Sexy Killer (2008)

Sexy Killer is completely insane. It’s kooky, zany, stupid, violent, offensive, funny, shoddy, incredibly dumb, self-knowing and totally shameless with it. It could be seen as annoying, it could be seen as brainless, it could be seen as trashy exploitative nonsense, yet miraculously it’s all these things and still manages to be an engaging, amusing horror film that is simply unique.

Very stupid from the start, Sexy Killer kicks off with breasts, blood and bad language in a confused knife attack in a college shower room. What leads on from here is one piece of mind-smacking insanity after another.

Our protagonist Barbara is a kinky, deranged serial killer who is aware of the camera and regularly speaks to it. She kills people who slightly annoy her, and as she’s female she’s completely unstoppable because literally no one suspects her. Her murdering rampage is going fine until some students at her college invent a machine that reanimates the dead… by accident… when originally they were inventing a cure for migraines. Yep. Having made this amazing scientific find, they boldly decide to resurrect Barbara’s murder victims so the corpses can tell the police who murdered them. Naturally, bringing the dead to life never runs smoothly, and soon our sexy killer gets involved as the zombie apocalypse threatens to engulf the college. So much more happens, all of it utterly random, but this is the general crux of Sexy Killer.

For anyone who likes a tight storyline and clever plotting, avoid this film forever. It’s a saggy, shoddy mess in relation to its structure, whacking in flashbacks in an almost random manner and taking an eternity to drag the undead into the picture. The majority of the film focuses on Barbara’s demented views on life and her continually unsympathetic murdering of people who slight her, or simply exist in some cases.

Sexy Killer is exceptionally self-aware. It knows what it is, and doesn’t particularly care if you don’t like it. It plays a lounge version of Aqua’s Barbie Girl while a severed head is stuffed into her handbag, she reads a copy of Cosmokiller and she has some witty dialogue despite the film’s utter stupidity – “Did you kill all those people?” her aghast boyfriend asks. “Yes, in theory,” she replies. “But now I have to kill them all again”.

There is little to be said for meaning or depth beyond the hammeringly obvious “it’s her nature” message, and this is essentially what makes our protagonist a likeable if horrifically amoral character. Luckily all the supporting characters are either stupid, sadistic or generally unlikeable, so we don’t care if they die. And the violence isn’t offensive. In fact, you enjoy it because it is completely untaxing – it is neither impressively done or horrifically nasty. It’s just very silly.

Although enjoyable as a whole, Sexy Killer might leave you a little cold. It feels very long, it tries too hard to be kooky and it is embarrassingly unoriginal in places despite being ingenious at other points. Some audiences will adore this film, some will completely loathe it.

Sexy Killer will become a cult classic, but it’s Spanish creators knew it would when it was being made. There were no pretensions here – it was created for an audience to love its audacity and the attempted middle-finger uppage it flicks at Hollywood horror – yet it smacks of desperation at times and might just be too silly and lacking in actual gore for modern horror audiences to adore it.

Mad, twisting, idiotic and baffling, Sexy Killer is perfect entertainment if you like your horror more bonkers than scary. If not, this could be an annoying, tiresome stomp towards aggravation. Great fun, if you like that sort of thing…

Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

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