A Cure for Dead


A Cure for Dead – a new zombie web series has been announced.

Survival, gore, sex and action packed into a cutting edge web-series available at your fingertips…

A Cure For Dead

A scientist has developed a cure for a looming zombie sickness. After a zombie attack on his lab a single vial is all that remains and the only lab to reproduce the cure is hundreds of miles away. Unable to survive the trip alone he enlists the help of three other survivors in an attempt to save what’s left of humanity…

A Cure for Dead; a new zombie web-series written, directed, and Produced by Wes Young, brings Hollywood flare to your personal computer. Five to eight minutes long, and released bi-monthly, zombie fans will be eager to consume more.

Check out EPISODE ONE – “THE DOC” at www.ACureForDead.com and on everyone’s favourite video haunt You Tube

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