Collectormania 2010

We all have icons, whether it be sports stars, royalty, filmmakers, singers or talentless heiresses, and we all either want to be them, befriend them, make love to them or a weird narcissistic combination of all three. But it’s rare you ever get to be near enough to them to even yell sweet nothings at them through a megaphone, let alone into their creeped-out ear. Well, occasionally a chance comes along where you can meet your icons, and one such occasion is coming up… especially for fans of horror and science-fiction. This occasion is Collectormania.

Collectormania 2010

Collectormania is a four day long event held in Milton Keynes over the Bank Holiday weekend – Friday 28th to Monday 31st May. Not only will there be a huge number of TV and Film icons ready and willing to sign your autograph pad, there will also be photo opportunities, free talks and even a slightly crazy masquerade competition, for those rolling up in hardcore fancy dress. Expect a lot of blue people with tails. It’s an easy-going, relaxed event, jam-packed with stars, people and stalls.

Some of you may hate these events, some may love them, some of you may have never even imagined such an event could even exist, yet this is one of the only chances to see a host of your on-screen heroes in the flesh. That or you become a stalker, which is just too much effort, quite frankly…

This year there are some celebrities of special interest to the horror world. The iconic figures present are:

William B. Davis

William B Davis Star of many a sci-fi TV drama from Stargate to Caprica, but best known for his role as the sinister but loveable Cancer Man from all nine series of The X Files. Will he be as elusively evil in real life? Probably not. He probably doesn’t even smoke. Or kill people. The big liar…

MyAnna Buring

MyAnna Buring Star of quality horror films such as The Descent and Red Mist, and also present in the utter dross that was Lesbian Vampire Killers, Buring is well versed in horror filmmaking. Pretty, smart, Swedish, and a kick-ass horror legend in the making – Gorepress’s Boston Haverhill thinks she has an incredible amount of talent. Check her out before she becomes too famous and swaps Milton Keynes for Hollywood.

Jeffery Combs

Jeffrey Combs An actor whose horror film career has spanned over three decades, this absolute legend of a man has been in every Star Trek adaptation, and appeared in TV series as varied as 4400 to CSI. Managing to rack up quality performances in abominably cack horror films such as House on Haunted Hill and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Combs is best known for his star-turns in The Frighteners and as Herbert West in three Re-animator films. He truly is an icon of horror. Go see him, and see if he can sign a copy of Faust without crying in shame…

Other notable guests are Terminator-killer Linda Hamilton, Doctor Who doctors Tom and Colin Baker (not related), crazy wookie Peter Mayhew, sexy werewolf boy Chaske Spencer, the lads of Red Dwarf (Robert Llewellyn, Chris Barrie, Danny John Jules and Norman Lovett – Lister being too busy down Corrie to attend) and recently-added stage and screen legend Patrick Stewart.

After asking for the inside scoop on the event, the fine people of Collectormania exclusively told Gorepress “To be honest the only advice is to arrive early”. Sage words if the photo below is anything to go by!

Collectormania 2010

For some, Milton Keynes might be a little too far or too concretely horrible to travel to, but there are always other events like it – London’s Film and Comic Con features the absolute joy of Avatar’s subtle baddie Stephen Lang and the legend that is William “American Psycho 2” Shatner. That’s in July, though, so patience people…

Whether you’re an autograph collecting obsessive or you simply want to shake hands with Herbert West; re-animator, you should check it out. Gorepress will be going along for the full four days to see if we can blag any interviews with the celebrities of horror – but might just come back with a signed copy of Parasomnia, a massive hangover and a restraining order from MyAnna Buring’s agents… Wish us luck.

5 Comments on “Collectormania 2010”

  1. Jamie Carruthers says:

    That picture does not do Miss Buring justice. She looks like a lizard lady.

  2. Aaron Gillott says:

    I would definitely go into some kind of fit caused by sheer geekery overload… I mean, they have Herbert West, Cancerman, Sarah Connor, Professor Xavier, Chewbacca, The Doctor (x2), most of the Red Dwarf team and a sexy lady from The Descent! Holy crap, I’d be in fanboy heaven.

    And yes, I’m aware they all have names and are actors and such, I’m just a nerd who gets overexcited…

    • The Scullion says:

      It will be a festival of insane geekery. You’d have the opportunity to ask Greedo what he thinks about shooting first, and Gozer about why she was so easily beaten by some overweight douchebags in jumpsuits.

  3. Scullion says:


    Due to flight irregularities with BA and other work commitments William B Davis is no longer able to attend Collectormania 16. He will however now be joining the London Film and Comic Con in July.

    Bloody Volcano of Icelandic stupidity! Bloody striking gits! Bloody Cancer Man! He’s always finding ways to stick it to the man.

    Oh well, at least Nigel Planer has been announced. You know, the guy from the Young Ones. And Wicked: The Musical…. um….

  4. Explodey Jo says:

    Lame news about CSM, he was the only reason I’m going! Be cool to meet up with the GorePress team to make up for it :)

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