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As I’m sure you’ll probably have realised, we went live with the very first Gorepress podcast this morning and so far we’ve had a surprisingly positive response. Surprising to me anyway, I think Jamie was a lot more confident than me from the get-go! I’m still amazed that anyone is willing to listen to me do a poor job of pretending that I know what I’m talking about for almost two hours but I’m very pleased with the reception we’ve received.

There were several complications, mainly my nerves, some faulty headphones and the fact that I neglected to turn my speakers off instead of just down which is where the resulting echo came from. Ah well, you live and learn, right? We ain’t professionals, that much is obvious!


For those of you that choose not to listen to or to download the ‘Gorecast’ then we’ll be aiming to include written reviews of the movies in addition to the audio ones. Although, that does mean you’ll miss out on Jamie’s unique views, dulcet tones and pretty vast knowledge of the genre and me blagging my way through the whole thing in my strange, irritating Northern/Southern hybrid accent.

In the first episode we basically use the time to review 2007’s Freakshow and 1993’s cult classic Freaked and also to babble a bit about new DVD and cinema releases and what we’ve been watching lately. Next time there’ll be much of the same except we’ll be moving on from freaks and onto devils, reviewing Needful Things and Faust : Love Of The Damned so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

In the past week or two we also managed to launch our TV reviews section with The X Files, seasons 1 & 2. We’ll be adding to those very shortly, with seasons 3-9 already completed, as well as Being Human, seasons 1 & 2, Dexter and Fear Itself on the way.

If you have any suggestions, if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see on the site or if you’ve got any feedback, good or bad then please chuck us an email at If it’s positive feedback then I’ll send Jamie round to your house with cake and beer and if it’s negative then we’ll prize your eyelids open with matchsticks and make you watch Manos : The Hands Of Fate on repeat until you relent and change your mind. Seriously though, all feedback is gratefully received and graciously welcomed so let us know your thoughts!

2 Comments on “Sarah talks ‘Gorecast’”

  1. John D Law says:

    Sarah,If i were 30 years younger and I wasn’t your Dad,I’d ask you to marry me. P.S. Cut down on the swearing. It seems odd tripping off your sweet little tongue….

  2. The Scullion says:

    That’s honestly the creepiest, funniest, most adorable comment anyone has ever made within the confines of Gorepress.

    Sarah – your Dad rocks.

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