Bianca Barnett Interview

Bianca Barnett

Although she’s a relative newcomer to the fright business, Bianca Barnett is already making waves. Having used the internet to raise awareness of her rising star and create a loyal fan-base in the process, she’s gone from ‘horror hottie’ to serious actress in a fairly short space of time. Given that it’s Women In Horror Recognition Month, we thought it the perfect time to celebrate one of horrors’ new female presences.

GP : So, which came first, the acting or the modelling?

BB : Modeling came first, but honestly, I grew tired of that industry pretty quickly. I realized I like standing out in a crowd, not conforming to someone else’s idea of what I should be or look like. I was literally killing myself trying and damaging my body and soul to reach an impossible standard of beauty.. I want to be known for my accomplishments, and judged by the size of my heart, not my clothing.

You’ve created quite a presence for yourself via the internet; it’s a powerful tool for self promotion but people must have been quite receptive to you anyway for it to work. Do you think the internet has helped you to create a fan-base that might not have been able to find you otherwise?

Absolutely, I wouldn‘t be where I am now without the internet and without my amazing fans and friends! It takes a lot of time and effort to promote my work. Right now, I do most of it by myself, but if things keep picking up I will have to have help. That part will be hard for me because I like being “hands-on“. I’ve become much pickier about how I want to be presented in photos and what films I want to be a part of. I think that drives a lot of people crazy, especially photographers. I feel like I’ve been doing this long enough that I know how I want to present myself professionally. Most of it has been very instinctual and I base a lot of my decisions on my intuition.

It’s always nice to see powerful women making a name for themselves on the horror circuit, be it behind or in front of the camera. Do you enjoy your status as something of a horror pin-up?

Oh yes, I’m completely flattered and honored when people think of me as attractive. I’m so critical of myself and tend to focus on my flaws, so it’s a nice surprise when people see things differently. I’m still working on my confidence and self-worth and staying positive.

Do you think you’d like to concentrate on garnering more film appearances in the future or will the modelling always be just as important to you? Is it nice being able to juggle the two?

I’d love to garner more film appearances, and hopefully that will lead to more modeling gigs. I feel like I am in a place in my showbiz career that I am ready to take it to the next level. Previously, I took almost every modeling and acting job I was offered because I was so eager to be a part of it all. Now I’ve become much more selective and I’m choosing quality over quantity. Let’s hope that the offers keep coming!

You’ve been involved in a couple of projects featuring Troma legends Lloyd Kaufman and Trent Haaga. Do you admire the Troma way of filmmaking?

I admire anyone who is brave enough to follow their hearts and make their own path in an industry. I just hope I can be as successful as they have been!

Bianca Barnett

In Albino Farm, you play the primary villain, the truly grotesque and memorable creation; ‘Pig Bitch‘. I always feel that the villains are the more interesting characters in horror. What sort of preparation did you have to do to get into character?

I have to agree, the villains are usually the best part of the movie. I couldn’t wait to portray Pig Bitch – being in the makeup really helped me become the character. I tried to completely channel my teenage angst and aggression. I also studied my dog, Dixie, and based some of the reactions on her more primal behaviors.

Albino Farm got mixed reviews but one thing the reviewers seemed to agree on was that you were the best part of the movie. How does it feel when someone openly praises something you had such a big part in creating?

It’s like winning the lottery! I can’t describe the feeling in words, but I was surprised that people really seemed to like my portrayal of the character. I know I still have a long way to go as an actor, but I did try to do my best with the material I was given to work with.

Was it difficult to act through the heavy make-up and prosthetics or did you find that it made it easier to get into character?

It made it easier to get into character, but the fact that I was carrying five pounds on my head and had limited vision, breathing, and hearing for about fifteen hours a day while doing all of my own stunts, took a toll. I came down with viral pharyngitis and was extremely ill by the end of the shoot. I did it, though, and I’m proud of myself for toughing it out! I would love to do more action films in the future.

It’s an exciting time for women in horror, which seems to be reflected in another of the projects you‘ve recently been involved in, Welcome To My Darkside, a documentary looking at females in the industry, from scream queens to directors. Do you have any role models that inspired you to seek out a career in horror?

I love all of the cool, Hitchcock blondes as well as the beautiful and exotic actresses from the 1960s and 1970s. The hair, makeup and wardrobe are all so fabulous! Barbara Steele and the women who epitomized Hammer glamour are very inspirational to me.

Ok, so what’s next on the Bianca Barnett agenda? What does your future hold and which direction would you like your career to head in?

I am wanting to get better at developing my acting craft and style. I think that will increase my profile. I want the future to hold some really great movies and wonderful experiences making them. I also hope to meet as many new friends and fans as I can. I want people to look forward to seeing a picture I am in and as long as people want to see me, I will continue to act and entertain!

You can find lots more information about Bianca at or on her myspace page..

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    Excellent interview! Bianca is absolutely amazing! Awesome site and all my best to Bianca for a wonderfully successful career!

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    Thank you! We wish her all the best too, I’m certain she’ll go far :)

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