Gorepress Turns Four!

“Four more years, four more years…..”

Way more exciting than the presidential election, we think you’ll agree, is the fact that our little website turned the grand old age of four this month. What started as a modest outfit of just three horror loving pals, has turned into much more than we could ever have imagined. Gorepress is a family and a community, and we want you to feel like part of it. So, with that in mind, some of our more prolific members concocted lists of their favourite films that were released during the time Gorepress has been active.

Without further ado, celebrate our fourth birthday with us by revisiting some of our favourite moments from the last four years!

Sarah’s Top 4

Jamie’s Top 4

Boston’s Top 4

Phil’s Top 4

Ben’s Top 4

Joey’s Top 4

Rich’s Top 4

Obviously, no list feature would be complete without the now infamous Gorepress’ Turd Scooping Wooden Spoon Award! Believe it or not, we couldn’t seem to agree on which film was deserving of such a prestigious title but here are some of the suggestions; Shark Night 3D, Night Of The Living Dead 3D : Reanimation and The Bunnyman Massacre. It’s safe to say that the Gorepressians are averse to 3D as well as shit films.

If you strongly agree/disagree with any of our lists, why not add your own in the comments? We’d love to hear your own Top 4′s! For now though, let’s all raise a proverbial glass to a wonderful four years. Massive sloppy kisses and uncomfortably long hugs from everyone at Gorepress for supporting us all this time!

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  1. 1. Sinister

    2. The Devils’s Business

    3.The Borderlands

    4. Kill List

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