The X-Files – Season 2 (1994)

Directed By: Various
Directed By: Various
Starring: Gillian Anderson
  Mitch Pileggi
  David Duchovny
The X-Files – Season 2

Episode Guide

  • 2.1 – Little Green Men
  • 2.2 – The Host
  • 2.3 – Blood
  • 2.4 – Sleepless
  • 2.5 – Duane Barry
  • 2.6 – Ascension
  • 2.7 – 3
  • 2.8 – One Breath
  • 2.9 – Firewalker
  • 2.10 – Red Museum
  • 2.11 – Excelsis Dei
  • 2.12 – Aubrey
  • 2.13 – Irresistible
  • 2.14 – Die Hand Die Verletzt
  • 2.15 – Fresh Bones
  • 2.16 – Colony
  • 2.17 – End Game
  • 2.18 – Fearful Symmetry
  • 2.19 – Dod Kalm
  • 2.20 – Humbug
  • 2.21 – The Calusari
  • 2.22 – F. Emasculata
  • 2.23 – Soft Light
  • 2.24 – Our Town
  • 2.25 – Anasazi

The X Files Season 2 is brilliant throughout, featuring some now iconic episodes and some really innovative ideas. The X Files is shut down, Scully is abducted and alien clones are discovered.

The Good:

There are a lot of episodes worth mentioning in Season 2, but specifically the ones below.

The Host

  • The famous Fluke Worm episode, constantly referenced to in later series. When a corpse is found in a sewer, Mulder believes he’s being forced into grunt work only to discover something horrible lurking in the sewers.


  • A small town appears to be going insane, as electronic devices begin to instruct the residents to murder everyone in sight.

Excelsis Dei

  • A rape in a convalescence home becomes the focus of Mulder and Scully when the rapist appears to be invisible. A haunting, nasty little episode.

Die Hand Die Verletzt

  • A town with a lot to hide becomes the focus of mysterious witchcraft and the presence of something truly evil.

Dod Kalm

  • Mulder and Scully climb onboard a U.S. Navy Destroyer to investigate what happened to the dead crew, only to discover the bizarre aging of the vessel is affecting them… and their rescue boat is missing.

And many more. Season 2 contains excellent episodes throughout, featuring ghosts, scientific experiments gone horribly wrong, a lethal outbreak, a demonic child, a freak show murderer, voodoo and the now-iconic alien abduction episodes featuring Duane Barry.

The Bad:

Scully’s abduction inevitably concludes with her return, but this is done in an incredibly hackneyed episode about her recovery (One Breath), which feels trite, shockingly dull and a little clichéd. Despite this, it was was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Cinematography. But most people don’t watch the X Files for the epic cinematography… Apart from this one hiccough, there is very little to complain about in Season 2, with the conspiracy not yet being the twisted convoluted mess it becomes and the individual episodes genuinely scaring in places.

Noteable Guest Appearances:

  • Michael J. Anderson (Twin Peaks, Carnivale) – Episode Humbug
  • Shawnee Smith (Saw 1 – 6) – Episode Firewalker
  • Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination) – Episode Sleepless
  • Terry O’Quinn (Lost, Millennium, Alias, The West Wing) – Episode Aubrey
  • CCH Pounder (Ends of Days, Orphan) – Episode Duane Barry
  • William Sanderson (Blade Runner, Deadwood, True Blood) – Episode Blood


Season 2 of the X Files is brilliant from beginning to end, with innovative, exciting episodes every week, some of which are now iconic. Quality stuff.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

6 Comments on “The X-Files – Season 2”

  1. Dave P says:

    The episodes you listed in The Bad aren’t even in this series!

    • Scullion says:

      Good point! Some kind of weird “ghost in the machine” moment, obviously… very X Files.

      Good spot Mr P!

      Expect it to be changed later today!

  2. Scullion says:

    Sorted! Phew – no need to go reporting that little mistake to the FBI.

  3. Dave P says:

    But One Breath is fantastic drama! Its beautifully written, performed and produced – with Don Davis speech as Bill Scully Sr to his non-responsive daughter being particularly poignant: the tremor in his voice that suggests the sadness and emotion in the gruff military man.

    To single out One Breath as the weak point in the series boggles my mind – to say its about her recovery is inaccurate, as its all about Mulder’s reaction to what’s been done to the one person he trusts, is he willing to abandon his principles for revenge? Duchovny is on absolutely barnstorming form and he is ably supported by Mitch Pilleggi, William B Davis, Steven Williams and Melissa McGraw.

    • The Scullion says:

      Personally, I felt the Episode sat ill within the construct of the X-Files. I genuinely found it boring – it was wonderfully shot and the acting was sound, but it damaged the flow of the Season.

      If Scully had dreamt about some kind of horrible monster during her comatose, that might’ve been interesting and fit within the Season’s framework, but instead she dreamt about being on a small rowing boat in a lake. A lot. Beautifully realised, excellently shot, basically a bit dull.

      I have, however, never been a fan of the conspiracy episodes and honestly prefer the “monster of the week” episodes. Considering there was no conspiracy, monsters, aliens or… well… anything hugely X-Filey in it, it was just a drama. A great drama, you may argue, but still a drama. It had nothing for me, and reminds me of the latter X-Files seasons which got wrapped up in drama storylines instead of focusing on what the X-Files was about – the X Files themselves.

  4. Dave P says:

    Ah well, there’s not an awful lot I can say to that.

    I just think, not only is it brilliant, but it shows amazing cojones of a series in only its second series to push those boundaries and ask daring questions of its characters and shows the full extent of what Mulder’s obsession does to those he cares about and just how far he is willing to go for it.

    Its a fascinating ‘what if’ to wonder how the X-Files would have shaped up had Gillian Anderson not fallen pregnant during the first series, as the enforced absence of Scully shaped how the rest of the series panned out so dramatically. Its useless speculating though and we should be grateful that we have four/five consistently excellent series before it began to get inconsistent (but still capable of brilliant episodes).

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