Here Comes The Devil (2012)

It begins with two naked lesbians fucking on a bed. Then, after some truly bizarre pillow talk about shame and lights, a machete-wielding maniac bursts in, chops off their fingers and flees… up a hill, where he gets naked, empties a sack of severed human fingers onto the grass and then buries his face in the mud.

Welcome to Here Comes the Devil

Flip to a family in a car. The parents let their two children wander off up a rocky hill on their own, while they stay in a petrol station forecourt and have a quick masturbation session. Waking up hours later, they realize their children are missing and enlist the cops to find them…

… but they’re gone! Miraculously, the children are found the next day, apparently having spent the entire evening lost inside a cave system deep within a ‘notorious’ hill. Why notorious? It’s an evil place (where machete-nutters deposit their severed fingers, presumably).

The parents are naturally ecstatic when their kids return… until they realize their children have come back very different. Despondent, blank-faced and disruptive at school, they realize something horrendous may’ve happened on that evil hill.

When they discover their daughter’s hyman is ‘gone’, they finally understand what might’ve happened and that someone must be responsible. But who? As the revenge mission gets underway, signs that something more sinister is happening to their children is tragically ignored… until some bizarre acts of supernatural weirdness force them to consider other – more extreme – options.

Here Comes the Devil is a messy film with a meandering plot, which builds and builds but doesn’t particularly go anywhere. After 50 minutes you’ll still be uncertain what the plot is. Rather tellingly, the naked lesbian machete maniac start is barely referred to again… almost suggesting it was merely added for gratuitous titillation.

It is clear that Adrián García Bogliano enjoys sex and breasts too, having shamelessly splattered them on the screen whenever possible. Lesbian lovemaking, car wanking, post-murder blood-washing showers etc… – it’s a disconcertingly filthy film considering the main crux of the movie is about whether or not a young girl was raped… but if the combination of tits & horror makes you smile then you’ll find something to enjoy in Here Comes the Devil.

Here Comes the Devil is a strange, gritty, nasty, but oddly enjoyable little horror flick. It’ll keep you guessing right up until the end, but if you love horror and boobies, with a small smattering of blood and guts then you’ll have a damn good time.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

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