Episode 43 : Slaughter High

Another month, another theme. This month, us good folks at the Gorecast are taking on the might of High School Horror. Expect much hacking, slashing, bullying, aging people passing themselves off as much younger and vaguely inappropriate shower scenes. And that’s before we watch the movies!

First up on the docket is 1986 slash-comedy, Slaughter High. From the people who brought you Pieces and Friday the 13th, here is a middle-of-the-road comedy about a nerd out for revenge. Do our toilets overfloweth with adoration for this movie or would we prefer to give it a refreshing acid bath? The only way to find out is by listening.

We also get a bit chatty about the West Memphis Three and the documentaries following them, and you get to hear Jamie chug some diet coke. What’s not to love?!

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