Horror thriller AMERICAN EVIL comes to DVD and Blu-ray on March 5th 2012. The spirits of the dead have returned in Georgina Lightning’s haunting take on a chilling true story, which sees Bradley Cooper (Limitless) unwittingly drawn into a diabolical world of the arcane, superstition and fear.

A series of terrifying visions are the key to unlocking a horrifying secret of a remote Minnesota town, a dreadful truth long since forgotten by the locals. But when the spirits of the dead are accidentally disturbed, an ancient curse returns to wreak its revenge.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this taxing question: Which one of these films does NOT star Bradley Cooper?

a) Case 39

b) My Little Eye

c) Isla: She Wolf of the SS

Answer using the contact form below, only one entry per person will be counted. Competition closes on 19/03/2012. Good luck!

AMERICAN EVIL is on DVD and Blu-ray on March 5th 2012