The X-Files – Season 1 (1993)

Directed By: Various
Directed By: Various
Starring: David Duchovny
  Gillian Anderson
  Mitch Pileggi
The X-Files – Season 1

Episode Guide

  •   1.0 – Pilot
  •   1.1 – Deep Throat
  •   1.2 – Squeeze
  •   1.3 – Conduit
  •   1.4 – The Jersey Devil
  •   1.5 – Shadows
  •   1.6 – Ghost In The Machine
  •   1.7 – Ice
  •   1.8 – Space
  •   1.9 – Fallen Angel
  • 1.10 – Eve
  • 1.11 – Fire
  • 1.12 – Beyond The Sea
  • 1.13 – Gender Bender
  • 1.14 – Lazarus
  • 1.15 – Young At Heart
  • 1.16 – E.B.E.
  • 1.17 – Miracle Man
  • 1.18 – Shapes
  • 1.19 – Darkness Falls
  • 1.20 – Tooms
  • 1.21 – Born Again
  • 1.22 – Roland
  • 1.23 – The Erlenmeyer Flask

The X Files Season 1 is still as fresh as it was 17 years ago. Yes – 17 years ago! It was innovative, intelligent, scary, funny and endlessly watchable. Every episode was a triumph filled with intrigue, great dialogue and a real sense of purpose. Truly brilliant.

The Good:

The Season begins with the core story of the X-Files – aliens. The initial two episodes are interesting, fresh and exciting, throwing us into the world of Mulder’s mindset and Scully’s skepticism. There are so many episodes worth mentioning in Season 1, but specifically the ones below.

Squeeze and Tooms

    Eugene Victor Tooms is a name that still sends creeping shudders down the backs of those who watched these two episodes about a man/monster who had the ability to stretch his body to enter buildings undetected… in order to eat someone’s liver. Chilling stuff.


    Almost stealing wholesale from the premise of The Thing, this episode features something found in the Arctic ice that infects Humans and drives them to kill.


    A disturbed stalker who has the ability to create fire from nothing focuses his attentions on some British dignitaries, and Mulder has to stop him.

Beyond the Sea

    Brad Dourif stars as a death-row inmate who claims to be psychic and know the whereabouts of a serial killer. While Mulder thinks he’s lying, Scully is spooked by his ability to see more than he should…

Darkness Falls

    My personal favourite X File of all time, Mulder and Scully investigate a missing team of loggers deep in a forest, only to discover that one of the trees cut down contained something incredibly dangerous that can only attack at night. They hide in a well-lit wooden cabin, praying for dawn… and then the generator starts to fade.

Other episodes feature werewolves, the Jersey Devil, reincarnation, cloning, a computer with lethal artificial intelligence, a murderous ghost and a miracle healer with a deadly touch.

The Bad:

Perhaps Space could be considered a bit too bizarre an episode, where the face on Mars seems to haunt an ex-astronaut in order to wreck the Space Program he’s working on, but all the episodes are compelling and intriguing. It really is an excellent first season.

Noteable Guest Appearances:

  • Seth Green (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) – Episode 1 Deep Throat
  • Doug Hutchinson (Lost, The Burrowers) – Episodes Squeeze and Tooms
  • Brad Dourif (Child’s Play, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 & 2) – Episode Beyond The Sea


Season 1 of the X Files is consistently excellent throughout. The episodes have aged well, even if Scully’s hairdo hasn’t. They are scary, compelling, intelligent and always exciting. An incredible first season, and possibly the best of all 9 seasons.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★

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  1. Aaron Gillott says:

    Great to see the first TV review and I totally agree with you on this, The X-Files is still one of my favourite telly programmes to this day. I recently blind-bought the box set on DVD not having seen it since I first watched them all that time ago (17 years, really?? DAMN…) and was wondering if I’d be disappointed…not a chance, they still hold up well, especially those first few seasons/series before it dips around the time the first film came out.

    • The Scullion says:

      This is the 1st of 9 reviews for the X Files, and I agree, it does go horribly downhill towards the end…

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