Zombie Women Of Satan (2010)

Zombie Women of Satan is depraved, insane, stupid, bloody and incredibly rude. Laughably childish in places, you’ll either find it gleefully fun or offensively immature, but you’re unlikely to see many films like it.

Self-serving burlesque troop Fleshorama are being interviewed on Tycho Zander’s television show, along with feisty rock chick Skye Brannigan. Unbeknownst to them, Tycho also happens to run a dodgy cult of drugged-addled sex objects, some of which he gives to his “scientist” father for his nefarious experiments. This TV interview turns out to be an incredibly bad move on Tycho’s part for two reasons. 1.) Skye’s sister is one of Tycho’s drugged-up cult members and 2.) The experiment Tycho’s dad is doing happens to go horribly horribly wrong…

The plot is absolutely absurd, as is the majority of the film, but it’s done in such a bizarrely harmless way that it’s completely forgivable, even when it’s being misogynistic, sexist, heightist and any number of other grossly offensive “ists”. This could easily aggravate and infuriate, but it’s done so self-knowingly and with utter disregard for taste that it ends up playing out like a manic, dementedly bloody version of a Carry On movie with it’s perversion level cranked up to 11. Or 12.

The film is packed with a cast of totally deranged characters. Not only is there the disgustingly perverse Zander family, but there are also Fleshorama’s members, our bad-taste protagonists; including Pervo the knife-throwing Clown, Zeus the strong-man dwarf, Harmony the coke-snorting burlesque queen and Johnny Dee Hellfire, their world-weary master of ceremonies.

Once all the main characters are in place, the carnage really begins. A zombie virus infects all of Tycho’s girls and turns them into blood-thirsty, half-naked, cannibalistic monsters. Skye Brannigan and the members of Fleshorama quickly find themselves trapped in the cultist’s compound, outnumbered by zombies and attacked by the evil Zander family. But they can’t leave. Not until Skye’s got her sister back.

The dialogue in Zombie Women of Satan is sometimes spot-on, and Seymour Leon Mace’s delivery of lines as the down-trodden Johnny Dee Hellfire is always funny, always hilarious. Character really is Zombie Women of Satan’s strong point. Whereas many horror films have a generic smattering of interchangeable characters that are simply there to die, Director / Writer team Warren Speed and Steve O’Brien have created a group of individuals that you understand, even if you want to punch some of them right in the face.

Pervo himself significantly lives up to his name, at one point cracking one off into the woods after seeing some “zombie tits”. This is Warren Speed himself, a man clearly comfortable with being a giant rollicking mound of perversion. Pervo’s utter buffoonery is constantly and rightfully mocked, and you realize the entire film is satirizing itself as it goes, which is thankful because without this Zombie Women of Satan would be grossly offensive. The film is full of moronic freaks, but luckily Skye Brannigan (Victoria Hopkins in full-on ass-kicking mode) gives the audience a character to really sympathize with, thrown into a lunatic world of perverts, sadists and heartless morons.

There are, though, a number of problems with Zombie Women of Satan. Some of the scenes are hugely superfluous and detrimental to the overall flow of the piece – I’m looking at you “Zeus the dwarf takes a crap in the woods” scene. I mean, really?! Also the violence tends to be noticeably repetitive and mostly involves baseball-batting women in the face. It occasionally drags and there are moments when some characters are so disgustingly unsympathetic you’re praying for the military to bomb-drop the entire lot just to shut them up.

Despite these missteps, Zombie Women of Satan is startlingly original in places – you’re not likely to see a dwarf punch a half-naked zombie girl in the crotch in many films. Essentially you’re either going to enjoy it or absolutely hate it. In the same way people love or hate Lesbian Vampire Killers or Bad Biology or Doghouse, it really is a sense of humour issue – this is not high-brow stuff, it’s incredibly low-brow, childish, bloody, filthy and stupid stuff. Whether you embrace it or hate it really is a matter of taste.

Blood, breasts, burlesque, zombies, a flatulent dwarf, a mad scientist, a sexy cult, a wanking clown and a lot of gore – Zombie Women of Satan is utterly depraved and totally mad. You will either enjoy this or hate it with a fiery passion. Luckily this reviewer enjoyed it for what it is. Perverse, violent, stupid and fun. Which probably says more about this reviewer than about the film itself…

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

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