the struggles of growing up and finding herself, so she feels very lost in her surroundings. She is very naive and not in tune with her friends when it comes to just having fun and being young. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about them, she just is in a different place than they are, mentally. As she leaves her small town to move to the big city, her struggles become bigger than she ever imagined. Her strength and independence as a person really show through, and reveals that she would do absolutely anything to fight for what she loves and believes in.

GP: The relationships between the characters in Prowl are very believable – how were the rest of the cast to work with?

CH: The whole cast got along really well. We had an absolute blast while filming. We all clicked instantly, and I think it really showed on screen.

GP: Your role is pretty brutal and very active – how did you prepare yourself for this?

CH: We shot in chronological order, so the extremely brutal/ emotional parts, I just prepared for as I went along. I just really dove deep into the character and how she was feeling, so when she became emotional, tired and fearful, I found myself doing the same. As far as the physical activity, I am a very athletic person, so that was second nature to me.

GP: Prowl has some surprisingly deep themes simmering beneath the horror – what would you hope the audience gets from this film?

CH: I would hope that the audience feels a deeper connection to the characters, and a more extreme, detailed version of the struggles of growing up.

GP: Would you ever accept a lift from a complete stranger?

CH: Absolutely not. My mom has always made it a point throughout my life to make sure my brother and I know not to accept rides, or anything for that matter, from strangers. Now, after seeing the extremes of what can happen, it would never even cross my mind.

GP: What scares you the most?

CH: Clowns, paranormal activity, and serial killers are the things that really get to me. Those are all so real to me, and completely terrify me.

GP: And finally, what’s your favourite horror movie of all time?

CH: Its funny when you say favorite, because to me in the horror genre favorite means what scares me the most. Its hard to pick just one, but the ones that stand out are IT, Paranormal Activity, The Fourth Kind, and any slasher movie like Scream or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to name a few.

GP: Thanks for chatting with Gorepress, Courtney!

CH: Anytime! Thank you very much! =)

Prowl is available on DVD now.

4 Comments on “Courtney Hope Interview”

  1. Pat Hennessy says:

    The film kept your attention and kept me on the edge of my seat. I thought the acting was very good by all the cast especially Courtney Hope. She was so convincing in her roll and seemed to live every part of it. She is a beautiful girl and in my eyes, a star waiting to be discovered!!!

  2. Keith (Austin, Texas) says:

    I traveled to Dallas to see the opening of “Prowl” and all I can say is the four hour ride there to see it was well worth my time. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat which not all horror films are capable of doing.
    This new young actress Courtney Hope is not only a knockout she can really act
    keeping you deeply involved in her character and thats not easy when you have a horror film critic like me watching.
    This girl is a diamond in the rough, hats off to the director who decided she was the one for the part of Amber, he was Dead right. The whole cast did a great job pulling there own weight to make this horror project a believable piece of artistic work.
    I am looking forward to further film projects from AfterDark and I am interested in what Amber’s going to do with her life now that she knows she is one of those blood sucking creators. What were those bird like creators??
    That night when I drove back to Austin every semi I passed I thought of those kid trapped waiting to be slashed and eaten. Scared oh hell yes, I did not get out of my truck the whole way home for anything, those bird like things were not getting me.
    Lets see more of the HOPE, Courtney Hope that is!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Colleen Leksutin says:

    My husband and I were looking for a “different” kind of movie to watch than our “normal” type. We found Prowl and we are so glad that we did. The entire cast was great but boy- can that Ms Courtney Hope act! She showed the emotions and evolution of the role perfectly. I highly recommend the movie and look forward to seeing Courtney Hope in future movies. Does she have a fan club?

  4. loveshorror says:

    Prowl is a great film that is full of suspense. A true horror and thriller film. The acting was very good and I agree with the other viewers that Courtney Hope is a great solid actress. You actually became tired and wornout watching her as she fought for her life. That is what proves a great actress is when you feel that YOU have lived the role! We hope to see more of Courtney Hope soon. Bruce Payne was also awesome. He is a solid great actor and we loved him in Passenger 57! We’re hoping that PROWL will have a sequel. Everyone is asking for one……after all, how are we to know what happends to Amber and her friend Suzy? Congrats After Dark Films on a great, very well received film!!!

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