Gorementary : Last House On The Left

As part of Revenge Month here at the Gorecast, the guys made it their mission to provide a comentary track for 1972′s infamous video nasty Last House On The Left.

There’s talk of Benny Hill, Terry Wogan and cheesy metal band names. Oh, and we talk about the film sometimes too! So, sit back, watch the movie with us and enjoy as we lovingly mock this exploit-tastic Wes Craven shock-a-thon.

-Sarah, Rosie & Phil.

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  1. Matt Blythe says:

    Last House on the Left is the first gorementary that I have actually been able to listen to whilst watching the film (I don’t own any of the others).

    I have owned it (the film, obviously) for a number of years, but not actually watched more than 20 mins of it. I remember being quite disturbed by it, and turning it off. Now, I don’t really know why. Don’t get me wrong, it is a disturbing film. But the first 20 mins aren’t more than just… nasty.

    What the crew said is kinda spot on. I should point out that the version I watched was the original release. So I did have to do a bit of funky playing with the pause button to keep it in sync (but I am really chuffed that I got the last 15 mins or so dead on… The rest, not so much).

    Just to clear up a couple of points. Nothing was taken out of the extended version. The fact that Sarah remembered seeing whatserface dead and being dragged out of the water is a testament to the film. In the true fashion of Hitchcock, you really don’t really ‘see’ anything. But afterwards you remember that you did (I refer you back to my previous ‘first 20 mins’ memories).

    It isn’t a great film. But it is a nasty one. Again, not because of what you see. But because of what you think you did 3 weeks later, oh and the subject matter. That is nasty.

    It is certainly memorable. Even if you didn’t actually see what you remember. Hell, everyone remembers seeing the knife entering flesh in Psycho!

    As usual, the guys did a cracking job. To be perfectly honest… if they hadn’t covered it, I still wouldn’t have got to see the gripping chainsaw chase at the end.

    It’s like watching a nasty film with a bunch of mates. It takes the edge off. A bit.

    That said, the crap bits were pretty crap. Even the banter couldn’t save those parts. Thank god Mr Craven (Wes, not John) got better at his job. But I do agree with the ‘mentarytaters. Todays polish is nice. But it has lost a lot of the gritty realism that made some of the classics… um… classics.

    But did anyone else notice? None of the houses were the last one, or on the left?

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