‘Vision’ does the festival circuit

Vision has been described as a mixture of The Ring and Videodrome via Hostel. Axelle Carolyn from Doomsday and Centurion plays a young woman who receives a mysterious DVD in the post. Too intrigued not to watch it she soon comes to realise even pressing play was a terrible mistake. What’s really on the DVD? And what fate awaits her? Jamie Hooper, the director, has loved horror ever since discovering Evil Dead at a young age. He was inspired to write Vision during one of his many bouts of insomnia watching late night TV.

Axelle Carolyn in Vision

Vision is currently doing the festival circuit and garnering much acclaim. Gorepress had the pleasure of viewing it this week and we can report that it’s a stylish little shocker that deserves the attention it’s receiving. Watch the trailer here :

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