The Raid is coming…

THE RAID – if you’ve not heard about it yet, you bloody well should have! Is it horror? Not really, but the fine folks at Frightfest debuted the UK Premiere at Frightfest Glasgow, so if it’s good enough for Frightfest, it’s good enough for Gorepress!

So what is THE RAID?

Sometimes I like to write a little synopsis, but The Raid is so viscerally insane I believe the trailer does a fine job of explaining precisely what it is:


Not enough? Okay, some plot stuff below:

Deep in the heart of one of Jakarta’s most deprived slums stands an impenetrable high-rise apartment block. To most it is 30 floors of Hell to be avoided at all cost but for many of the city’s most dangerous killers and gangsters, including the area’s most notorious crime lord, it is a fortress-like safe house protecting them from the law. Even for the bravest and most experienced police officers it is considered a no-go area.

In a desperate bid to flush these violent criminals and their leader from their haven once and for all, an elite SWAT team is tasked with infiltrating the building and raiding the apartments floor by floor, taking out anyone who stands in their way. Cloaked under the cover of pre-dawn darkness, the SWAT members make their move and enter the block not realizing that this is the easier part of the mission. Once inside, it soon becomes terrifyingly apparent that the real problem at hand is surviving long enough to be able to get out again.

Personally I love a film set in a high-rise tower block (District 13, Attack the Block) and this looks like an exceptional addition to this sub sub-genre of film.

Now this is one movie where the buzz is more than justified and is due to open across UK cinemas 18th May from Momentum Pictures. Expect a review closer to the time, but to keep up-to-date on all things THE RAID, check out these useful links below:




It doesn’t involve zombies. It doesn’t involve vampires. It hasn’t got a serial killer in it and nobody gets eaten by a monster in a cave, but The Raid is still worth your attention. As long as you love awesome, vicious action, you’ll love this…

More updates to follow.

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