Update On: Craig Fairbrass

We like Craig Fairbrass. He’s a proper British bloke, a damn good actor and bloody easy to talk to. Boston Haverhill did an interview with him in 2010 for the release of Devil’s Playground and he’s clearly a good guy (check it out here), one of our favourite interviewees.

Having appeared in Devil’s Playground, Darklands, Proteus, White Noise 2, Dead Cert and Far Cry he has earned his Gorepress badge for prolific horror acting.

Because of Fairbrass’s general awesomeness, we thought we’d update the world with what he’s up to. Tragically there’s nothing particularly horror related – unless you count shooting & punching people REALLY HARD in the face as horror – so don’t expect him to appear in any more zombie flicks this year (unless he wants to appear in mine. Craig?).