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With lead roles in British fare already in the bag, things look bright for Lisa McAllister who, this year alone, has major parts in two exciting upcoming horror movies; Dead Cert and Devil’s Playground, both under the umbrella of Black & Blue Films. Gorepress managed to grab a few minutes of her precious time in [...]

With several movies coming out this year alone, the future’s looking very promising for fledgling British production company Black & Blue Films. Recently, I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask one of the men behind the company; Jonathan Sothcott, a few important questions about some of his upcoming productions and his love [...]

Directed by Paddy Breathnach and starring Arielle Kebbel, Red Mist focuses on a group of medical students who are systematically eliminated by a comatose co-worker. A bit like a modern day Patrick. It is currently available at all good DVD retailers . Back in May, I had a chat with writer, Spence Wright, to pick [...]