Gorementary : Jason X

So, last week your usual host Dangerous Jamie moved house and thus had no internet. After literally minutes of heated debate and thoughtful consideration, a new format podcast was formed! So, instead of the Gorepress Gorecast, Sarah branched out on her own and roped in two equally knowledgeable (make of that what you will) film fans to assist her in the brand new Gorepress Gorementary!

Your fearless hosts

In addition to the standard Gorecast, we’ll be providing you with occasional commentary podcasts to some forgotten gems, cult favourites and questionable classics. We decided to honour the late Jim Isaac with our first episode and cover 2001′s Jason X. So, strap on your hockey masks, grab your machete’s and get ready to watch the blood flow in outer space!

Jason X

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-Sarah, Rosie & Phil.

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