Episode 11 : Wes Cravens’ Carnival Of Souls

This we take a look at the limpest turd in all of Clowntown, it’s Carnival of Souls. A film so bad, Wes Craven’s name couldn’t even lend it some class.

Carnival Of Souls

Have you ever wanted to hear just how angry we can get at a film? How would that anger manifest? Would one of us descend into fits of giggles while the other rants solidly for four minutes? I mean, it might happen like that, you’ll just have to listen.

With the wrap up show just around the corner, sling your clown based lists, recommendations, anecdotes, and jokes to podcast@gorepress.com. These can be email or mp3 format. Or shout really loudly out the window, one of us is bound to hear you.

Until next week, keep not watching Carnival of Souls.


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