Episode 2 : Popcorn

Welcome to the latest episode of the all new Gorepress Gorecast! As part of the Movies About Movies Month, this week we look at the cult favourite, Popcorn.

Starring Jill Schoelen, Dee Wallace, Tom Villard, and a bunch of other people, Popcorn is the story of a girl who has recurring nightmares and then some people die during some screenings of some “classic” horror flicks.


We also stop the chat train for a brief talk about current cinema offering, Attack the Block, the first film by TV’s Joe Cornish (from the Adam & Joe show, and 6music). We also talked briefly about our feelings on Scott Pilgrim.

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Also, check out Kristy Jett’s Popcorn project by going here – http://popcorndoc.com/

Catch you next week for more flicks about flicks.

-Jamie & Sarah.

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