2016 : An Obituary

So, 2016, right? It’s been a crazy year for everyone, regardless of where your affiliations lie. Political upheavals left, right and centre (pun very much intended), celebrity deaths all over the place, One Direction splitting up…

But despite all that, we’ve had our usual steady flow of horror movies to keep us distracted from the world steadily imploding around us – so quickly brushing over our distinct lack of output this year here at Gorepress Towers, we thought we’d throw together our customary eulogy of 2016, listing our favourite five films of the year, to send it off in style. In no particular order, here goes!

  • The Witch

The Witch was quite a brave bit of cinema. It’s a film stuffed to the brim with Jacobean language, is almost unbearably bleak, and burns off slower than Christmas dinner…none of which will appeal to the average horror movie-going audience. Yet despite that, it’s an incredible, beautiful film. Telling the story of a Puritan family in the 17th century shunned by their community who encounter an evil in the nearby woods, it was met with critical acclaim, and justifiably so; the acting is phenomenal, the cinematography hauntingly gorgeous and the atmosphere dripping with dread.

  • Ouija: Origin of Evil

It’s been a strong year for director Mike Flanagan; as well as releasing the excellent Hush, he turned his eye to the sequel of 2014′s dismal Ouija and managed to turn it on its head. Both sitting firmly in the ‘Spooky Goings-On in the 60s and 70s’ Category, it was a bit of a tossup as to whether to include this or James Wan’s The Conjuring 2…but this one edged it out slightly due to the latter being a bit of a letdown after the success of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s first outing in The Conjuring. A remarkably spooky and surprisingly authentic film, Flanagan does a fantastic job of creating something legitimately scary out of what was a pretty rubbish film.

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane is a fucking tense movie. Completely taking everyone by surprise, this followup-but-not-really to J J Abrams’ Cloverfield only bears the vaguest of similarities to its forebear. Set almost entirely within the doomsday bunker of a conspiracy theorist, it tells the story of a young woman who wakes up imprisoned with two men who insist that the world has been rendered uninhabitable by some unknown force. A small but excellent cast coupled with a very claustrophobic set make this film a real seat-clencher that steadily ramps up in tension until the final punch at the end.

  • Don’t Breathe

After breaking into the house of a blind old man in order to rob him, three friends get more than they bargained in for Fede Alvarez‘s Don’t Breathe, when they realise that the man is a seasoned army veteran, and is more than capable of defending himself. Alvarez and co-screenwriter Rodo Sayagues do a fantastic job of creating a great deal of tension out of what is a moderately simple premise, and it’s bloody interesting to watch a home invasion movie from the other side.

  • Green Room

We make no bones about our love of Jeremy Saulnier‘s Green Room here at Gorepress Towers; it’s a fantastic film that manages to create a legitimately scary atmosphere without resorting to cheap scares. Green Room tells the story of a rough-and-ready punk band who find themselves under attack from Neo-Nazis after they witness a murder in the remote bar they’re playing in. After a strong start with 2014′s Blue Ruin, Saulnier manages to nail it once more with this spiritual successor, and, accent aside, the casting of Professor X as the villain is a masterstroke.

And there we have it; Gorepress’ Top 5 of 2016! Think there’s anything we’ve missed? Feel free to leave it in the comments! Otherwise, we’ll see you on the other side…Happy New Year, everybody!

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