Some Guy Who Kills People (2012)

Directed By: Jack Perez
Written By: Ryan A. Levin
Starring: Kevin Corrigan
  Barry Bostwick
  Lucy Davis
  Leo Fitzpatrick
Some Guy Who Kills People

Some Guy Who Kills People is a quality little comedy / horror film packed with heart, great performances and some strong laughs. It won’t appeal to horror-hounds desperate for scares and blood, but for people looking for a smart, funny and thoroughly enjoyable horror-comedy they will be greatly pleased. Some Guy Who Kills People is great fun.

Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan) has been stuck in a mental institute for years, clinically depressed after a vicious high-school altercation that left him scarred inside and out. Returning to a normal life in Green Oaks is hard for him, trying to bond with his daughter and avoid the constant berating of his aggressive mum.

His job sucks, his car sucks and his ability to woo the ladies really sucks. It seems to be going okay though – with both his daughter Amy (Ariel Gade) and potential love-interest Stephanie (Lucy Davis) helping him through the odd transition into normal life…

Unfortunately for Ken, however, someone is bumping off the high school bullies who hurt him in the past… and all fingers point towards him. Probably because he’s actually doing it. But can he get away with murdering some of the townsfolk? Will he get the girl? Will the sheriff of Green Oaks bother to do his job properly?

Some Guy Who Kills People is lightly comic and immensely watchable. It is unpredictable, wry, ironic and bloody funny. It’s not showy or stylish or glamorous but a finely crafted comedy-horror – genuinely one of those films you’ll be desperate to tell other people about

This is Kevin Corrigan’s movie, who dead-pans his way through the film perfectly, surrounded by the weird, awkward and smart-arsey residents of Green Oaks. For someone normally seen doing sillier turns in the likes of The Dictator, Superbad and The Pineapple Express, Corrigan is pitch perfect as our serial-killing protagonist and disquietingly likeable.

Corrigan is one of those unsung actors who deserves so much more attention than he receives and hopefully Some Guy Who Kills People will shove him – deservingly – into the spotlight.

Barry Bostwick is absolutely fantastic too, as the carefree sheriff of Green Oaks, who displays a sardonic dispassion for the spree of violent and bizarre murders. In fact, the entire cast is genuinely excellent, with brilliant work from Ariel Gade, Karen Black and Lucy Davis (yep, her off The Office).

Produced by John Landis, Some Guy Who Kills People does smack of his influence and style, and the script is superbly penned by Ryan A. Levin (and clearly helped by his time working as a production assistant on 71 episodes of Scrubs).

The script is excellent, self-knowing and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. Despite being primarily a comedy, there are some deep-seated themes and ideas bubbling beneath the surface – about redemption and love and consequence – which makes it compelling viewing. It’s a lot more than just “another comedy horror” and wonderfully refreshing because of it.

Perhaps the real surprise is that fact it’s directed by Jack Perez, who previously helmed Wild Things 2, 666: The Child and Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus!! The man has certainly upped his game and does a great job of directing Some Guy Who Kills People. It still doesn’t make up for Mega Shark, but he’s getting there…

If you’re after violence and darkness and scares then Some Guy Who Kills People isn’t for you as it’s primarily a comic character-piece. The deaths are swift and bloody but far from gratuitous or unique. The final twenty minutes are also genuinely surprising, and I’m not often surprised by a horror film anymore!

Some Guy Who Kills People is great. Smart, funny, brilliantly made and – I’ll boldly claim – the surprise indie horror hit of 2012. Some Guy Who Kills People is a thoroughly enjoyable comedy-horror. Watch it.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

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