Radio Gorepress 6 : Fright Night

After Drag Me To Hell we decided to hop into the Gorepress time machine and whizz back to the 80′s for a slice of comedic vampiric action with bite. No, not The Lost Boys, but it’s funnier, hammier cousin Fright Night.

We also spend some time talking about 5 of our favourite vampire movies, as always this is a Gorepress-subjective list so expect some out-of-left-field choices!

As usual, we’re always happy to take listener suggestions so if there’s a movie you’d like to hear us talk about, get in touch! We’re on Twitter – @RadioGorepress, we’re on Facebook – you can find us by searching “Radio Gorepress”, or you can email us at We’d love to hear from you!

-Phil & Sarah.

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