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Kevin Howarth is a British stage and screen actor who has appeared in films as varied as Razor Blade Smile, Summer Scars, Burlesque Fairytales and The Last Horror Movie. He has also provided voicework for a huge variety of videogames, including Spartan: Total Warrior and The Witcher. Starring in Frightfest 2012’s opening film The Seasoning [...]

Gorepress‘ own Clive Barker fans Mark Pidgeon and James Simpson (with trusty voice recorder in hand) were lucky enough to have an exclusive sit down interview with some very important people before the last ever UK screening of Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut. In attendance was restoration director Russell Cherrington, actors Simon ‘Ohnaka’ Bamford, Hugh ‘Narcisse’ [...]

Throughout Women in Horror Recognition Month, sites like ours have spent the last 28 days extolling the virtues of females in various roles within the genre we all share a strong love for. “It’s something that should be all year round” says Hannah Neurotica, the founder of Women in Horror Recognition Month. “My hope over the [...]

Danielle Harris is quickly becoming a modern horror icon. Having starred in Halloween 4 & 5 at a young age, her career has always touched upon the more violent and dark films. Although she starred in family-friendly flicks such as Don’t Tell Mum the Babysitter’s Dead and Free Willy, she also appeared a Bruce Willis’ [...]

Does Michael Biehn really need an introduction? Yes? Okay then. Biehn is a Hollywood stalwart and movie legend, having appeared as Kyle Reese in The Terminator, Corporal Dwayne Hicks in Aliens, Lieutenant Hiram Coffey in The Abyss and in some other films NOT made by James Cameron. Biehn has had his highs (The Terminator) and [...]

Elina Madison has amassed 85 credits since 1996. She’s appeared in titles as diverse as Mulholland Drive, Creepshow 3 and Someone’s Knocking At The Door, not to mention having delved into producing recently. Along with actresses like Tiffany Shepis and Danielle Harris, she’s part of a new wave of Scream Queens so, quite frankly, Sarah [...]

LAURA LAU is the writer, co-director and producer of Silent House, which is due to land in UK cinemas on Friday 4th May. Lau is dangerously close to being as prolific as Terrence Malick, having only made films in 1997, 2003 and 2012 (Grind, Open Water and Silent House, respectively). Working with her husband Chris [...]

Jim Mickle is the writer / director of STAKE LAND, the fantastic vampire film that was so awesome they quote Gorepress on the DVD cover! Mickle is also responsible for Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street – a lovingly created rat-zombie horror flick that was surprisingly original. Having kicked out an original take on zombies, STAKE [...]

Dick Maas is a controversial Dutch filmmaker who has spent over 30 years in the feature-film business, creating films such as bonkers Dutch-language flick Amsterdammed and William Hurt starrer Do Not Disturb (also set in Amsterdam). Recently he’s grabbed the headlines all over his native Netherlands, with his twisted Christmas horror film Saint, a demented [...]

Tom Six is the controversy courting director of mouth to anus, medically accurate-a-rama: The Human Centipede. His latest film The Human Centipede: Full Sequence recently made the BBFC wet themselves and decline to give it a certificate, declaring it “obscene”. It’s an overcast but hot one as I pick my way through the sightseeing hordes [...]

Paul Campion is the Writer / Director / Producer of The Devil’s Rock, a brutal, bloody horror set on the Channel Islands during World War 2. He took some time out from the marketing trail to chat to Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill about the film. Honest, candid and good humoured, Paul gives an interesting insight into [...]

Jonathan Sothcott is one of the producers behind the ever-expanding British production company Black & Blue Films. After interviewing him last, Gorepress got the chance to catch up with him once again to talk about his new project Strippers Vs. Werewolves and how far the company has come in such a short space of time. [...]

Courtney Hope is an up-and-coming American actress and star of the  brutal horror flick Prowl. Having learnt the ropes on American TV shows such as CSI Miami, Grey’s Anatomy and Walker, Texas Ranger, she’s proven her worth by knocking out as superb turn as Amber in Patrik Syversen’s Prowl. Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill had a chance [...]

Director Michael Shane Leighton and writer Marc Leighton are the brothers responsible for the terrifying found footage horror film Pursuit of a Legend – review here Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill was hugely impressed by their feature debut and wanted to discuss where their ideas came from and how they created such a believable “found footage” film. [...]

Craig Fairbrass is a veteran British actor with a huge range of experience; three years on Eastenders, a memorable role in Cliffhanger, a Uwe Boll film, roles in Stargate SG-1 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and even voicing major characters in the Call of Duty franchise. Being involved in over 12 films in 2010 [...]

Brian Metcalf is the director, writer, producer, editor and visual effects supervisor on fantasy-horror film Fading of the Cries. Not released anywhere yet and having only just finished the post production on it, Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill had the pleasure of talking to Brian before Fading of the Cries hits the big screen… or any screen, [...]

Meir Zarchi might not be a household name, but he was in 1978, and for a heap of controversial reasons – Zarchi is the director, writer and producer of the notorious and original I Spit On Your Grave a.k.a “Day of the Woman”. Banned on its cinematic release throughout most of Europe, cut to ribbons [...]

Anthony Straeger is the Director of Call of The Hunter. Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill met up with him in the classy establishment that is The William Morris Wetherspoons pub In Hammersmith. Ignoring the drunks, the smell of spilt alcohol and the carpet that feels like angry Velcro, we sat down to discuss his first feature film. [...]

Steve Isles is the co-director of British horror film The Torment (A.K.A. The Possession of David O’Reilly). Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill spoke to him on the release day of the UK DVD, Monday 9th August – Steve was in America at a fresh 10am, while Boston was in London at a tired, post-work 6pm. Both places, [...]

Tom Noonan’s career spans 30 years of horror from Wolfen to House of the Devil, but he is still perhaps best known for his amazing performance as demented serial killer Francis “Tooth Fairy” Dolarhyde in Manhunter. He has clocked up notable performances in Heat, Last Action Hero, The X Files and Seraphim Falls. Tom Noonan [...]

MyAnna Buring is a Swedish born actress who moved to England when she was sixteen. She graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), started a theatre company (called MahWaff) and has starred in a large range of film and television roles. Ticking off the usual British TV essentials such as The [...]

Chad Ferrin made his first movie ‘Unspeakable’ a decade ago. Since then he’s been working hard to create a name for himself and with his fourth directorial effort ‘Someone’s Knocking At The Door‘ in the bag and due for release in the US on the 25th of May, he’s certainly doing just that. Gorepress was [...]

Written, produced and directed by award winning filmmakers Paul Feeney, Ryan McDermott, & Sean Candon, Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders is a high concept independent short film filled with numerous memorable characters, laugh out loud moments, original creature effects and a taste of true British comedy with a sprinkle of horror. Mark Macready and [...]

Although she’s a relative newcomer to the fright business, Bianca Barnett is already making waves. Having used the internet to raise awareness of her rising star and create a loyal fan-base in the process, she’s gone from ‘horror hottie’ to serious actress in a fairly short space of time. Given that it’s Women In Horror [...]

Zach Galligan is best known as being Billy Peltzer in Gremlins 1 & 2, but he’s also so much more. He’s acted in classics such as Waxwork 1 & 2, cameoed in Warlock 2 and Hellraiser 3 (wonderfully impaled with a pool cue), walked the boards on stage, starred in TV dramas as diverse as [...]