Steel Trap (2007)

At an upscale New Years Eve party on one of the floors of an otherwise abandoned office block, several self-involved, unlike-able characters each receive a mysterious text message from an unknown source. The message invites them all to a private, far more elite party on another floor of the building but when they arrive, they are greeted by an empty corridor and a table featuring personalised, biting nicknames for each of them. Their obnoxious nature and innate curiosity leads them down a dangerous path as they begin to play their absent hosts’ game. It isn’t long before the group make the most grave of horror movie mistakes and split up, leaving the stragglers to be picked off by a hidden killer.

Filmed entirely in Germany and starring a cast of Brits, the makers made the curious decision to set the film in the US and have each of the actors put on an American accent. The quality of the accents and acting veers wildly from adequately convincing to horrifically bad and at times, proves incredibly distracting. Some might be thankful for the distraction however, as the plot and its execution are paltry at best.

Taking elements from both Saw and Cube and crapping all over the inventiveness that both displayed, Steel Trap proves that the old adage is true; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and certainly don’t try and emulate it if you can’t at least add something original to the mix. The script sounds like it literally might have been composed in a single evening by a group of twelve year olds. On crack. With learning difficulties. It’s that bad. A bad script alone may have been forgivable but nearly every other aspect of Steel Trap appears as though a similar lack of care and attention was paid.

The deaths are pedestrian and the gore effects laughable. It’s relatively obvious from about the halfway mark ‘whodunnit’ and yet when the final reveal occurs, I couldn’t help but try and piece together the events retrospectively, only to discover a huge amount of plot-holes that would prevent it from, in fact, being true. The final twist, if you can call it that, is also fairly nonsensical and requires a massive suspension of disbelief on the part of the audience and sadly (or should I say, fortunately) the majority of the viewers won’t be able to ignore the many glaring errors for long enough to able to enjoy themselves here.

With a cast of thoroughly loathsome characters, a poor script and lazy plotting, trying to find something to like in Steel Trap is virtually impossible. Avoid.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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